OLG’s Proline+ Hits $1 Million In Wagers In One Week, $3M Overall

Written By Jose Colorado on September 17, 2021 - Last Updated on March 9, 2022
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What a debut for PROLINE+.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s (OLG) new digital sportsbook crushed its opening week with over $1 million in placed bets. 

As of Sept. 9, over $3 million in wagers have been booked, according to OLG.

And while built-in live event tracking and a cash-out feature had excited some, the newly legalized single-game betting feature is the main attraction.

Seventy-four percent of wagers in August were singles.

“Ontario bettors had been waiting for a best-in-class option to place bets, and that’s exactly what OLG has delivered with PROLINE+,” said David Pridmore, OLG chief digital and strategy officer.

Baseball and football dominating the action

Football and baseball have emerged as the driving forces behind PROLINE+’s success thus far, with both sports tallying huge numbers.

In August, football, baseball, and soccer accounted for nearly 82% of wagers.

PROLINE+’s first registered bet came via a single wager on the MLB’s Minnesota Twins and Milwaukee Brewers game on Aug. 27.

Since the calendar switched over to September, however, football has taken the spotlight.

That’s mainly due to the NFL season kicking off on Sept. 9.

Bettors placed over $3 million in wagers as of the same date, with football accounting for 23% of all bets.

Seventy-nine percent of football bets were singles.

Gamblers can choose between the NFL, CFL, and NCAA.

“PROLINE+ is loaded up with tons of exciting football markets, for Canadian and American professional leagues and U.S. college competition,” said Pridmore, via a press release.

“We’ve seen some great results so far, and we expect a lot of new players will visit to see what we have to offer, especially our competitive odds and live betting football markets.”

NBA season coming soon to PROLINE+

Besides football and baseball, PROLINE+ offers options for all major North American sports leagues.

One such market to keep an eye on is the NBA.

The league tips off in a little over a month (Oct. 19), with plenty of storylines developing in the off-season.

Another singles surge at PROLINE+ is possible considering basketball’s increased popularity of late.

One hundred percent of PROLINE+ proceeds fund provincial priorities.

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