The Demon Code Slot Game

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The Demon Code Slot Game

The Demon Code represents the progress that NextGen has made as a serious player in the slot industry. While the company’s games always boast compelling graphics, you’re sure to be lured in by the dark, haunted picture that this game paints. Once you start playing, though, you’ll appreciate how much depth and substance there is to The Demon Code. Not only does it have numerous bonus features, but they all compliment each other and fit logically into a cohesive, entertaining whole.

Best features on The Demon Code slot

Some of The Demon Code’s standout features are:

  • Cascading wins in a grid-style slot: Chain wins together and increases your multiplier infinitely.
  • Diverse bonus features: Enjoy free spins, multipliers, and reel expansion.
  • High winning threshold: The only limitation on cascading wins and free games is a $250,000 cap on single-game wins.

How to play the Demon Code slot for free or real money

After you set your bet within the range of $0.10 to $20, you can tailor the graphical settings to your preferences and choose whether to use autoplay. From there, hitting the play button will cause symbols to cascade onto the reels.

There are no pay-lines, and instead, your wins come from lining up vertical and/or horizontal clumps of four matching symbols. These clumps then vanish, paving the way for a fresh cascade and continued wins. This process can theoretically go on infinitely, with a maximum single-game winning cap of $250,000. We suggest you try the demo version on our website to come to grips with how this works.

The Demon Code graphics and design

The Demon Code uses a creepy, haunted cavern with blinking eyes in the darkness and lurking demons to create an excellent sense of atmosphere. You have the same great design you expect from a NextGen game, but it goes even further by integrating the visual style with the gameplay. For instance, each of the four distinct demons that surround the reels has an associated bonus feature.

NameThe Demon Code
RTP %0.9626
Min / Max Bet$0.10 - $20
Max Payout250000
Max Free Spins10
Bonus FeaturesMultiplier, free games, expanding reels, cascade wins
ThemeDark fantasy

How the Demon Code’s bonus features work

The heart of The Demon Code is its cascade-style gameplay that eschews traditional pay-lines in favour of clumps and chain wins. Each time that a winning clump forms, your win multiplier increases by one, and new symbols cascade onto the reels. However, there are also two additional bonus features that impact normal gameplay, as well as a robust free spins mechanic.

Enter the void

When you’ve had at least one cascade win, but there are no winning combinations left to continue it, you can save the cascade by entering the void. If there are wilds on the reels, they vanish and take every adjacent symbol with them. A winning combination will continue the cascade, while wilds or scatters with no wins will retrigger enter the void.

Demon summon

The four demons on the edges of the reels have their own corresponding talisman symbol that can create special gameplay conditions.

  • The green demon spreads mystery symbols across the reels, which all reveal the same symbol before the game calculates wins.
  • The red demon randomly adds a square block of like symbols to the reels, a guaranteed win with either a 3×3, 4×4, or 5×5 block.
  • The purple demon adds new wild symbols to the reel.
  • The blue demon bypasses clusters and awards a win based on all instances of a single symbol across the entire playing field.

Free spins

Collecting four scatters during a single round will reward you with 10 potent free games. All other bonus features remain active during your free spins, so each individual game can include many cascade wins. Besides this, free spins also come with extra mechanics that play into the other unique bonus features in the game.

  • Special scatter rules: Any time a scatter lands on the reels, it’s collected and kept until the end of the game. After collection, a wild takes its place and the game calculates winning clusters. This collection method awards your initial free spins and two bonus spins whenever you collect an additional four scatters. Collecting an extra four scatters during free games also increases row height.
  • Increasing row height: Every fourth scatter you gain during free games increases the height of the reels by one row. This continues until the reels stack twice as high as the original level, with a 6×12 reel that creates many new winning possibilities.
  • Enduring multiplier: The multiplier that you gain from cascade wins doesn’t reset during free games. Instead, it persists until the end of the free games. While the multiplier is theoretically limitless during normal cascade wins, free spins create the potential for it to go much higher in practice.

Where to find the Demon Code slot game online

We recommend trying The Demon Code at either DraftKings or BetRivers Casino. Both are good choices, but there are some key differences, such as BetRivers’ considerably larger game repertoire. On the other hand, though, DraftKings Ontario has some excellent exclusive slot games and blackjack tables. Try one or both of them with their no-deposit bonus to see which you prefer.

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Final thoughts on The Demon Code by NextGen

The Demon Code is NextGen’s first crack at making a grid-style slot, and it’s truly outdone itself. Gameplay is well-developed and rich with variety, and cascading wins can be entertaining even when you don’t win greater bonus features. In terms of the art design, the game is highly creative and finds many opportunities to entwine gameplay and graphics. Overall, The Demon Code is one of NextGen’s best, and we award it a 10/10.

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