Red, White & Blue Slots

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Red, White & Blue Slots
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Every year, slot game manufacturers come out with new, elaborately designed slots filled with extensive bonuses and features. While these modern games can be fun, sometimes you just want to go back to the basics — and that’s exactly what Red, White & Blue online slots by IGT is all about. This classic, three-wheel game has simple sound effects, iconic seven and bar symbols, and — of course — red, white, and blue decor. With just a single pay line, players have only one thing to focus on: making symbol matches.

Best features on Red, White & Blue slot

Unlike more modern slot games, Red, White & Blue slot machine doesn’t come with an expansive list of bonus features. However, that doesn’t mean the game lacks excitement. Players can enjoy these elements:

  • High payout potential: These slots have a maximum of a 2,500x payout.
  • Multiple combinations: There are 16 possible combinations that can result in a payout.
  • Wide bet range: Red, White & Blue slots offer a wide bet range ($0.05 to $250) that accommodates safe players and risk-takers alike,

How to play Red, White & Blue slot for free or real money

Red, White & Blue online slots offer a fun time and simple gameplay. When you open the slot, you’ll quickly realize that it has just three reels and one payline. Your goal is to get three matching symbols — they can match in terms of colour or symbol type. The payout potential depends on your line bet — wagers start with the minimum of $0.05 and go to the maximum of $250.

If you’ve never played a classic slot game before, you can familiarize yourself with it by trying the demo version (which can be found for free on our site). To play for real money, download the game from an online casino and make an account. Then, deposit your desired amount of money. Almost all online casinos in Canada will give you a no-deposit bonus offer, allowing you to try the game out first.

Red, White & Blue graphics and design

Red, White & Blue slot machine’s decorations truly live up to the game’s name. The red, white and blue frame, coupled with the star-studded blue background, resemble an American flag. In the center, you’ll find three reels, complete with classic slot sound effects. For your convenience, a list featuring the different possible symbol combinations is available just above the reels.

The graphics and design are perfectly suited to bring out your inner patriot. However, if you’re a fan of modern games with detailed designs and animations, you might find Red, White & Blue a bit too simple.

NameRed, White & Blue
RTP %0.9398
VolatilityMedium to High
Min / Max Bet$0.05 - $250
# of Pay-linesOne
Max Payout2,500x
# of Winning Combinations16
ThemeAmerica, Fourth of July

How Red, White & Blue slots work

You won’t find any bells and whistles in Red, White & Blue online slots — the only objective is to make as many symbol combinations as possible. There are three main types of combinations you can make:

  • Colour combos
  • “Bet” matches
  • “7” matches

A combination of three red, white, or blue symbols will multiply your bet by 2x. However, if you get one of each, you’ll enjoy a 20x multiplier.

Three bar symbols will also result in a payout. The lowest value combination is any three bars, which is worth 5x. This is followed by three red bars (10x), then three white bars (25x), and finally three blue bars (40x). The highest value combination is three different coloured bars, which results in a 50x multiplier.

Lastly, there are the 7 symbols, which are the most lucrative ones in the game. A combination of any 7s will lead to an 80x multiplier. If you manage to get a set of three blue, white, or red 7s, you’ll win 150x, 200x, or 250x your bet, respectively. The best possible combination is a red, white, and blue 7 — this will earn you the highest payout of 2,500x.

Where to find the Red, White & Blue slot game online

You can find Red, White & Blue slots online by visiting BetMGM Casino or DraftKings Casino. Simply make an account, search for the game, then adjust your settings before spinning. You can mute the sound or set the game to autoplay (for a maximum of 50 auto spins).

You can choose to play slots for free or deposit funds and play for real money instead. If you’re interested in trying something new, both BetMGM and DraftKings have an expanse of games to choose from. They also offer rewards for regular players, such as cash promotions.

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Final thoughts on Red, White & Blue by IGT

Do you miss the old days of simple casino slots with single paylines and three reels? If so, then Red, White & Blue is the ideal game for you. It satisfies nostalgia while still providing entertainment and fun American decor. Not to mention, the easy gameplay is a great way to introduce beginners to slot games.

On the flip side, if you’re a fan of big bonus features and animation, you might find Red, White & Blue online slots a bit too simple for your tastes, and the music gets tedious quickly. For these reasons, we’d give it a 5/10 rating.

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