Invaders from the Planet Moolah Slots

Cows in UFOs Blast Your Wins in this Popular Casino Slot

Scientific Games has upgraded the popular Invaders from the Planet Moolah slots. This quirky game features alien cows in UFOs – along with entertaining bonus features. This has been joined by new variations with giant screen spanning three consoles. A wheel bonus, variations of the free spins features, and progressive jackpots have been added to the mix.

Whichever version you play, the humour is what makes this slot stand out. Cows in UFOs use rays to steal cows from the reels. They are sucked upwards with confused ‘moo’ sound effects. This game uses cascading wins, with winning symbols blasted away and replaced by new ones. You can get a series of wins from a single spin.

Whether you are hoping to trigger the legendary ‘Unicow’, hit the giant symbols – or just enjoy a series of wins – the Invaders from the Planet Moolah makes for an entertaining slot session.

Cascading symbols: how a sequence of wins triggers free spins

Both the original and new versions of Invaders from the Planet Moolah have cascading symbols as a core part of the game. The reels are in a regular 5×3 grid. Symbols show redneck farm characters, and accessories like the outhouse, beat-up truck, and some chickens. They are connected with wild symbols showing different confused-looking cows.

Any time you win with 3+ symbols from the left, the UFOs above the reels zap the winning symbols with lasers. They explode, and new symbols fall into place from above.

Under the reels are a line of blue squares. Each cascading win moves a marker along. If you get 4 wins, then 7 free spins are awarded. Cascade sequences can be even longer – it is possible to trigger 400 free spins. Add re-triggers if you get 4 or more wins in sequence during your free spins, and Invaders from the Planet Moolah has one of the longest bonuses of any Scientific Games slots.

Invaders from the Planet Moolah: free spins variations

Original versions of this game use single screen cabinets. The new ‘Return of’ games has huge wall-mounted screens above, covering multiple stations. When you get the free spins with this game, you spin 2 giant wheels before they start.

The wheel is the disc of a UFO – which is being piloted by a green cow with two sets of eyes.

One wheel has all the bonus variations, the other gives you a shot at storing a ‘blast’ which is an in-game saver.

Free spins variations include ‘Attack of the Giant Symbols’. This randomly puts huge symbols (up to 3×3) on the reels. You still need to match them with regular symbols to win, with the wild cows connecting them. The ‘We Want Our Cows Back’ is an entertaining variation of this bonus. Here redneck characters appear and throw things at the UFOs between spins. This triggers wild cows to float down and land on the reels.

Cash awards and blast specials

During the free spins, many of the wild symbol cows have numbers on them. These are instantly awarded when those cows help to create a win. Others have ‘Blast’ or multipliers on them. These move to the left into the ray cone of another UFO. They are then used randomly to enhance your wins during the free spins bonus.

Invaders from the Planet Moolah Slots: unicow and jackpot bonus game

You can trigger a separate jackpot bonus game from the UFO wheel. This sees the progressive awards and cash amounts floating past from both directions. In the middle of the screen is a cow-piloted UFO. This has a beam, with any amounts that stop inside this beam getting awarded.

The ‘Unicow’ is awarded at random. This sees a cross between a Unicorn and a cow appear. You now get an enhanced bonus, with the maximum free spins, plenty of blasts and extras, plus your chance to spin the wheel for extras. Hitting the ‘Unicow’ is rare, and slot players consider this a bucket list item.

Crazy Planet Moolah designs

Many slots have sound effects which are instantly recognizable. The ‘moo’ sounds, laser blasts and music from the bonuses all fall into this category. Many slots have funny themes, though few reach the quirky heights of UFO driving cows stealing bovines from Earth.

Redneck characters throwing things like beer cans and deck chairs at the space ships during the free spins adds even more entertainment. One small complaint is that those bonus features can go on too long – though if you are steadily accumulating wins this could fall into the ‘nice problem to have’ category.

Wrapping pp: should you do battle with the alien cows on the Planet Moolah Slots

Invaders from the Planet Moolah is considered a classic. The original version is a small-screen game. This is still enjoyable, though lacks the variations on the bonus features and jackpots of the newer game. That original can be found in casinos of all sizes in Canada. To find the new one, you need to hit the bigger venues in the cities. You can find this one in Casino de Montreal, Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto, and McPhillips Station in Winnipeg for example. The original version has also been adapted to become an online slot game.

It is the balance between the silly humour and the solid gameplay that makes this Scientific Games slot work so well. The new ‘Return’ variation has giant symbols, instant cash wins and wilds that fall from space ships. When you add this to stacked wild symbols, a huge number of free spins, and on-reel extras like the blasts – there is a lot going on. You can win huge progressive jackpots too in Ontario casinos. This happens via a separate simple game triggered through the bonus wheel.

Check out Invaders from the Planet Moolah slots for yourself soon – with some luck, you might get the legendary Unicow!

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