Startups To Showcase At SiGMA PiTCH Competition In Toronto This June

Written By Katarina Vojvodic on May 16, 2022 - Last Updated on June 17, 2024
Presentation Speaker Giving Pitch presentation during SiGMA PiTCH contest

SiGMA PiTCH is taking place on June 7 in Toronto.

The event is a startup competition happening at the SiGMA Americas Summit. Participating companies will showcase their products and initiatives throughout the event.

The summit brings many benefits to the table for any enterprising first-time delegate willing to join the broader SiGMA family.

All startups are welcome to apply. Organizers will select nearly 100 to partake, and the judge’s top 10 will make it to the Pitch event during the final leg of the Summit.

The winner gets up to $500,000

SiGMA’s pitch event will welcome a hundred startups to compete for a chance to pitch their idea to a panel of investors with up to $500,000 of equity investment up for grabs. There will also be other prizes, but only the best contenders will take home the main prize.

The SiGMA Pitch winner will score half a million to put towards office space, networking opportunities, consultancy expenses, marketing services and more.

Who applied so far?

Twelve companies from the Ontario online casino world have applied to compete for the main prize so far. Each startup will have a booth at SiGMA to promote its business and reach prospective investors and mentors. Here are the applicants:


A B2B software company, 2nd LIFFE, serves the gambling operators (the “brokers”) with virtual financial prices and user interfaces their customers use to play. The company brings virtual financials betting as a new vertical to the gambling market.

Airhead Ventures

The Panthera is a small agile, and resilient platform developed by Airhead Ventures focused on casino operators. The platform is ideal for small and midsize operators, built without any legacy structure. Especially suited to those that want something running with the essentials at a reasonable cost.


Brickken is creating a decentralized application that provides the tools needed for individuals and businesses to issue Security Tokens. Brickken’s worldwide platform offers an easy-to-use interface. The platform opens opportunities to individuals and companies looking to raise alternative funding through tokenization.

Chainvision Games

Chainvision Games are on Blockchain and use NFTs in the game, giving them an edge over Fortnite. The company is creating a high-end graphic addictive gaming experience that offers an advantage over Axie Infinity. NFT-Marketplace will act as a hub, and all in-game items are available there.


Charge helps gamers by automating and streamlining their income. The company gives users the power to automate their careers by taking care of their invoices, payments, taxes, etc. Charges automate and streamline users’ gaming income without worrying about getting paid in time or making sure that they paid the correct taxes.


Fanadise is a content platform created for internet influencers to monetize their social presence and bring interactions with followers to the next level.

The company is populating the Metaverse with utility NFTs based on 3D scans and digital content. Using the platform, people can collect, stake, buy and sell NFTs, experiences and services from favourite creators.

Gamecast Group

Gamecast Group came up with a unique Sports Betting TTL format in the highly regulated Italian market by adjusting their product to the country’s current marketing and advertising restrictions. The product offers an authentic omnichannel experience through a converging involvement across the Mass Market and Digital channels all at once.


A cybersecurity company, GATACA, provides fast, compliant and secure decentralized digital identity technology solutions. The technology uses credential issuance tools for Issuers, and their products include GATACA Certify, GATACA Connect and GATACA Wallet.


LEET is a gamified social platform for amateur football enthusiasts. The platform allows users to find friends and players for their weekly recreational games. The tool will also enable companies to organize games. LEET features user-generated content to create social experiences around amateur regional teams and tournaments, avatars and profiles, branded rewards and challenges.


Moonbet is a community-driven iGaming ecosystem allowing users to become owners of online sportsbooks, casinos and esports platforms through decentralized gaming.

With cryptocurrency gaining popularity in iGaming, Moonbet is laying the future for a premium platform for Moonbettors by Moonbettors.


Built as a solution for all financial crime threats, NOTO is a user-customizable and user-friendly platform that provides real-time detection of fraud and money laundering. NOTO helps customers comply with all regulatory requirements for AML, fraud prevention, promotion abuse and responsible gaming. It also helps gambling operators tackle transaction and user monitoring challenges while achieving low false positives and fraud rates.

Racing Stars

Racing Stars is a B2B2C pool betting company with a peer-to-peer betting system emphasizing responsible gambling and increasing social engagement between customers.

By limiting the stakes by offering a unique points-driven algorithm, Racing Stars levels the playing field to maximize enjoyment and participation regardless of expertise.

SiGMA is the place to be

Candidate companies had until Sunday, May 15 to submit their pitch applications. Applicants were required to detail their product, focus, target customer, capital raising plans and other financial information.

Pitch participants will also meet representatives of several venture capital firms specializing in frontier investments in regulated industries like gaming, esports, blockchain, fintech and psychedelics.

With online gambling growth in North America and Ontario, SiGMA offers networking and business development opportunities for land-based casinos, igaming and sports betting operators and industry suppliers.

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