Reel Rush 2 Slot

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Reel Rush 2 Slot

NetEnt’s Reel Rush 2 immediately catches your eyes with a unique reel layout, curious meters that denote bonus features, and visuals that almost seem to pop off the screen. As you continue playing and find out more, you’re sure to be impressed by the depth and variety of Reel Rush 2’s bonus features. The game has a lot to offer, from expanding reels to interactive bonus features that are more than enough reason to give it a try.

Best features on Reel Rush 2 slot

Reel Rush 2 has an incredible diversity of gameplay features, the best of which are:

  • Unique reel layout and thousands of pay-lines: Reel Rush 2 starts out with a diamond-shaped set of reel positions, but this can expand to a 5×5 playing field with more than 69x the original number of pay-lines.
  • Cohesive bonus feature design: Wins trigger re-spins, which progressively open up the reels and trigger free spins.
  • Gameplay with progress and player choice: Collect super tokens and open up the reels with re-spins to unlock enhanced free spins.

How to play Reel Rush 2 slot for free or real money

Reel Rush 2 reuses the diamond reel layout of its predecessor with a 5×5 layout where blocks hide 12 of the 25 reel positions. This NetEnt slot also has variable ways to win, with an initial 45 pay-lines increasing as high as 3,125 when you clear off the blocks on the reels. There’s also variance to the RTP, which ranges from 95.35% to 96.58% based on how you play the game. You can access the higher RTP by making smart decisions during the bonus games, but standard gameplay is a straightforward matter of setting your bet and hitting the spin button at the centre of the interface.

You can play Reel Rush 2 online by signing up at a regulated casino, collecting a no-deposit casino bonus and trying out the game before betting your own money. If you’re still not sure about betting real money, our website offers unlimited slots free play with our demo version to help you decide.

Reel Rush 2 graphics and design

Reel Rush 2 has an identical style to its predecessor, with a shiny, retro arcade look. However, there’s a new level of detail and attention with this updated version, and the visuals appear to pop off the screen in almost a 3D way. While the graphics and design aren’t the most original, Reel Rush 2 executes them remarkably well.

NameReel Rush 2
RTP %95.53% - 96.58%
Min / Max Bet$0.20 - $40
# of Pay-lines45 - 3,125
Max Payout200x
Max Free Spins8
Bonus FeaturesBuy, super free spins, re-spins
ThemeRetro slots

How Reel Rush 2’s bonus features work

Reel Rush 2 carries over the original reel area and re-spin features from the original game, but also offers entirely new features for players to enjoy.

Random feature

Before the end of each spin, up to 3 random features can trigger new, unexpected wins. These random features are:

  • A second chance re-spin if there are no wins on the reels
  • Block breaker opens up two blocked reel positions, potentially activating free spins
  • Random positions on the reels become wilds
  • Symbol multiplier for all wins involving that symbol
  • Upgrade a symbol to a higher-paying symbol
  • One extra free spin
  • Extra super tokens


Any winning combination triggers a re-spin that clears two positions on the reels, creating many new ways to win. If you win the re-spin, two more spaces clear away until the sixth consecutive win has opened the reels and triggered free spins.

Free spins

Once you’ve accessed the full 5×5 reels, free spins start. If you don’t have 2,000 super tokens filling up the super token bar, you get three options. If you have more than 2,000 super tokens, you’ll automatically access super free spins.

  • Start: Proceed with eight standard free spins on a 5×5 field with 3,125 ways to win.
  • Gamble: Gamble your existing super tokens for an opportunity to upgrade to super free spins.
  • Buy: Purchase enough super tokens to access super free spins, an upgraded version of free spins that add a progressive multiplier. Each time you score a win or collect certain random features, a multiplier that applies to all of your free spin wins increases.

Where to find the Reel Rush 2 slot game online

You can play Reel Rush 2 online for real money at either BetMGM Casino or Stars Casino. The Stars Casino app has the original Reel Rush, and it offers an impressive collection of promotions and prizes. BetMGM offers plenty of promotions, too, with weekly cash bonuses and monthly cashback awards. Both casinos have competitive slot game lineups. The BetMGM mobile app has an impressive collection of progressive slot machines, while Stars Casino has a larger pool of exclusive games.

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Final thoughts on Reel Rush 2 by NetEnt

Reel Rush 2 takes the great template of the original game and builds on it incredibly well. It feels like this sequel is a direct response to the shortcomings of the original Reel Rush, and NetEnt probably did take criticism to heart when developing this online slots game. While the original offers relaxing, simple, low-volatility fun, Reel Rush 2 is certainly the better game and an exemplary slot overall. For these reasons, we decided that Reel Rush 2 deserves a 10/10 score.

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