Common Ontario Online Casino Signup Errors And How To Avoid Them

Written By Katarina Vojvodic on July 21, 2022
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There’s a first time for everything. While creating an online casino account is usually a no-brainer, sometimes we’re thrown a curve ball. So, checking an online casino’s registration details is essential before hitting the signup button.

But, sometimes, mistakes are still made. (Don’t worry, it can happen to anybody.)

There’s no need to panic; PlayCanada has you covered. Here, we highlight the most common Ontario online casino registration mishaps and how to avoid them.

Most common online casino registration errors

1. Setting up an Ontario online casino account with fake details

Most online casinos will let you set up an account with any old email, real or not. Choosing to go the fake route, however, is going to cause problems.

First and foremost, you won’t be able to verify your account. Online casinos send a verification code to new players. But the casino can’t prove you’re you if you don’t have access to the email or the email doesn’t exist. No email means you miss out on a functioning account — defeating the entire purpose.

So, best double-check you’re using a valid email for registration. Ideally, an account you control the password for. It seems common sense, but you’d be surprised. After all, it is the number one problem on the list.

2. Registering multiple accounts

The most common signup error? When an existing casino member registers for a new account with a new email.

Online casino accounts link to a player’s bank account. This connection is to make transactions, both deposits and withdrawals, not only easy but possible. So, it’s crucial to know the player account you’re logging into is connected to your bank.

If you are not 100% sure if you already have an account with a particular casino, there’s an easy way to find out:

Search your email to see if the casino sent that verification code. You will likely not have an existing account if you have no emails from the casino. But, if you have emails in the mix, try resetting your casino password. Only those with an account will receive the reset link.

3. Having an inactive account

It’s not always easy to stay on top of all your active accounts. But an online casino account is not just any account, and if your account expires, you may face the consequences.

A player must make a deposit to access and play online casino games for real money.

But, if a significant period has passed with no account activity since the deposit, the casino can legally take the money out of a player’s account. And, if it’s been more than a year since the account was last active, the casino has most certainly removed the unattended dollars.

If in doubt, contact your online casino’s customer support, as agents will be the ones to help out. It’s possible to get the money seized back. But if you can avoid dealing with it, it’s worth the preventative effort.

4. Not reading bonus terms carefully

Online casino bonuses can be very enticing. But they’re not always what they seem, especially for the inexperienced.

What sounds like a good deal when you deposit can become a lot more complicated when you attempt to make a withdrawal. Unsurprisingly, unexpected strings, like play-through requirements, can be attached to popular bonuses. These requirements dictate how often you must play through to access the bonus offer. And they’re not the only catch you may come across.

If you take advantage of online casino bonuses, understand the wagering requirements — read the terms and conditions, especially regarding bonuses.

Reading terms and conditions requires time and energy, but you’ll know what to expect. And, there will be no confusion around the requirements to withdraw your money.

5. Overlooking a betting strategy

Having a bankroll management plan is critical to your Ontario casino experience.

The thrill of winning can make players test their luck and take uncharacteristic risks. You can call it a strategy or not, but it’s always important to know when to stop.

Experienced casino players often put half their winnings aside, so when they decide it’s time to walk away, there’s always some money left.

Another solid player protention strategy is to minimize the value of bets after every loss. If consistent, minimal bets can ensure money stays safe — even through a losing streak.

Try not to chase losses and, more importantly, do not gamble with money you can’t afford to lose.

Final words: Only play on legal, reputable Ontario online casinos

In Ontario, it’s easy to know if you’re playing on a legal casino site in Ontario; just visit iGaming Ontario’s list of regulated operators. Alternatively, our list of reputable online casinos and sportsbooks in Ontario is here to help you out.

Still, players can always go further to ensure their protection by digging into PlayCanada casino reviews and listening in on social before signing on and depositing money.

With a few extra signup precautions, it’s easy to make your online casino registration a breeze! But, however you get there, please play responsibly.

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