Maya Gold Slot Machine

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Maya Gold Slot Machine

With the release of Maya Gold, IGT invites slot fans to explore a Mayan tomb in search of the ancient rewards it holds.

As soon as you open this game, you’ll appreciate the vibrant, colourful style that characterizes IGT slots. While there’s no shortage of Mayan or Incan-inspired slot games, Maya Gold has a distinct character that feels fun without turning into a caricature of the underlying culture. This light, relaxing vibe is the first hook that the game attempts to put into its audience, which it follows with dynamic gameplay. There are three major bonus features on display, and each brings something totally unique to the game. Try Maya Gold for yourself and see what it has to offer.

Best features on Maya Gold slot

While IGT often makes simpler online slot games, Maya Gold is more ambitious but still manages to be easy and approachable. Some of the best features on display include:

  • Impressive line wins: Line up the top symbols to achieve wins as great as 5,000 in normal gameplay, or 10,000 during free spins.
  • Outstanding multiplier free spins: Win up to 100 free spins at once while playing Maya Gold and enjoy a 2x win multiplier for their duration.
  • Rich gameplay options: Trigger a mini-slot win, play an interactive memory game, shoot for free spins; Maya Gold offers plenty of variety.

How to play Maya Gold slot for free or real money

Maya Gold is a 5×3, 25 pay-line slot with a surprisingly variable RTP of 93.31% to 96.16% thanks to a skill-based bonus game. As a memory game, you play it by trying to memorize the values on a set of stone slabs and correctly pick a matching pair to win a prize. However, Maya Gold usually plays just like any other modern slot game. There’s a surprisingly small betting range of $0.25 to $10 and an auto-play option to run 10-50 games automatically, and once you get your desired configuration you can start spinning and having fun. If you’re not sure about jumping straight into real money play, try out our free demo version and refresh if you run out of credits.

Maya Gold graphics and design

Maya Gold has a distinctive visual style that balances on the edge between Mayan-inspired and a more light, cartoony vibe. The background is a bit minimal with foliage creeping over a tomb wall, but it works well considering how active the reel and symbol design is. Despite the use of a familiar theme, Maya Gold manages to have a graphic design style that feels fresh.

NameMaya Gold
RTP %93.31% - 96.16%
Min / Max Bet$0.25 - $10
# of Pay-lines25
Max Payoutx10,000
Max Free Spins100
Bonus FeaturesFree spins, jackpot

How Maya Gold’s bonus features work

Maya Gold offers players many avenues in which to find the riches of the Mayan tomb, with three compelling bonus features. Every time you line up three or more mini-slot symbols from the leftmost side of the reel, you trigger a special game on the mini-slot. As you continue playing, you can build up bonus points to trigger a neat minigame that puts your memory to the test. However, the big prize is triggering 8, 20, or even 100 free spins with the free spin symbol.

Mini slot bonus

While the mini-slot symbol looks a bit thematically out of place, it plays a valuable role in the gameplay. Any win stemming from this symbol creates a little 3×3 slot which you can spin once, three times, or five times depending on the number of mini-slot symbols you connected. From there, try your luck on the mini-slot before returning to normal gameplay.

Memory bonus

Every time the bonus symbol lands on the reels, you earn a number of memory points based on your current bet amount. Once you hit 1,000 points, you get to play an interactive game that tests your ability to track prize amounts on a number of stone slabs. You get four turns to make a match, and any match gives you the prize on that pair.

Free spins

Maya Gold’s free spins are notable for the amount you can win and for their multiplier quality. During free spins, all payouts are worth double their normal value. The possible wins are:

  • Three scatters award eight free spins
  • Four scatters award 20 free spins
  • Five scatters award 100 free spins

Where to find the Maya Gold slot game online

Once you’ve decided to play Maya Gold for real money, you’ll have to choose a regulated Canadian online casino to play at to safeguard your money and ensure a fair experience. Our recommendations are Stars Casino and FanDuel Casino, each of which offers players plenty of reason to stick around. Stars Casino has one of the largest collections of online slot games with more than 300+ available, while FanDuel offers a considerably smaller but highly diverse collection of games from all of the leading publishers. FanDuel’s main advantage is that you can also access sportsbook betting with a shared wallet, which is a huge convenience for anyone with diverse gaming tastes. Both are excellent choices, and the difference ultimately comes down to personal preference.

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Final thoughts on Maya Gold by IGT

Maya Gold is an outstanding slot game from IGT with appealing visuals and rich gameplay that always gives you something different to enjoy. If any part of the game would be divisive, though, it’s certainly going to be the memory game. Performing badly at this knocks down your RTP considerably, which could conceivably be a deal-breaker for some people. If you enjoy memory games or if you don’t mind a miss here and there, though, you’ll be able to love Maya Gold for everything it has to offer. With that caveat, we strongly recommend Maya Gold and believe it deserves a 9/10.

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