Colour Cubes Slots

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Colour Cubes Slots
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With Colour Cubes, IGT has created a unique casino game that’s sure to entertain with its blend of slot and mobile gaming influences.

If you’re a fan of popular mobile games like candy crush and also have a fondness for slots, IGT’s Colour Cubes is the game for you. It has an interesting, minimalistic retro game look that it complements with gameplay that’s totally different from the average slot game.

Colour Cubes does away with genre standbys like pay-lines and reels, favouring coloured blocks that explode and fill up a counter on the left side of the screen. As you hit the requisite number of a certain colour of cube, you can collect payouts from 1x to 10,000x!

Best features on Colour Cubes slot

Colour Cubes has a lot going for it, with a rewarding style of gameplay that encourages you to think and really get into it. Some of its strong features include:

  • Original format: Each play counts for nine attempts at hitting groups of like-coloured blocks, which helps the game feel fresh and suspenseful.
  • Impressive top win: Not only can the purple cube win award 25,000x payout, but it can stack with other impressive pays. There are certainly some high goals to shoot for when you play Colour Cubes.
  • Good entertainment value: Besides being distinctive, Colour Cubes’ gameplay loop is quite compelling. As each play continues, you find yourself calculating and imagining what winning outcomes are possible, trying to figure at your ever-evolving odds and sitting at the edge of your seat for that last, decisive round.

How to play Colour Cubes slot for free or real money

The first step in playing Colour Cubes is choosing a bet from $1 to $10. While the game keeps this bet for successive plays, you can change it at any time. Once you’ve chosen your bet, you have the option to either go or auto reveal; go plays your nine rounds one at a time, while auto reveal plays them all automatically. The pace is a bit slow and there’s no turbo mode, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

At the start of a play, a random assortment of blocks fall into the screen, forming a grid. With each round, a random point on the grid of cubes is selected. If it hits a block of a certain colour, then it and all like-coloured blocks go into a row on the left side of the screen. While six red blocks are sufficient for a 1x payout, the big x10,000 prize lays behind eleven purple cubes. Each play is different, and there’s a great sense of excitement and anticipation when you start one up and see a large group of purple blocks and think about what your odds are like.

You can get a taste of Colour Cubes without spending real money by trying the demo version on our website. Upon loading, you’ll have 1,000 credits, and you can top up this amount at any time by refreshing. Another free play option is that you can take advantage of the no-deposit bonuses that the best real money casinos offer.

Colour Cubes graphics and design

Colour Cubes isn’t graphically original in the grand scheme of things, with aesthetics and design that closely mirror popular mobile games. What’s remarkable is that it has a more strategic, substantive feeling to it and that it’s one of a kind in the world of online casino slots.

Furthermore, there are little touches that accentuate the experience, such as the way that the initially muted colour rows on the left light up and pulse as you come close to a win. In all, the graphics and design are highly novel as concepts and adequate in terms of execution.

NameColour Cubes
RTP %85% - 93%
Min / Max Bet$1-$10
Max Payoutx25,000
ThemeMobile game

How Colour Cubes’ bonus features work

The gameplay for Colour Cubes isn’t quite oriented to bonus features, but nonetheless, there are still two. First, the star allows you to claim an automatic win equal to x2 your bet. While it’s not impressive, it’s always nice to land on it and know that this play was beneficial.

The other is the bomb, which sends all cubes bordering the bomb into the rows on the left. As the cubes above this gap fill it, it might create exciting possibilities for new wins or break up a connected group of like-coloured blocks. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but it’s always exciting.

Where to find Colour Cubes game online

Play Colour Cubes with the protection of regulations and a guarantee of fairness and transparency with Caesars Casino or Stars Casino in Canada. Stars Casino has certain advantages in versatility, with a shared wallet that works across slot games, online poker, and sportsbook betting as well as a larger pool of games.

On the other hand, Caesars Casino offers an unbeatable collection of mega ways slots and generous monthly rewards, rotating bonuses, and other great promotions.

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Final thoughts on Colour Cubes by IGT

Colour Cubes is a fun, novel game that’s well worth playing and feels satisfying at every bet level. It’s quite different from your typical slot game, so we certainly recommend anyone try it and see how it clicks for them. The lack of greater bonus features does hold the game back, but perhaps a sequel could fill out these areas and be a truly great game.

Nonetheless, we all enjoyed our time with Colour Cubes and decided to award it a 6.5/10.

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