OLG’s TIFF On Tour Brings ‘Big City’ Magic To Small Town Ontario

Written By Jose Colorado on September 14, 2022
OLG to bring TIFF to small town Ontario this September. Beautiful picture of West Windsor Ontario

TIFF is hitting the road thanks to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.

The Crown corporation has announced the Toronto International Film Festival will be heading to three small communities this September.

Dubbed Tiff on Tour, Campbellford (Sept.14), North Bay (Sept.21), and Windsor (Sept.28) are the lucky locations getting a smaller version of Canada’s most iconic film festival.

OLG’s senior vice president Alexander Aguzzi said, via a statement, she’s hoping Ontarians see her company’s commitment to the province.

“We’re so pleased to be launching OLG’s TIFF on Tour to bring the magic of this great film festival to communities outside Toronto — which wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to experience all the excitement of TIFF.

“OLG’s partnership with TIFF is a great reflection of our shared belief in supporting local arts & culture, and Ontario communities as a whole.”

North of Normal to premiere at TIFF on Tour events

TIFF is all about the glitz and glamour. Naturally, TIFF on Tour — while smaller  – will still focus on creating as authentic an experience as possible for its guests.

To that end, a red-carpet rollout, free movie snacks, and opportunities for photo-ops (and more) are on the bill.

However, the main event — at all three locations — will be the screening of North of Normal.

Based on the 2014 memoir written by best-selling author Cea Sunrise Person, the film centres on Person’s unconventional childhood growing up in Western Canada with no running water or electricity.

Person – played by River Price-Maenpaa as a child – struggles to balance her filial devotion and longing for a more conventional lifestyle.

TIFF VP hoping film resonates with small-town Ontarians

It’s a powerful, dramatic and inspiring piece centred around self-discovery.

And ultimately, it’s something TIFF officials, like vice president Elisabeth Burks, must have thought would best represent the festival’s spirit.

Unlike the original TIFF, where ticket prices can add up quickly, TIFF on Tour is completely free. The only stipulation is attendees must be 18 or older.

Those looking to catch a screening have three chances:

  • Campbellford, Ont. – Sept.14 at the Aron Theatre
  • North Bay, Ont. – Sept.21 at Capitol Centre on Main Street
  • Windsor, Ont. – Sept.28 at the Capitol Theatre and Arts Centre

OLG Cinema Park also available for Torontonians

Outside of the small communities, OLG also has a treat in store for Torontonians.

Named the OLG Cinema Park, the event runs for the duration of TIFF (Sept. 8 -18) at David Pecaut Square (corner of King St. West and Ed Mirvish Way).

The main draws include complimentary snacks and a nightly 10 pm screening of select TIFF Classics.

Many celebrities at TIFF, but few who embrace gambling

Over the years, many celebrities have openly shared their love for recreational gambling. Seemingly few are attending TIFF this year, though.

Interestingly enough, the most likely star, Drake, has been noticeably absent thus far.

The rap legend has developed quite a penchant for trying his luck of late. He – alongside several other celebrities, including LeBron James – even has a film (Black Ice) set to debut at the film festival.

Regardless, numerous other A-listers have made appearances.

Celebrity sightings include:

  • Kate Hudson
  • Daniel Craig
  • Daniel Radcliffe
  • Hilary Clinton
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Taylor Swift
  • Natalie Portman
  • Jessica Chastain
  • Nicolas Cage
  • Harry Styles

OLG stated there were “many more surprises in store” for its TIFF on Tour. Whether that includes a celebrity guest appearance remains unknown.

Photo by Elvis Ugorji, Shutterstock / PlayCanada
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