Medieval Money Dragon Loot Slot

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Medieval Money Dragon Loot Slot

Find out more about IGT’s unique Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot online game, featuring cash awards, multilevel pay-tables, and an up to 30,000x jackpot.

IGT brings us its innovative and amusing Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot game, where participants purchase a ticket for the chance to catapult boulders at the neighbourhood castle in hopes of retrieving some of the loot that’s been stolen by the not-so-menacing dragon that’s holed up inside. You don’t get to spin any reels with this game, but you can enjoy good old-fashioned boulder-hurling fun as you attempt to collect coins, colourful gemstones and valuable instant prizes.

Best features on Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot

Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot has the following best features:

  • Cash awards: Win cash awards during the Dragon’s Loot bonus game.
  • Multilevel pay-tables: You can win at higher ratios the more you bet.
  • High bet-to-win ratio: The top reward is a 30,000x jackpot.

How to play Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot for free or real money

If you’re ready to fight dragons, you can play the free demo of Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot on our site. To start, launch the game, click past the intro screen, and buy a ticket from $1 to $10 for seven shots at the castle. If you need to replenish your tickets, you can do so by refreshing the page.

To play Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot for real money, just look for it at Canadian online casinos that host the game and sign up to take advantage of new-member incentives, such as a no-deposit bonus.

Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot graphics and design

With Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot, you buy a ticket to get seven boulders to catapult at the castle, similar to how you might pay $5 to get five balls to throw at a county fair game. The graphics on the catapult are well-done, but the castle doesn’t look as though a lot of time was spent on its design. The dragon’s lair has better graphics than the castle, and the defeated dragon is adorable. Although the background music is decent enough, the characteristic that makes this game difficult to play for very long is the incessant “Fire” yelled every time the catapult shoots a boulder. Even more annoying is the loud chime that rings out for each gem or coin you collect. And although the game design is unique, it could’ve been better.

NameMedieval Money Dragon's Loot
RTP %85% to 93%
Min / Max Bet$1 - $10
# of Pay-linesN/A
Max Payout30,000x
Max Free SpinsN/A
Bonus FeaturesMultilevel pay-tables, cash awards
ThemeCastles and dragons

How Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot’s bonus features work

Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot doesn’t have the usual free spins bonus like conventional online slot games. To start, you purchase of a ticket for $1, $2, $3, $5, or $10 for a chance to attack the castle with seven boulders to drive out the dragon.

Multilevel pay-table

The reward you will receive for each complete set of gems or coins varies, depending on the amount you pay for your ticket. The highest return is 30,000x your ticket value, with the following reward ranges for complete sets of gems and coins:

  • One-credit ticket: 1 to 15,000
  • Two-credit ticket: 2 to 25,000
  • Three-credit ticket: 3 to 60,000
  • Five-credit ticket: 5 to 150,000
  • Ten-credit ticket: 10 to 250,000

Shoot the Catapult

Once you’ve purchased your ticket, you transition to a scene depicting a catapult sitting on a grassy knoll ready to launch a boulder. It has a shot tracker below and a loot tracker table to the left. You have the choice to manually fire the boulders or use the auto fire option.

Regardless of where you position the red arrow, the boulder will always strike the castle, revealing the loot or the dragon behind the damage. If you expose the dragon, you go on to the dragon’s loot bonus round.

Dragon’s Loot bonus round

With this feature, you enter the dragon’s lair and find him with a black eye and bandage on his head snoozing beside three bags of loot. You click on one of the bags to reveal its contents, which will be some combination of gems and coins that’s added to your collection. You may also receive a cash award in addition to the loot. There can be multiple dragon appearances during one round of seven boulder shots.

Where to find the Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot game online

You can take back the castle with Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot at Caesars and FanDuel casinos. Caesars Casino online has over 15 megaways slots, and promos for games made by specific developers. FanDuel Casino online has weekly cash promos, allows you to cross over into its sportsbook using a shared wallet, and has a high 5 rapid rewards program with $1,000 cash payouts. Just launch yourself over to either online casino and create an account to find out about its new member offers.

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Final thoughts on Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot by IGT

While some may appreciate the creativity and innovation in Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot’s game design, others may be irritated by hearing “Fire” yelled repeatedly and 21 loud chime sounds with each round of boulder shots. Although the auto-fire option is nice, it’s hard to stay interested in the repetitiveness of the game experience. This IGT slots game could be much more fun to play if it had multiple screens and features, an improved sound design, and better graphics on the castle. Still, it’s worth trying it out to see if it’s something you might enjoy. Taking all this into account, we’d give the game a rating of 5/10.

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