Dragons Law Twin Fever Slots

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Dragons Law Twin Fever Slots

Dragons Add Wild Symbols at Random in this Classic Konami Slot

On the top part of the screen of the Dragon’s Law Twin Fever slot machine are two strange-looking dragons. They are caricatures of the beasts from Asian mythology, one is red, the other is blue. Most of the time they bob up and down in place – with long tails visible behind them.

When these dragons randomly come to life, you will quickly find out why Dragon’s Law slots are a popular game in Canadian casinos. They leave a trail of wild symbols on the reels, which can connect multiple wins. If you trigger the free spins bonus, you will see these dragons far more frequently.

Combining wilds with the ‘Action Stacked Symbols’ that Konami slots often use, gives you plenty of opportunities to win big. You will find this game alongside other Konami favourites such as China Shores and Solstice Celebration.

Dragon’s Law Twin Fever slots: the bonus features

Unusually, the main on-reel bonus feature can happen either before or after a spin. You will see light shooting up from the bottom of the reels – which triggers one of the dragons to come alive. It dives onto the reels, trailing a long tail behind. You will see the tail snake up and down each reel.

On the tail are symbols with stars. These are wilds. They also appear individually among the regular symbols – and will connect winning combinations. A dragon could have up to ten of them on its tail. When it stops, the wilds stick in place.

There are two dragons above the reels. Most of the time you just see one, on some occasions both pay a visit in turn. This is where the biggest wins of all come from on Dragon’s Law. If you are lucky, all the reels could be covered in wilds for a maximum prize.

Yin Yang symbols trigger free spins

There is a big advantage to hitting the free spins bonus feature in the Twin Fever slots. The dragon feature will randomly start a lot more frequently. This could be as often as once every few spins on some bonus rounds. To trigger the free spins, you need three or more of the yin yang symbols. You get eight, twelve or twenty free spins for three, four or five of them.

A scatter prize of up to fifty times your total bet is also paid. This free spins bonus can be retriggered during play.

How the Dragon’s Law Twin Fever slot works

Action Stacked Symbols were developed by Konami. This concept has since been used by many other slot providers – for example, Bally uses it for their Dragon Spin slots. They work by having long strips on the reels which are assigned a symbol at random on each spin. This can be any of the regular symbols, including the wild gold stars. Scatter symbols are not used.

You can see the result when you play. Each spin will have one symbol covering entire reels, and sometimes dominating all the reels. It means you have the chance to win on all thirty win-lines at once.

Each spin on Dragon’s Law Twin Fever costs 45 coins (minimum bet is 45c). This covers the thirty win-lines, plus the special features. You can bet larger amounts by switching denomination, or by adding a bet multiplier up to 10x.

High-paying symbols include gold Chinese characters on a red background, a golden pig, a turtle, a pile of gold coins and some bright pink flowers. Playing cards are the filler symbols.

Options include auto play, max bet and (behind the help button) volume control and optional turbo mode.

Design of Dragon’s Law Twin Fever

The reels for this Dragon’s Law slot machine are surrounded by a detailed golden frame. There are dragons carved into this, each facing the logo in the middle. The reels are bright green. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the ancient palace above the reels. Two dragons, one red and one blue, bob in front of it – they have extra-long tails folded behind them.

Symbols are detailed. They are created to look like light is shining from them, with shading bringing the gold to sparkling life. The pigs have a red coat and are created in stunning detail. Yin yang symbols stand out in two ways. First, they are beautifully detailed. Second, they land with a distinctive sound that lets you know that you have a shot at triggering the free spins bonus.

While the animation for the dragons does not look dragon-like, this is unique – something Konami are known for. They Snake around following three symbols up, one reel across the pattern, before leaving wild symbols in place. Fans of Konami slots will recognize the jingle that plays when you hit a big win. This comes with a shower of gold coins.

Will Dragon’s Law Twin Fever Run hot for you?

This is one of the best-loved Konami slots. You will find this option in cabinets which give access to multiple Konami titles, as well as in dedicated cabinets. Any mid-sized and up casino will have Konami options. Examples include Caesars Casino in Windsor Ontario or the Hard Rock Casino in BC. Online versions are also available at BetMGM Casino and DraftKings Casino.

This game is focused on those two crazy-looking dragons. When they randomly start to move, you can get a lot of wild symbols on the reels. This can be before a spin, or it can be after. When you get the free spins bonus, this feature kicks in more often. The best result is to have both dragons make an appearance. This will sometimes cover most of the reels in those big money wild symbols.

Add this to the Action Stacked Symbols, smooth gameplay and that all-important big win potential, and you have a slot with is worth playing twice!

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