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Jose Colorado is a British Columbia-based writer. He lives in Burnaby and loves sports, anime, writing, business, and the occasional walk on the beach.

Close up of basketball falling through a hoop

NBA, OLG Short Film Series Tips Off 75th Anniversary Season

The Toronto Raptors may not have played on the NBA's Oct. 19 opening night, but the excitement was still in the air. That's because the franchise – alongside the (now defunct) Vancouver Grizzlies – had their feature short film "Born Identities" released the night prior. Directed by Kathleen S. Jayme, the flick chronicles the genesis of the Raptors' and Grizzlies' inaugural logos.
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Highway sign that reads, "Manitoba" stands on side of the highway in front of a blue sky and flat green fields

Online Gaming Thrives In Manitoba As Casinos Struggle

Manitoba gambling changed in a big way in the 2020 – 2021 fiscal year. According to Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries (MBLL) end-of-year report, changes include a $51 million spike in online gaming revenues. Meanwhile, traditional in-person options such as casinos and video lottery terminals (VLT) went the other way.
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immunization records, Canadian passports, medical masks, and a vial of vaccine lay on a white surface

Loto-Québec Won’t Require Vaccination For Employees

Loto-Québec will not require the double poke for its employees. The Crown corporation announced on Sept.15 that although visitors require proof of double vaccination against COVID-19, workers do not. The decision comes one week after Québec’s government concluded a $1million vaccine lottery – aimed to increase vaccination rates.
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