Blackjack Slot Machine

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Blackjack Slot Machine
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With Blackjack, legendary game developer IGT has delivered a solid adaptation of the classic game, complete with features like splitting and doubling down.

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world for many reasons, such as the way it pairs ease of play with surprising depth and exceptionally high odds for the player. When a developer sets out to adapt a game like blackjack to the digital format, the fundamentals are already there. However, there’s still a need to capture the nuances of casino-level gameplay, design a smart interface for players and provide a good presentation and atmosphere. These are the areas where IGT’s adaptation strives to distinguish itself, and the qualities that determine whether blackjack is worth your time.

Best features on Blackjack

IGT’s Blackjack has quite a bit going for it, with solid features such as:

  • Proper blackjack gameplay: Special features like blackjack, splitting, and doubling down are all present.
  • Turbo mode: Speed up the tempo of gameplay by hitting the lightning bolt symbol on the side.
  • Good presentation: Design choices such as presenting bets via stacked chips on a casino table enhance the immersive qualities of the game.

How to play Blackjack for free or real money

You can start playing IGT’s Blackjack by picking out a chip with an assigned coin value and placing it on the table. While the minimum bet is listed as $1-$1,000, you can actually bet up to $4,000 by splitting your hand in two and then doubling down on an initial $1,000 bet. It’s rare when this play is possible and even rarer when it’s advisable, but it’s still something to consider. However, there’s a bug that freezes the game if you attempt to double down when you don’t have sufficient funds, and other impossible commands will do the same. If this happens, you simply need to refresh the game.

Once you’ve set your bet, you can start playing blackjack. The dealer dishes out two cards apiece, and you can either hit to receive another card or stand and hope to win. Receiving an ace and a ten-value card awards blackjack, with a 2.5x payout. You can test out the game for free with the demo version on our website, or try it out in a regulated casino by using a no-deposit bonus for limited free play.

Blackjack graphics and design

While this adaptation of blackjack attempts to create a sense of atmosphere that resembles a casino, it misses the mark. The fade-to-darkness at the edges of the screen is somewhat over-pronounced, and the angle you see the game from makes it feel like you’re hunched over the table. Rather than being immersive, it’s rather claustrophobic and lacks visual interest and activity.

RTP %0.996
Min / Max Bet$1 - $4000
Max Payout8000
Bonus FeaturesInsurance, double down, splitting
ThemeBlackjack, casino game

How Blackjack’s bonus features work

There are many versions of blackjack that come with their own rules and bonus features, even though the core game is the same. In IGT’s slot machine version, there are four bonus features to take into account: Blackjack, insurance, splitting, and doubling.

Blackjack and insurance

An ace and a 10-value card equal blackjack, either for you or for the dealer. The main difference is that the dealer turning up with blackjack results in an instant loss for you. On the other hand, a winning blackjack earns you 2.5x your bet. If you receive a blackjack and then the dealer receives an Ace as their first card, you can take out insurance to receive some sort of payout even if they have blackjack. If you don’t take out insurance, then two blackjacks make a tie and no one loses.

Doubling and splitting

After you receive your first two cards, you can double down. This is functionally similar to hitting and receiving an extra card, except that you’re playing with a doubled bet. The other way to double your bet is by receiving two cards of equal value and separating them into individual hands.

Where to find the Blackjack game online

You can find IGT’s Blackjack game at Caesars CA Casino and DraftKings CA Casino. If you’re a fan of megaways slots and want to have many options available to you, then Caesars is your pick with its more than 150 games to choose from. On the other hand, DraftKings has a solid collection of exclusive games you can’t play anywhere else as well a shared wallet you can also use for sports betting.

Free and Real Money IGT Slots

Final thoughts on Blackjack by IGT

It’s hard to provide a final score for IGT’s Blackjack, as it’s perfectly fun and enjoyable. However, this online slot game’s best qualities come down to the fact that it’s blackjack. As an adaptation, the game has little bugs that disrupt the flow of gameplay, an awkward presentation, and fewer features than competitors. But, while it may not be the definitive online version of blackjack, IGT’s offering is nonetheless acceptable and in our eyes deserves a reasonable 6/10 rating.

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