Stinkin’ Rich Slots

A Friendly Skunk and Rich Family Feature in this Classic IGT Slot

The Stinkin’ Rich slot machine includes a mix of rotten food items and luxury goods on the reels of this classic slot. Created by IGT, Stinkin’ Rich is now considered a retro classic. You can find it at some of the biggest casinos across Canada. This includes the Parx Casino in Vancouver, the Casino Woodbine in Ontario, or the Casino de Montreal – and in many other venues.

It is possible to win a lot of free spins in this game. You get five spins for each win line that the (stacked) bonus symbols cover. There is a non-standard reel setup in play. The middle of the five reels is shorter than the two on either side. While the graphics are dated, this is still an entertaining game, with more than the obvious nostalgic element keeping players coming back for more.

In addition to enjoying it in casinos across Canada, you can now play Stinkin’ Rich slots online for free or with real money. The top line prize of ten thousand coins more than makes up for the lack of progressive jackpots.

Stinkin’ Rich slots: go on vacation in the free spins bonus game

While the base game is set at home, you head out on a luxury vacation when you trigger the free spins bonus on Stinkin’ Rich. To get this bonus, you need three bonus symbols to line up on a pay line from the left. Each line you complete gets you five free spins. With stacked symbols in play, plus one hundred win-lines, you will sometimes trigger a huge number of free spins.

Before they start, you see an animation showing a safe opening. It is possible to retrigger for extra spins, with the key symbols still in use during the feature. The main symbols have different colours and designs – though are a 1-to-1 match with those used in the base game.

Extra prizes by picking trash

Stinkin’ Rich also has a picks bonus game. This is triggered when you hit three of the trash can symbols, which appear on the last three reels. This is a short and simple picks bonus – which is typical of a slot from this era.

You see a sign asking you to click or tap on one of the trash cans. This will reveal a prize in coins. The size will depend on how much you bet for. The prizes underneath the cans you did not pick are shown before you return to the main game.

Setup: how the Stinkin’ Rich slots work

IGT slot machines use multiple reel setups across their big range of games. I have never seen one other than Stinkin’ Rich that uses a 5-5-3-5-5 setup before. The narrow middle reel means the three symbols here are key to your big wins. If you match symbols (especially wilds) here, you can connect a lot of the one hundred win-lines which run from left to right.

The minimum bet is 1c per line, with bigger denominations possible depending on the casino.

Look out for the symbols showing a skunk. These are wilds, which come stacked on the reels. If you are lucky you will connect the other symbols over multiple win-lines. With the top prize (the lady) paying 10,000 coins, multi-line hits are worth hitting on this game.

Other higher paying symbols are the family members. After the lady is a guy with a grey moustache, a younger lady, and a younger guy. There is a huge contrast between them and the lower-paying symbols. These show discarded food, complete with wavy lines coming up from them, indicating that they are far from fresh.

There are also scatters, which show the skunk together with the word ‘Scatter’. These pay for the number in view, regardless of position. If you get the maximum five, you will win 100x your total triggering bet.

The retro design of the Stinkin’ Rich slots

This is an older slot, and the design shows it. With people and food as the symbols, the reels have a crowded look. This is the reason that most recent slots use a mix of plain filler symbols, along with the unique ones.

All the symbols have a cartoon look to them. The rich family are caricatures, designed to make the rich family look like snobs and the skunk a cute rogue. The food symbols are plain, though years of cartoons will leave most players instantly familiar with the meaning of those wavy lines.

There are limited animations, which given the age of this slot is probably for the best. This includes the safe opening. When you get to the free spins, there is a vacation scene, along with different designs for the main symbols.

Should you take Stinkin’ Rich for a spin?

Despite the dated look of the graphics, Stinkin’ Rich slot machines are a must-play. It is every bit as entertaining as more recent IGT games, and a part of the evolution of slot gaming to boot. With two different features and an unusual reel setup, you will be entertained while you spin. Whether you root for the skunk or prefer the rich family, there are also plenty of ways to win big.

Unusually, the best way to win is through a line hit. Get five of the lady in green on one of the 100 win-lines, and 10,000 coins are coming your way. You can add free spins, picks, and scatter prizes to this list of ways to win.

You will find this IGT classic in casinos all around Canada, check it out and you might even end up Stinkin’ Rich yourself!

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