Bret Hart’s “Hitman’s Bar” coming to Calgary’s Cowboys Casino

Written By Robyn McNeil on January 27, 2023
wrestling superstar bret harts to bring hitman's bar to calgary's cowboys casino in february

Wrestling legend Bret Hart is bringing “Hitman’s Bar” to Cowboys Casino next month.

According to available details, the new venue will offer a multi-room eatery and lounge, a “Calgary vibe,” and modern cuisine.

“We will have something for everyone,” said Seamus Smyth, Hart’s operations partner, in the media release.

“Whether you are looking for a place before (or) after the game – there’s something here for everyone in the Calgary community.”

Hitman’s Bar will host wrestling, special events

Hart’s new venture will be in the former Zen 8 location in Calgary’s Cowboys Casino. In addition to food and drink, the bar will host wrestling, other sports, and special events.

The bar will display iconic “Hitman” wrestling memorabilia as a bonus for fans.

Artifacts include the world heavyweight belt Hart earned by defeating Ric Flair in a 1992 championship match in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

In addition to its museum qualities, Hitman Bar aims to deliver an “ultimate” casual dining experience under executive chef Chetty Michaels.

“My goal has always been to make people happy through my food,” said Michaels in the release. “At Hitman’s Bar, I’m going to have a fun time doing it.”

Hart Family a Canadian wrestling dynasty

Hart came to wrestling naturally as part of the Hart Dynasty.

Under the tutelage of his father, wrestling legend Stu Hart, Bret started reffing, then wrestling for the elder’s Stampede Wrestling promotion.

All of Stu’s sons would wrestle, but of the eight, only Bret and his younger brother, Owen, reached international fame and notoriety.

Near the beginning of his career,  Bret (and Owen) wrestled with the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE). And many of the WWF’s biggest mid-90s storylines revolved around the famous family (brothers-in-law included).

But, in 1997, Bret moved on to World Championship Wrestling.

Then in 1999, tragedy struck the dynasty. During WWF’s Over The Edge pay-per-view event, Bret’s brother, Owen, accidentally fell to his death. At the time, Bret, who soon planned to return to competition after an injury, stayed out another four months.

Hart initially retired from professional wrestling in October 2020, but by 2001 he became active on the independent circuit. And by 2004, Hart had returned to WWE, where he would remain until 2010.

In the years since, Hart made sporadic appearances in the WWE, All Elite Wrestling and Impact Wrestling. In his last appearance with WWE, he showed up ringside at Clash at the Castle. The event was the league’s first UK stadium show in 30 years.

Hart is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer. The first honour was delivered to Hart individually in 2006 by Steve Austin. The second followed in 2019 as a member of The Hart Foundation.

Stay tuned to Hart’s social media for more on the grand-opening

As of today, there is no date for Hitman’s grand opening at the Alberta casino.

However, hiring is underway, and according to Hart’s Twitter account, we can expect things to kick off in February.

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