Keno Online in Canada

Keno combines elements of bingo and lottery draws. It has a huge following around the world. You can play it on bar top consoles in live casinos, in different formats online, and at charity events/bingo halls. Simple game play is combined with huge prize potential if you match ten picks from the 20 numbers drawn in each game.

Online variations of keno benefit from lively graphics and multiple themes. You can play keno games set in the time of cavemen, ancient Egypt, or themed on the famous luck of the Irish. This game gets the best possible treatment for clearing casino bonuses — with a 100% contribution to your bonus playthrough requirements.

This page has everything you need to get the best from keno in Canada. Below, you will find how the game works, the different variations available, and how to find the best bonuses for keno games.

Best Canadian casinos for keno games

Most casinos have a handful of keno games, alongside Bingo, scratch cards, and novelty games. You can access these games through apps, or via the web browser on your desktop. Below are the casinos offering the best selection of games, bonuses, and promotions to Canadian players.

Free online keno vs. real money keno games

Online casinos let you play their slots, electronic table games, and Keno in demo mode. This gives you a chance to find which games you like the best before risking any of your bankroll. You can try multiple Keno games, experiment with your strategy, and see which themes/variations work best for you.

Of course, those wins in demo mode won’t pay you any real money. You will also find that the games are a lot more exciting when you have a shot at winning real cash. Keno games have high top prizes if you match eight or more of the 20 balls drawn — hitting the “big one” with play money could be a frustrating experience.

Both free and real money keno follow the same format. You pick up to ten numbers, either by clicking on them or having the software select them at random. There are 80 numbers in total, each with a ball and 20 of them are then picked. Your prize will depend on how many numbers you match. If you find the game play too slow, then try games with ‘turbo mode’ to give things a significant boost.

Real money keno games can be used to meet your playthrough requirements for casino bonuses. Depending on the casino, you can also use them to enjoy your no deposit casino bonuses. In live casinos, you will need to pay to play — demo games are not available. Some Keno games in live venues have stand alone cabinets, while others share bar top consoles with video poker games.

What is the difference between keno and bingo?

Keno and bingo are often mentioned together. This makes sense, as both these games involve drawing balls and marking numbers on a card. Keno is closer to a lottery drawing than a bingo game in many ways. You get to choose your numbers, and get paid on how many you match with the drawn numbers in Keno. In bingo, your numbers come on pre-printed (random) cards, and you play until you get a full line or full house. This format means that bingo is better suited to becoming a group game, while keno is very much a single player format.

Keno also has an element of choice that bingo and lottery games do not offer. In lottery games, you pick a set of numbers that are not flexible. Keno games let you choose how many numbers to pick, with the payouts automatically changing for the number of possible matches. The 20 balls being drawn is fixed.

Finally, keno lends itself to extra bonus features in a way that online bingo would find difficult. For example, starred numbers randomly overlaid on your keno card will trigger free plays or bonus prizes.

How to play keno games online

The simple game play of keno games makes it ideal to play on smartphone apps. All the main casino brands available in Canada have native apps for both iPhone and Android smartphone users. A big benefit of them is that all the keno games available are optimized for smaller screens and “thumb-friendly” play. A disadvantage is that the overall selection of games (including slots, bingo, and keno) is smaller on casino apps compared to browser-based desktop casinos.

If you access casinos via your browser, the graphics will adjust automatically to fit the size of your screen. You will have the maximum possible number of games — bigger casinos have 1000 or more covering all the different table game formats, plus slots and video poker. The disadvantage is that, this way, you miss out on the flexibility to enjoy Keno games on the move.

Signing up for an online casino follows the same process whether you play via your browser or download an app. Real money casino gambling is legal in all Canadian provinces, with the minimum age varying between 18 and 19, depending on your location. Competition between the major casino brands means there are multiple bonuses for keno fans to enjoy.

Casino bonuses for Keno fans in Canada

In addition to a wide choice of games, the competition between online casinos in Canada means you have a wide choice of bonuses. Keno is one of the best games for taking advantage of these bonuses. This is because all bonuses require playthrough, whereby you need to gamble the bonus credits a set number of times before they move to your cash balance. Casinos ‘weight’ games, varying their contribution towards this playthrough target. Keno games are top-rated. This means that they count towards 100% of your bets and are not excluded from bonus contributions.

If you are enjoying a free play or no deposit bonus, you should check whether there is a limit or cap on what you can win. For small caps, keno games with huge prizes for matching seven or more numbers are not the best choice.

Here are the types of casino bonus available and how they work with online Keno games:

  • No deposit keno bonuses: You can get free play simply for registering at multiple online casinos. These small offers let you check out the Keno and win real cash with zero risk. Sometimes this type of bonus has a cap on potential wins, which make jackpots unavailable.
  • Matched welcome bonuses: This type of bonus varies in the size of the match, and in the wagering/playthrough requirement on Keno games needed to clear it. Matched welcome offers are the biggest Keno bonuses available at online casinos.
  • No lose/rebate bonuses: You will find deals that allow you to take a shot at winning real money in Keno games, with a refund for losses. Your refund on the first day of play will come in bonus credits and will be capped by the casino.
  • Loyalty rewards: Casinos have reward schemes based on the frequency, duration, and buy-ins of your Keno play. They provide rewards based on tiers, with excellent bonuses or even personal hosts available for the biggest spenders.
  • Promotions/specials: Look out for a solid mix of standing promotions and one-off specials covering Keno and Bingo games. They can include reload bonuses, double points offers, or free play deals.

Whichever casino bonuses you enjoy along with your keno, it always pays to read the small print. While the major Canadian casino brands are rarely out to trick or scam their players, terms can make a big difference to the quality of a bonus deal. Excluded games, high playthrough requirements, or a short duration are all worth looking out for.

How Keno games work: the basics

Whether you play live or online, keno games have the same mechanics. Unlike bingo, your card starts off with all 80 numbers, allowing you to choose how many numbers and which ones to play with.

Those 80 numbers are the standard starting point. You can select between two and ten of them. As you select more numbers, prizes become available for matching them. If you choose the maximum ten, you will see prizes for matching between two and ten displayed. A high number of matches can result in some huge prizes. As you add more numbers, the prizes for matching a lower number of them will shrink, balancing out the prizes. You set your stake. This can be as little as $0.10 a game online — though much bigger bets are possible. A typical keno game has an ‘RTP’ (return to player) percentage of 95%. Some games have far worse odds than this — something that is worth checking if you are a regular player.

Side bets can include random jackpot bets — for example, a bet where you get five additional numbers outside of the card, which you match to win a progressive prize. Themed games have special flagged numbers, that trigger bonuses like free spins or win multipliers.

Once you click play, 20 numbers are drawn. You follow the matches, that are highlighted on the card. Prizes for two or more matches pay according to the pay table. If you choose five or more numbers, some keno games will pay a small prize if you fail to match a single number.

Related games: online casino options similar to keno

Game makers are not limited by the traditional categories. New ideas and variations appear as games at online casinos regularly. They include subtle extras — for example adding a progressive jackpot to a keno game. They also include brand new concepts loosely based on the bingo/keno games.

Slingo games combine keno with slot play. The resulting hybrid games then have colourful themes, jackpots, and special features added. These games start with a grid of numbers. You ‘spin’, with random numbers appearing underneath. Matches are marked, with prizes based on how many lines you complete. If you come close to a big prize after your numbers run out, you have the option to pay for more numbers.

Bingo games have the advantage of being ideal for linked jackpots. Keno games have individual prizes, though, as single player games, they do not allow players to compete with each other for progressives. Bingo games pay extra prizes (in some games) for players who complete their cards in 22 or fewer balls. Linked jackpot games see the first player to complete a card over multiple venues receive a big progressive prize.

Other online games related to keno include lottery-style drawing games, wheel of fortune wheels (including the ‘Dream Catcher’ live dealer wheel games), and scratch-off cards. There are also instant games based loosely on game shows — for example Deal or No Deal.

Final thoughts

Keno games are fast, entertaining, and give you a shot at winning substantial prizes. You can enjoy them on bar top consoles (often shared with video poker) in casinos around Canada. Keno games are also offered by the biggest and best online casino brands. You will find them listed among instant games like Bingo, Slingo, virtual betting, and scratch cards.

The strategy for keno is simple: you pick your favourite numbers and see how many you can match. Jackpot bonus games and themes add extra features to this long-running standard.

Taking advantage of casino bonuses and promotions is easy for fans of keno. You can choose from no deposit bonuses, matched welcome offers, reload bonuses, and loyalty reward schemes. Keno play will contribute the maximum to your playthrough requirement.

Check out the exciting range of keno games at online casinos in Canada today!

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