100/1 Roulette Casino Game

100/1 roulette is a new variation of roulette available exclusively online. It gives you a shot at winning 100x your bet — using a brand-new wheel with 105 different slots. With a house edge of 3.81%, this game compares favourably to the popular American ‘Double Zero’ wheel.

100/1 roulette is one of several variations now available online. This novelty game sits alongside American roulette, French roulette, and European roulette. You can play on casino apps, against desktop software, or bet on a live game streamed from a casino from the comfort of your own home.

This page covers how to play 100/1 roulette in-depth. The spin of the wheel from bets to payouts is covered first. A comparison of strategy with high and low variance bets is then discussed, along with the pros and cons of this variation.

How 100/1 roulette works

A standard roulette wheel will feature either 37 or 38 slots. European roulette wheels feature the numbers 1 to 36 with one zero, while American roulette wheels add an extra double zero slot. In 100/1 roulette, you spin a much larger wheel. This features 105 slots. First, there are the numbers 1 to 100, along with five zeros. Each of the zeros features a different symbol (circle, square, triangle, star, and diamond).

This larger-than-usual wheel takes up the whole of your screen. You bet on a separate square grid, then go to the wheel view when betting is complete.

The betting layout is similar to a standard real money roulette game, except larger. The 100 individual numbers make up most of the display. These are red and black, like in a regular game. Other betting options are found to the left and right of those numbers. Here are the roulette odds and payouts for this particular variant:

  • Single numbers: To bet on a single number you simply place a chip directly in the centre of that number. Winning bets are paid at the 100/1 odds used in the title of this game. You can bet on any of the five zero slots in the same way as any other number.
  • Pair of numbers: To bet a pair of numbers, place your chips on the line between two numbers, so that it straddles both. If you hit one of your pair, you get paid at odds of 49/1.
  • Three numbers (two picks + a zero): You can bet three numbers when you place your chip in the intersection between two numbers and one of the five zeros to the left of the board. Winning bets are paid at 32/1.
  • Four numbers: Place your number directly in the intersection between four numbers, and if one of the four hits, you win at odds of 24/1.
  • Column/street: Place your chips either at the bottom of a column or to the left of a street of ten numbers and you can win at odds of 9/1.
  • 15 and 20 number avenues: Place these wagers across columns and streets and win at odds of 11/2 and 4/1, respectively.
  • Black or red: Place this classic roulette wager on the specific betting area to win at even money. Odd or even wagers are also available.

Once your bets have been placed, hit the ‘Spin’ button. The giant wheel now covers the screen. Chips are shown on the inside of the wheel, so you will be able to see if the ball is approaching a winner. There is a ‘Repeat Bet’ option, ‘Clear Bets’ button, and a ‘Turbo Spin’ is available.

100/1 roulette strategy

With more numbers available, plus the streets and double-column bets, there are more options to employ a roulette betting strategy compared to a regular roulette wheel. While that 100/1 prize is worth hitting, the extra numbers make it even less likely you will strike lucky with a one-number bet than on a European roulette wheel. This makes it important to spread your bets, covering multiple outcomes, along with some ‘savers’ on the higher probability bets. If you bet too much of your bankroll at the same time, you might find your 100 to 1 roulette session very short.

Martingale-style betting systems are possible with 100/1 roulette. These systems use stake doubling and more complex strategies with changing betting units. They can reduce the variance of your sessions, though will not beat the house edge over any length of time. With a house edge of 3.81%, 100/1 roulette is not the best wheel for these betting strategies. At a minimum, you should choose a single zero ‘European’ wheel. Better still, French roulette rules will reduce the house edge on outside bets.

Pros and cons of playing 100/1 roulette

One of the most important factors when playing roulette is the size of the house edge. This measures the average percentage each bet that the casino will take over the long term. It is easy enough to have a winning session on any one day. At the same time, players need to be aware that the more they spin, the closer the casino will get to realizing the mathematically certain house edge built into each wheel. This concept is known as ‘reversion to the mean’.

The house edge at 100/1 roulette games is 3.81%. In comparison, if you play European roulette, there is a house edge of 2.7%. American Roulette has the worst casino odds, with a house edge of 5.26%. Bigger live casinos sometimes have ‘Triple Zero’ wheels, which have a horrible house edge of 7.69%. As you can see, 100/1 roulette sits somewhere in the middle of those two classic games.

If you enjoy the added excitement and bigger winning opportunities offered by 100 to 1 roulette, you might consider that the extra 1.11% is a price worth paying over the European game.

The change of scene and added excitement of winning 100x your bet are big positives for this format. It makes a change from live dealer games and the many software-based online roulette games which use the old-style wheels.

One final positive is the extra ‘Avenue’ betting options, which give you a lot of numbers for a single bet without covering half or 1/3 of the wheel. There is no ‘racetrack’ betting format for this game.

100 to 1 roulette bonus offers and promotions

Online casinos in Canada work with your iPhone, Android devices, or on desktops/laptops. With competition between the brands, you can take advantage of casino bonus offers when you join, then enjoy loyalty rewards and promotions from there.

Clearing a bonus using any roulette game requires significant playthrough. Online casinos want players to use slots to clear their welcome offers. They ‘weight’ (or sometimes exclude) roulette games, so that you need to bet more to complete your bonus playthrough. Check the terms of each bonus before you sign up. Red flags are weightings of less than 10%, or casinos which do not allow any table game play.

Note that you will not be able to cover both black and red (for example) to clear your bonus faster. Casinos are aware that players try this and will void the bonus of anyone they catch.

Welcome bonuses include no deposit offers, free spins, matched welcome bonuses, loyalty schemes, reload bonuses, and plenty of different one-off promotions. When you choose a Canadian online casino, make sure they look after their regular players well in addition to offering competitive casino welcome bonuses.

Summing up: how does 100/1 roulette compare?

100/1 roulette is an online-only variation on the classic casino game, and makes a refreshing change from the standard 36 number wheels. The 100/1 online roulette wheel uses 105 slots and pays 100x your bet if you pick the right number. There are novel bets available, with two numbers + zero, and ten different ‘streets’ to bet on. With a house edge of 3.81%, this game sits between the popular American and European roulette wheels in terms of value.

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