EggOMatic Slot Machine

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EggOMatic Slot Machine

As soon as you load up EggOMatic slot game, you’re immediately struck by how difficult it’s to describe what you’re seeing. A short mini-movie in the retro-future style of the game introduces you to the robotic chickens of the EggOMatic world, where the user interface takes the form of a factory control panel. But if you can wrap your head around the odd presentation, you’ll find a rewarding game beneath it.

Best features on EggOMatic slot

EggOMatic has a lot to offer, from its exciting bonus games to impressive top payouts.

  • Dynamic bonus features: EggOMatic’s main bonus feature can segue into three different variations, each with unique gameplay qualities.
  • Jaw-dropping top payout: Combining the top-earning symbols with the highest multiplier produces a payout multiplier in the millions.
  • Fresh concepts and design: Everything from the art to the basic concept behind EggOMatic straddles the line between frankly bizarre and refreshingly different.

How to play EggOMatic slot for free or real money

After you clear the intro movie and load the game, you’ll notice a few buttons that you might not have seen before. For instance, you use the level and coin value buttons together to set your bet. The level setting allows you to jump around ranges within the massive $0.20 to $200 bet range, which makes it a bit easier to navigate the different bet options. Once you play your bet, you can choose the spin button or use the powerful auto-spin function. EggOMatic allows you to execute up to 1000 spins automatically, while also providing an extra layer of control through custom fields.

While EggOMatic does have some differences in presentation compared to the average 5×3 slot, it plays in a fundamentally similar way. You can enjoy the game for free on our website, or place real money bets by making an account with a legal online casino in Canada that offers NetEnt slot games.

EggOMatic graphics and design

EggOMatic boasts an excellent visual design that’s full of personality and attention to detail. One of the most interesting visual qualities of the game is that there’s no separation between reels and background. Instead, the entire screen seems to consist of control panels, machines, and conveyor belts that naturally fit together. Paylines routinely light up with electricity, and the little robotic chicken figures routinely move in a style similar to old-fashioned claymation films. It really sells the odd steampunk look of the game, which is another element that helps distinguish EggOMatic from the competition.

RTP %0.9648
Min / Max Bet$0.20 - $200
# of Pay-lines20
Max Payout2,500,000x
Max Free Spins50
Bonus FeaturesFree spins, expanding wild, cash prize

How EggOMatic’s bonus features work

While most online slot machines have separate wild and scatter symbols, EggOMatic uses a two-in-one scatter wild. Besides acting as a replacement for any symbol as part of a winning combination, it can also trigger the EggOMatic bonus features.

EggOMatic conveyor belt bonuses

The conveyor belt from the EggOMatic machine on the right-hand side of the screen routinely feeds bonus eggs onto the conveyor belt above the reels. When a wild symbol lands beneath one of these eggs, it drops onto the screen and provides a unique bonus.

  • Spreading wild egg: The spreading wild egg causes every symbol adjacent and diagonal to the original wild symbol to also become wild. In ideal circumstances, this translates into wilds making up 2/5ths of all symbols on the reels and 3/5ths of many pay-lines.
  • Free spins egg: Depending on the bet level you’re playing at, triggering the free spin egg will award you with up to 50 free spins. Each spin uses the same bet amount as the game that triggered it but also adds a new feature egg to the conveyor belt.
  • Coin win egg: The coin win egg acts as a multiplier for the wins you achieve when it activates. Combining the highest possible reel win of 1,000x with the top coin win egg multiplier of 2,500 would amount to a 2.5 million-to-one payout on that pay-line.
  • Surprise egg: Landing the surprise egg amounts to a moment of suspense as you wait to see which of the other three feature eggs it reveals.

Where to find the EggOMatic slot game online

Caesars Casino and FanDuel Casino are both excellent choices to play EggOMatic and other NetEnt slots. Of the two, Caesars Casino is perhaps the more established casino with more than 150 online slots and 15+ megaways games. On the other hand, if you have a sportsbook account you can use it to play on FanDuel without making a whole new account. Both casinos have their merits and are fundamentally good choices.

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Final thoughts on EggOMatic by NetEnt

EggOMatic is a testament to the fact that slots don’t need a dozen bonus features to be compelling. While it’s a bit lean, this mostly works in its favour. Gameplay-wise, the main drawback would have to be that the surprise egg is rather pointless and would be best replaced by something with a unique function. This is a minor quibble, though, and there’s no doubt that EggOMatic is a fun, original slot that’s bursting with personality. Overall, we’ve decided to award it an 8/10 score.

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