Gypsy Fire Quick Strike Slots

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Gypsy Fire Quick Strike Slots

Gypsy Fire Quick Strike Online is a fast-paced online slot game from Konami. The theme is gypsy fortune-tellers, so expect graphical representations of cards and crystal balls in this game, which has 30 fixed pay-lines and options for customizing your bet with every spin.

Best features on Gypsy Fire Quick Strike Online slot

  • Customizable Bets: Set a betting range between 0.30 and $37.50 to up the ante on an individual spin or back down your bet to extend playing time
  • Fast Play: Play is lean and fast, which might be preferable for players with slower connections or who don’t care for loud bells and whistles
  • Jackpots: The game includes major and mini jackpots that build over time and pay out randomly just to increase the suspense and fun of each spin

How to play Gypsy Fire Quick Strike slot for free or real money

Start by deciding on a denomination you want to bet in. Click the denomination button to the left of the auto-play option. You can choose $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, or $0.25.

As you toggle between denominations, the number above your balance changes. This helpful feature lets you see how a smaller or lower denomination changes how many bets you actually have left.

Once you choose a denomination for your bet, move to the right of the spin button to select a bet per line. Click on the left or right arrows to choose one, two, or five bets.

Gypsy Fire Quick Strike Online has 30 fixed pay-lines, so every spin bets on 30 lines. So, if you choose $0.01 and one bet per line, that’s a bet of $0.30, which is the minimum possible in the game. The maximum bet is $0.25 and five bets per line for a total bet of $37.50 per spin.

Spin to seek your fortune

Once you have the bet set up, simply click the spin button at the centre bottom of the game and watch the action play out. If your spin is a winner, the game will chime before running visually through all the pay-lines where you won. The amount you won will also be shown at the bottom right in the “win” box.

Gypsy Fire’s 15 slot positions are populated randomly by a woman, crystal ball, gypsy fire symbol, ring, book, cup, group of cards, ace, king, queen jack, 10, or nine. When betting one credit, the woman is worth a maximum payout of 200 credits payout. The nine is the least valuable image for payouts.

The crystal ball is a wild card that can appear on reels two, three, or four. It substitutes for anything but the gypsy fire symbol. That symbol can create a scatter win: any three win four, any four win 100, and any five win 600.

Set up auto play

If you’re tired of hitting the spin button manually, you can configure auto play by clicking the button on the left. Choose a number of spins and click the spin button to play. Revert to manual play by clicking the auto play button and choosing “off.”

Play for free or real money

The demo version on our website gives you unlimited free play. If you run out of credits, just refresh your screen to reload with the maximum free credits.

And if you enjoy the demo version of Gypsy Fire Quick Strike slot machine and want to try out real money play, it’s easy. Simply download the game from the DraftKings Casino app, set up an account, and deposit your funds.

Almost all online casinos start you off with an instant cash reward offer so you can test out real money play before anteing up with your own funds.

Gypsy Fire Quick Strike Online graphics and design

The visuals of Gypsy Fire are clear and colourful without being overwhelming. Other than the scroll of each reel on a spin, there’s no animation in this game. Depending on your preferences, that might be a pro or con for the gameplay experience.

NameGypsy Fire Quick Strike Online
RTP %0.9019
Min / Max Bet$0.30 to $37.50
# of pay-lines30
Max Payout5x
Max Free Spins20
Bonus FeaturesJackpot

How Gypsy Fire Quick Strike Online’s bonus features work

Gypsy Fire has two bonus features: opportunities for free games and jackpots. The major and mini jackpots are shown at the top of the screen. They’re awarded at random on any spin and reset when won.

Free spins are awarded for gypsy fire symbols:

  • Three produce 8 free spins
  • Four generate 12 free spins
  • Five produce 20 free spins

During free spin bonus rounds, between two and five gypsy fire symbols win extra free spins. Crystal balls also change to multipliers to enhance potential winnings.

Where to find the Gypsy Fire Quick Strike Online slot game online

You can play the free demo version or for real money online at DraftKings Casino. There’s no download required, and you can play on your computer, laptop, or mobile device. The casino offers a no-deposit bonus and rewards, and lots of other games, too.

Final thoughts on Gypsy Fire Quick Strike Online by Konami

While Gypsy Fire Quick Strike Online doesn’t have animations or a unique theme like some other games, the simple gameplay and structure make it fun for those looking for a quick round of slots. Unlike some competitors, it also runs well on less-than-stellar internet connections, so you can chase those pay-lines from a variety of locations. The game is fairly average, garnering a 6/10 rating for solid play without distracting bells and whistles.

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