Golden Chief Slots

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Golden Chief Slots

With Golden Chief, Barcrest has taken their signature intricate gameplay and compelling graphical design into the Native American theme. This new style carries the game far, with the graphics and some bonus features running with the theme in an interesting way. If the theme and style appeal to you, it’s well worth giving the game a try.

Best features on Golden Chief slot

Golden Chief has a long list of bonus features, but the best are certainly:

  • Gameplay changes with your bet: Volatility, paylines, and jackpots change with your bet to make the game fun and balanced for all players.
  • Numerous interactive scatter games: Scatter wins can trigger four different interactive games, as well as an impressive jackpot.
  • On-demand bonus games: Play the big bet game at any moment you feel like changing it up.

How to play Golden Chief slot for free or real money

Once you’ve loaded Golden Chief, you can start playing by setting your bet from $0.10 to $500. This impressive range makes the game suitable for many different players, and the game enhances its broad appeal by using your bet to determine the number of active pay-lines and the type of awards available. You can also set the game to autospin, with 10-200 spins occurring automatically until you cross the win/loss threshold of your choosing. Once you decide you want to bet real money, you can make an account with a regulated casino that carries Barcrest slots.

Golden Chief graphics and design

Golden Chief has solid graphics with a background depicting a vibrant sunrise over the plains. The symbols themselves depict a wise chief, a young native woman, totem poles, grizzly bears, and high card symbols. This is probably the weakest point of the game, as half of the symbols appear to be either random or generic.

NameGolden Chief
RTP %94.12%-96.02%-98.14%
Min / Max Bet$0.10-$500
# of Pay-lines10-100
Max Payoutx250-x500, $500
Max Free Spins30
Bonus FeaturesExpanding wilds, big bet game, symbol upgrade, jackpot, free spins
ThemeNative American

How Golden Chief’s bonus features work

Scatter wins

There are two fundamentally different scatter wins depending on whether you connect five or fewer lines. Five grants you a jackpot, while three and four give you a chance of winning one of three bonus games.

  • Scatter jackpot: If you win the scatter jackpot while betting less than $2 or playing the big bet game, you win $500. While betting $2 or more, your payout is 250x your total bet across all pay-lines.
  • Golden Bonus Wheel and Super Golden Bonus Wheel: Three scatter symbols trigger the golden bonus wheel with the possibility of three special rewards. On the other hand, the four-scatter super golden bonus wheel comes with enhanced versions of these same rewards.
    • Cash canyon: In both cash canyon and super cash canyon, spinning a wheel allows you to progress down a canyon with win multipliers. The game ends and you receive your current multiplier when the wheel stops or when you reach the end of the canyon.
    • Totem riches: Totem riches allows you to pick between one of several totem poles in hopes of finding a cash multiplier. When you find one, you’re able to continue climbing in pursuit of greater rewards. The super totem riches game increases the rewards and gives you an extra life so that you can carry on after your first missed guess.
    • Free spins: You can win either five or ten free spins from the bonus wheels. First, however, you have the choice of gambling those spins with the chance to increase them as high as 30 or lose them altogether. During free spins, any scatter symbols that land on the reels award 1-10 free spins or the scatter jackpot.

Big Bet game

If you ever want to spice things up, you can spend $20, $30, or $50 on different versions of Golden Chief’s big bet game. Each tier has different things to offer, but they all promise a shift from normal gameplay with five special spins. These bonuses contribute to the big bet game having an impressive projected RTP of 98.14%!

  • Lower bet: The modest lower-tier reward increases your awards and improves the scatters by making them double-stacked so that it’s easier to earn a scatter reward.
  • Middle bet: Choosing the $30 big bet game gives you everything from the $20 game, as well as persistent expanding wilds.
  • Top bet: The $50 big bet game improves on the $30 bet by activating all 100 pay-lines and increasing your odds of the mystery symbol upgrade.

Where to find the Golden Chief slot game online

If you want to play Golden Chief online, our free demo version is available to try as much as you want. Once you feel like betting real money, you can make an account and place a deposit with Caesars Casino online or the Stars Casino mobile app from Pokerstars Casino.

Both online casinos are fan favourites that come with solid rewards, so your choice mostly hinges on whether you’d prefer desktop or mobile slot play. Caesars Casino has the advantage of allowing you to play in your browser without any software downloads, but both choices are safe and reliable.

Final thoughts on Golden Chief by Barcrest

Golden Chief is a game that tries to do a lot, with a long list of bonus features and mechanics that change based on whether your bet is more or less than $2. While some of the bonus features feel redundant, most hit the mark and the game effectively tailors itself to high rollers and budget players alike. Overall, Golden Chief gets our recommendation with a strong 7/10.

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