Honestly, Some Of These Ontario Online Casinos Have Wild Names

Written By Brant James on April 2, 2022 - Last Updated on July 1, 2022
Diversity of Ontario online sportsbook

Online casino and sports betting launches in Ontario on Monday and the couple dozen operators vying for your business are deploying a wide variety of branding approaches.

While some of the companies endemic to the United States — read: DraftKings and FanDuel and the like — are coming with a typical marketing approach, some unique to Canada are looking … unique. As in, they know their customers have to be 19, right?

We’re getting a little bit of a Joe Camel vibe here. PlayCanada assessed the most interesting species in the Ontario online gambling wilderness.

How about these Ontario online casino names?

  • CoolBet: The company’s marketing push seems centered around reminding Canadians that it’s — at best — a little chilly a lot of the year. This makes sense considering how StupidlyHotBets has dominated in Arizona. (Kidding) Credit the company’s social responsibility initiatives, though. CoolBets is employing polar bears being driven out of their habitat by climate change, as evidenced by the great number of them playing sports on the website. The hockey goalie isn’t even wearing a mask. Undoubtedly, the polar bears would rather live in a world where VeryVeryColdBet could exist, too. But you take what you can get.
  • Royal Panda: Nothing really says ‘gambling’ like a caped panda with a maw full of bamboo branches. And nothing speaks to Canadians like the national animal of China. Maybe some guy in Saskatoon squatted on the BetBeaver URL and just won’t move. Damn.
  • OLG: OMG! No, OLG, as in Ontario, Lottery and Gaming. Well, that’s not as exciting. But there’s at least adult humans smiling back at you from the website.
  • ComeOn!: The official sports betting and online casino partner of the Canadian Premier League brandishes one of the most relatable names in gambling.
    • About to confirm that wager with a thumb tap? ‘Come. On.’
    • Watching the Leafs about to shoot an empty-netter for the over? ‘Coooome on’
    • Watching them miss? ‘Come on!!!’
    • Smacking your phone trying to revive it after the sidewalk slam. ‘Come onnnnnnnnnn.’
  • LeoVegas: LeoVegas? LeoVaughan! ComeOn!

As you can see, the launch of sports betting in Ontario is going to be a colourful event with an online sportsbook to match your betting style and your mood.

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