Little Green Men Warp Reactor Slot

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Little Green Men Warp Reactor Slot

Little Green Men Warp Reactor is an online scratch card. This theme is part of a series of games created by slot giant IGT. Other titles include Little Green Men Nova Wilds. To win on the Warp Reactor scratch card, you need to match colourful planets in a hexagonal grid. With a top prize of $250,000 this game has plenty of big win potential.

A big advantage of an online scratch card game instead of a physical one is that bonus games are possible. The Little Green Men Warp Reactor card has two bonuses, which happen when you get four or more special symbols. You can see the planets move around – creating new winning clusters, or a new set appearing to give you extra winning chances.

This virtual scratch card is available at online lottery sites in many provinces. You will also find it at online casinos. It works on both desktop computers and mobile devices. Everything you need for an enjoyable session playing this scratch card can be found on this page.

How Little Green Men Warp Reactor games work

The ‘reels’ of this game show a big hexagon. On each of the six sides are four brightly coloured planets. There are thirty-seven planets in total. To play, you simply set your bet size, from 25c and up, and hit the green ‘Play’ button. Your planets are revealed, with some having asteroids or UFOs next to them.

Prizes are based on groups – in a similar way to mobile phone gems-games operate. Any adjacent planets count as a group. Red ones have the biggest prize, which will adjust to match your bet size. There are prizes for smaller clusters, though to hit the big prizes, you need to hit the critical levels. If you get ten, thirteen or sixteen matching planets, your wins get a significant boost.

With so many planets per game, it is common enough to get multiple wins on the same card. There are no choices to make or strategies to remember. Just like with online slots, the outcome is controlled by a random number generator – meaning any spin could be a big winner.

Special bonus features with asteroids and UFOs

There are three special symbols alongside the planets. Two of them will trigger bonus features which can provide bigger wins. The third special symbol is a star. This is a welcome sight, as it will give you an instant cash prize.

If four or more of your planets have an asteroid over them, you will trigger the ‘Whirl’ bonus. Any clusters you get on the initial game are paid first. An animation now kicks in where the planets move around randomly within the hexagon. When they stop moving, any new clusters are assessed and paid.

UFO symbols trigger a different bonus. If you reveal four or more in a single game, the ‘Warp’ bonus starts. This gives you extra planets, these can create clusters, or they can add to existing clusters. If you are lucky then this feature will move you up the pay ladder to where the boosts for wins with ten or more symbols start.

How to play Little Green Men Warp Reactor

This game is easy to play. Unlike with real money online slots, which often have bet levels, denomination options and win-lines to adjust, this scratch card is just buy-and-go.

You choose how much to bet for, from 50c to $10 at most casinos. You then hit the ‘Buy’ button to confirm your purchase and start the game. If you win, then your profits are automatically added to your balance. Little Green Men Warp Reactor has a return of 93% over time.

IGT games work in your browser window, using responsive design. This means that the software will detect your screen size, and automatically adjust the graphics to fit. It makes it possible to play Warp Reactor without needing to download an online casino app.

Classic bright UFO styling: Little Green Men slot design

While the reel setup sounds complicated, this game is easy to play. The big hexagon full of coloured planets takes up the right-hand side of your screen. Over on the left is the pay table, which sits below the logo – showing a three-eyed green alien in a flying saucer.

Each planet has its own style and detail. The bold, bright colours make them easy to tell apart. Clusters are automatically highlighted. Unusually for a scratch card, there are extra animations. These will start if you get the wrap or whirl bonuses.

Under the card is your current balance, cost per game (adjust with arrows before you buy) and your wins from the last game played.

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How does Little Green Men Warp Reactor compare?

You’ll find this is a lively and entertaining alternative to most online scratch cards. While Little Green Men Warp Reactor does not have the game play depth of most slots, there are some extra features to keep you engaged. Most cards involve revealing matching symbols only. This one pays big money for clusters of planets. It also has three bonus games.

Stars give you instant wins, while UFO or asteroid symbols provide their own boosts by moving or adding to the coloured planets. Check out this entertaining alien-themed scratch card next time you play in a Canadian online casino.

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