BCLC Recognized With Third 2022 Diversity And Inclusion Award

Written By Jose Colorado on June 27, 2022 - Last Updated on July 19, 2022
Gold spotlights crossing on an award stage background. BCLC wins diversity and inclusion award

Hats off to the British Columbia Lottery Corporation.

On June 23HR Director Canada recognized the lottery and Canada online casino operator as a 2022 5-Star Diversity and Inclusion Employer.

The award celebrates the Kamloops-based enterprise for “going above and beyond” to advance diversity, inclusion and belonging (DI&B) within its ranks. It is BCLC’s third work-environment award of 2022.

Said Sandy Austin, BCLC’s interim chief people officer, of the award via press release:

“As a social-purpose company, we work to generate win-wins for the greater good. And fostering a more inclusive culture is an important part of how we do that for our people.”

BC casino operator one of six recognized

In total, HRD only recognized six employers with the 5-Star designation.

But of those six workplaces, BCLC stood alone. That’s because HRD Canada – a magazine devoted to examining HR practices throughout the country – classified the winners based on company size:

The three categories:

  • 1-99 employees
  • 100 – 499 employees
  • 500 – 2,499 employees

It stands to reason that the bigger the organization, the more challenging it is to attain a 5-Star rating. BCLC was the only large employer recognized, with between 500 – 2,499 employees.

In contrast, two 5-star employers had 1-99 workers. The final three fell into the middle category, employing 100-499.

BC casino, lottery workers give BCLC high diversity marks

Beyond that, the barrier to a 5-Star rating remained high, making BCLC’s nomination even more impressive.

In fact, to obtain a 5-Star rating, the organization needed at least an 80% or higher ‘average satisfaction rate’ on anonymous forms distributed to its workers.

And HRD Canada eliminated organizations without a minimum number of employee responses from consideration.

“We are proud of what we have accomplished but acknowledge there is still progress to made on our journey towards diversity, inclusion and belonging to all,” said Austin.

BCLC owes wins to new diversity program

According to the company, the key to success was revamping its diversity, inclusion and belonging policy in 2021.

Some of the core tenants include:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Community
  • Equity
  • Inclusion
  • Anti-racism

Those principles have served the crown corporation well. It has won two other work environment awards already this year.

In May 2022, the Canadian HR Reporter named BCLC a Leading Diversity and Inclusion Employer. A month earlier, in April 2022, the corporation snatched the EGR Awards in Diversity & Inclusion Model (North America).

Considering BCLC has had its share of controversies over the past 12 months, the company must feel good to mix in some wins, too.

DEI, civil rights take centre stage

In recent years the topic of diversity, equity and inclusion – in all walks of life – earned a renewed focus in the Canadian sphere.

Much of that interest stems from various traumatic events triggering unprecedented social justice movements across the nation, such as Black Lives Matter, #MeToo and Every Child Matters marches. Inevitably, the outrage voiced by these ‘equality movements’ must be reflected in a more inclusive and safer workplace for all.

Then, of course, there’s the COVID-19 pandemic.

The global crisis spotlighted the massive strain placed on female employees – especially those with children – with the shift to remote work.

Hopefully, other provincial lottery corporations will follow in BCLC’s footsteps, creating work environments worthy of recognition.

5-Star Winners list

If punters were wondering, below is the list of the 5-Star Diversity and Inclusion Employers recognized by HDR Canada.

1-99 employees

  • Nuclear Promise X
  • The Mutual Fire Insurance Company of British Columbia

100 – 499 employees

  • BlueCat
  • Hyundai Auto Canada
  • League

500 – 2,499 employees

  • BCLC
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