Himalayas Roof of the World Slots

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Himalayas Roof of the World Slots

Barcrest invites slot enthusiasts to take a journey through the mountains of Tibet in Himalayas Roof of the World. The game commits heavily to its theme, with distinctive art and music as well as an underlying theme of exploration. Gameplay is also unique, with an interesting mixture of bonus features and a rare 10×5 reel layout.

Best features on Himalayas Roof of the World slot

Himalayas Roof of the World slot has a rich, original gameplay that leans heavily on its robust free spins. However, this is only one of the best features to find in the game:

  • Unique gameplay: A distinctive 5×10 layout with a mix of 1×1 and 1×5 symbols make the slot more interesting in terms of visuals and gameplay.
  • Generous free spins: Win up to 20 free spins that carry unique bonus features and the possibility of re-triggering.
  • On-demand bonus game: Play a bonus game any time by activating a $20, $30, or $50 big bet game.

How to play Himalayas Roof of the World Slot for free or real money

Himalayas Roof of the World is a rare five reel, ten row slot with 100 always-active pay-lines. You can play by either selecting the BB button to run a big bet game, or you can place a bet and play normally. The betting range is extremely broad, from $0.20 to $500 per spin. Like many Barcrest slots, Himalayas Roof of the World employs dynamic RTP so that bets below $2 have an RTP of 94% while higher bets have a 96% RTP. When you play the big bet game, you enjoy a high average RTP of 97.75%.

If you’d prefer to try out the game for free, you can play the demo version on our website as long as you’d like. We don’t offer real money betting, but there are several reputable online casinos where you can make an account and play for real money.

Himalayas Roof of the World graphics and design

NameHimalayas Roof of the World
RTP %94% - 96% - 97.75%
Min / Max Bet$0.20 - $500
# of Pay-lines100
Max Payout1000x
Max Free Spins20
Bonus FeaturesBig bet game, free spins, selection game,
ThemeEast Asian, Himalayas

How Himalayas Roof of the World’s bonus features work

Himalayas Roof of the World online slot game has an interesting mixture of bonus features. For instance, the snow slide bonus can occur after any spin before the game calculates winning combinations. An avalanche sweeps down the reels, leaving up to 50 wilds in its wake. However, the free spins are the star of the show and most special features revolve around them.

Free spins

Himalayas Roof of the World is remarkably generous with its re-triggerable free spins. As few as three scatters will get eight free spins for you, while four scatters award 12 free spins. If you land five scatters, you get 20 free spins. Besides being free, there are three bonus features that make these spins even more exciting.

  • Big freeze: Free spins introduce the big freeze symbol. If it lands after a spin, it will expand to fill an entire reel with wilds.
  • Mystery free spins compass: Another special free spins symbol is the compass. Each time you land a compass during free spins, it fills up one-sixth of an on-screen compass. When your free spins end, the compass needle spins and if it lands on a filled portion, you trigger the Himalayas map game.
  • Himalayas map: Winning a game with the mystery free spins compass presents you with a map that has four destinations. Each destination hides an unknown number of free spins and you’re guaranteed to continue the bonus game.

Big Bet game

This iteration of Barcrest’s big bet game mostly centres on boosting your chances of getting free spins and making them even more potent.

At the lowest big bet game value of $20, you get five spins where two scatters trigger a free spin bonus.

Once you proceed to the $30 big bet game, you get the benefit of the $20 game plus having all low-paying symbols removed from the reels.

The $50 big bet game removes all low-paying symbols from the reels and makes it easier to get free spins, and it also makes those free spins more valuable by guaranteeing the big freeze feature will activate.

Where to find The Himalayas Roof of the World slot game online

You can play Himalayas Roof of the World for real money by creating an account at Caesars Casino in Canada or DraftKings Casino. If you want access to exclusive games that you can’t play anywhere else, then DraftKings Ontario is a good choice. Caesars, on the other hand, has an impressive collection of more than 150 slots as well as weekly promotions. Both of these regulated casinos are trustworthy places to play this and other online slot machines.

Final thoughts on Himalayas Roof of the World by Barcrest

Himalayas Roof of the World captures a lot of the bonus game excitement you expect from a Barcrest slot while being much simpler. Gameplay-wise, the only flaw is that the big bet game is wonderful if it triggers free spins and extremely underwhelming if it doesn’t.

However, the free spins, pleasant music, and solid art direction are enough to carry the game. Overall, we think that Himalayas Roof of the World deserves a respectable 7/10 rating.

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