Texas Tea Slots

Strike Oil on Texas Tea for Big Slot Wins

Texas Tea is a bona fide classic. This IGT slot features 9 win-lines. Its theme is oil, with a host wearing a classic Texan 10-gallon hat and his armadillo sidekick watching the reels from a steer horn above them. You will find this game in high limit rooms of luxury casino resorts across Canada. It can be played for smaller stakes on the main casino floor – or enjoyed online.

Unlike more recent slots, there are no free spins involved in Texas Tea. There are several ways you can win big. You can hit two different picks style bonus games – or get a line hit of up to 10,000 coins. A newer version of this game adds a pinball-style bonus feature.

This page includes everything you need to know to get the best from this classic slot. Bonus features, setup of the reels and those big paying combinations are all covered below.

Texas Tea Slots: bonus games

Texas Ted is your host for this game. He is a caricature of a Texan oil tycoon, complete with a huge hat and a big moustache.

With either of the bonuses, the number of symbols you trigger is key to the size of your wins. The first bonus sees you enter Ted’s office. You see him cut you a cheque, declare that you are now partners – and then find out how many credits you won when the completed cheque is shown. To trigger this bonus, you need 3+ of the Texas Ted symbols anywhere on the reels. If you trigger with three, you can win up to 25x your total bet. Four get you a shot at up to 50x your bet, with the top prize of up to 100x your bet if you trigger with five.

Oil derricks trigger the second bonus. This is more complex than the first one. You will see a map of Texas, split into eight regions. Your host, Texas Ted, appears beneath the map. He instructs you to place between three and five rigs (depending on how many symbols you triggered the bonus with) onto the map.

When you have placed them all, each starts drilling for oil in turn. A counter tracks how much you won. As with many picks-style bonus games on classic slots, the amounts you would have won from all the regions get shown at the end. This bonus ends with Texas Ted and the armadillo doing a dance.

Win 10,000 coins in the Texas Tea base game

Playing Texas Tea slot machine for real money means you’ll be playing with only nine win-lines. To get paid, you only need two of the higher paying symbols on a line from left to right – with 3 of the lower-paying symbols needed.

Symbols showing the slot logo are the highest paying, this has the shape of Texas, as well as the name. This is the symbol that can get you 10,000 coins if you line up five on a win-line. Higher paying symbols include the cartoon armadillo, a bull, Texas Ted in a car and a plane flying through a cloud.

There are no playing cards or other ‘filler’ symbols in this IGT slot. Instead, the smaller wins come from plants. They include the yellow rose of Texas.

How to play Texas Tea Slots

This game is often found in high-limit rooms when gambling in Canada across the bigger metros. With only nine lines maximum, it works well for people that want to spin for $1 per line or more. You can play from 5c per line and up.

Nine lines are recommended, though it is possible to change this to any number you wish. You can play Texas Tea with just one win-line across the middle of the screen. In addition to setting your coin size and the number of win-lines, you can add a multiplier.

If you are playing the online slot version of Texas Tea, then you will find an auto-play option that saves you having to click for every spin.

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Retro design with an element of humour

Texas Tea takes all the symbols of the lone star state – and makes them into entertaining cartoons. Texas Ted is a cheerful host. He has a classic accent, hat, and moustache – and likes to smoke fat cigars. In his office for one of the bonus rounds, you will see he has a huge portrait of himself over the desk. His trusty armadillo sidekick adds some quirky humour to the game.

This is a classic slot and does look dated. The graphics are from a bygone era of design. Line markers on either side of the reels and the lines flashing over winning combinations are not used in the same way on more recent games.

Despite the retro looks, this is still an enjoyable game. Small touches like oil oozing down the screen ahead of the bonus rounds keep things entertaining.

Should you try for black gold on the Texas Tea Slots?

Every Canadian slot fan should have at least one session on Texas Tea. This game is a key part of slot history. Its popularity is shown by the fact that it is still available in so many casinos around Canada. You are just as likely to find it in smaller to mid-sized casinos like the Parq Casino in Vancouver or the Northern Lights Casino in SK, as you are in the huge resorts across Ontario casinos.

With flexible win-line and coin size options, Texas Tea works well as a high-limit game. You can play all nine lines for as little as 45c if you prefer to low-roll. Your biggest wins will come from spins where you line up four or five of the logo symbols. Bonus games give you a shot at big wins too, with the number of triggering symbols key to unlocking your big win potential.

Whether you enjoy your slot play online or in live casinos – Texas Tea is an enjoyable option, decades after it was first released.

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