Launch Of Rivalry Magazine Adds To Operator’s Appeal To Younger Gamblers

Written By Drew Ellis on November 8, 2023 - Last Updated on November 17, 2023
Rivalry magazine

Setting yourself apart in a crowded Ontario online gambling field home to 47 operators isn’t easy. But, Rivalry continues to make an effort to do just that.

Already an innovator in esports betting, Rivalry has recently announced the release of Rivalry Magazine.

This interactive online company blog and portfolio gives consumers more access to Rivalry and their motivation.

What is Rivalry Magazine?

Rivalry has never hidden the fact that its Ontario online casino and online sportsbook product is intended for a younger-yet-legal gambling audience.

The Toronto-based operator has dubbed itself as “the leading sportsbook and iGaming operator for Millennials and Gen Z.” Rivalry is now trying to connect directly with that audience through Rivalry Magazine.

“Rivalry Magazine is a creative portfolio and company blog with Rivalry’s signature flair,” Rivalry senior manager of corporate communications Cody Luongo told PlayCanada. “It’s a platform for us to house a diverse range of original content we’ll be producing that not only showcases our products, marketing, and creative, but also adds context to them.”

The website, gives users insight into the decisions that Rivalry is making with its online platform and media campaigns.

It isn’t afraid to make a joke at its expense while also making sure it distinguishes itself from its competition in the online gambling industry.

“Rivalry Magazine itself was thoughtfully designed to reflect one of our core philosophies in the space, which is that wrapping ordinary products and experiences – like a company blog – in entertainment creates real value and excitement for users,” Luongo said.

Dark magic, joining the Rivalry cult and the Mighty Rooster

Articles in October’s premier issue of Rivalry magazine have included:

Rivalry goes back in time for iGaming platform

It’s been a busy few months for Rivalry. Along with the launch of Rivalry Magazine, the online operator got into the iGaming industry with a unique approach early in October.

Using Casino.exe, Rivalry offered unique casino games resembling PC games from the late 1990s and early 2000s. Rivalry felt that was the best way to jump into the online casino field while staying true to their established brand.

Using Casino.exe, Rivalry provides an interactive environment that houses their collection of first and third-party casino games. The aesthetics of their virtual world takes users back decades with old-school desktop icons, a functional MP3 player and other creative easter eggs.

Staying true to the times, the games offer poor graphics and minimal gameplay options, which Rivalry feels plays into the nostalgia their customer base is looking for.

Rivalry Magazine features a piece looking into just why it opted to go this direction with its iGaming options.

“Rivalry is challenging the status quo in an industry with many long-standing, traditional beliefs about online betting and what it’s supposed to look like,” Luongo said.

“We’re building for an emerging demographic coming into the fold with vastly different consumption habits and entertainment preferences than mature audiences, and we believe that requires a unique approach that looks and feels a lot different than the conventional betting experience. We want Rivalry Magazine to help communicate that story and connect the dots between our work and the deeply purposeful strategy behind it.”

Rivalry an innovator for esports SGP’s

It’s no argument that Rivalry hasn’t shied away from trying to be on the edge of innovation.

Back in August, it announced it would be the first betting site of its kind to offer same-game parlays for esports.

Rivalry customers are now able to build bet slips that include multiple wagers from a single esports match.

In 2022, Rivalry’s esports betting accounted for more than 90% of its sportsbook handle.

That was followed by a record-breaking Q1 of 2023. Rivalry set new highs in betting handle, revenue, gross profit, customer engagement and brand influence.

In Q2, Rivalry saw continued growth in key metrics while projecting profitability by the first half of 2024.

Rivalry will report on its Q3 results for 2023 on Nov. 29.

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