Best Sports and Teams to Bet on in Canada

What does single-game betting in Canada mean for you? How can you take stock of what’s available and take advantage? Are there certain sports or leagues that offer an edge over others?

Are there advantages to betting on Canadian sports and Canadian athletes? Should you bet props, moneylines, spreads, or totals exclusively? Or, should you focus on futures or live betting?

Here’s our expert take on the best sports, leagues, and teams to bet on in Canada.

What are the best sports and teams to bet on?

What does single-game betting in Canada mean for betting on Canadian leagues and Canadian teams? It means more to bet on and the ability to bet on single events, not just parlays, for all your hometown favourites. Local betting markets will also be created for:

Daily and seasonal team odds including Toronto Raptors odds, Toronto Maple Leafs odds and Toronto Blue Jays odds will also be widely available.

That means game lines on all teams in the league at fair market odds. Plus, the local market and the money that’s bet locally will dictate how these lines might change ahead of a game.

What does it mean for betting on players in the NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB?

Single-game betting opened up prop or proposition betting in Canada, which means you can bet on events within most games and the stat lines of your favourite athletes in just about any sport.

That means betting on everything from how many yards Josh Allen will throw for (NFL player props) to how many goals Canadian NHL star Connor McDavid will put in the net (NHL player props) on any given night.

Before now, you had to get involved in fantasy sports in Canada to do something like that. Single-game betting means you can bet on individual props for individual players, which is infinitely less time-consuming and easier to win at.

Local prop betting markets let you bet on your favourite players in your favourite leagues at fair market prices. More props mean more to bet on and more fun. Single-game wagering is now delivering that in Canada.

What does single-game betting in Canada mean for betting on Canadians in golf or tennis? Like we just said, it means more to bet on and the ability to bet on single events, not just parlays. Basically, for Canadians in individual sports, single-game betting opens up your ability to bet on these athletes individually, not just as a part of a parlay.

It also opens up more prop betting opportunities in these sports where you can bet on your favourite Canadians. Bet on Bianca Andreescu to win another major tennis title, or Corey Conners to lead after the first round of another major on the PGA Tour. It’s your choice as single-game wagering opens up all these individual-sport betting opportunities and more to Canadians.

Learn more about betting on team sports vs individual sports.

3 major ways single-game betting changes the playing field

Legal single-game betting is a game-changer for sports betting in Canada. Here’s how:

1. What you can bet on

Sports betting in Canada was previously limited to parlay betting with provincial lotteries. That meant you had to string together multiple winners in order to get paid.

Legal single-game betting opens up a huge number of single-game betting opportunities and eliminates the need to bet parlays. That means you can bet on all kinds of single-event moneylines, spreads, totals, props, and futures.

2. What odds you’ll get paid at

The sports odds you get paid betting provincial lottery parlays are set by provincial lotteries, and they’re often far less than the true odds of hitting a parlay. Single-game betting brings the hundreds of millions of dollars Canadians are betting with illegal offshore sportsbooks back to Canada.

Provincial lotteries and licensed, privately run sportsbooks now have to post competitive odds & game lines. That means the odds you’ll get paid on your bets are much closer to the true odds of winning, much closer to what you’ll find at traditional legal sportsbooks in the US, and impacted by betting patterns where you place your bets.

In other words, single-game betting brings fair market bet prices to Canada.

3. Your chances of winning

People are drawn to parlay betting by the allure of a big payday. Sportsbooks love parlays because they’re so hard to win. Picking a single winner is hard enough, never mind having to string together multiple winners just to get paid. Single-game betting eliminates the need to bet parlays, thereby increasing your chances of placing a winning bet.

You might not get the big payday parlays offer, but you’ll be winning more often and that can add up fast.

Is there an advantage in knowing Canadian sports better?

You can bet there is an advantage to be had knowing Canadian sports when you’re betting on Canadian sports. Sports betting is essentially a war of information. Those that have more and better information, win more. That means you’re going to want to get your hands on the latest game data, team and player stats, and news on roster changes and injuries for the teams and players you’re betting on.

More and better information on local teams is always going to be found locally. Here in Canada, that’s where you can find an advantage. Sportsbooks centralize odds setting, which is why you find the same lines on the same games posted just about everywhere. Find an edge on the books and the lines they set by taking advantage of local resources when researching your bets. Use this inside info to guide your betting decisions.

Best sports or leagues to bet for beginners

If you’re new to sports betting, stick to the basics, because basic bets are always the best bets for beginners. It really doesn’t matter what sport you bet on, although it’s always a good idea to stick to the sports you already follow, or at least have a passing interest in. That way you’ll have a head start on the research required to find consistent betting success because you’re paying attention to the game already.

For your first bet as a beginner, try betting in the futures markets, where you can pick a team in the offseason, or early season, to win the title this season. That’ll give you something to sweat all year long, as long as your pick remains a contender. These bets often offer a big payday as well, particularly if you pick a contender early, when the prices are right, even on the true favourites. It’s like buying a lottery ticket giving you the chance to win a big prize for very little money down and a great bet for beginners.

Once you’ve got your futures bet down, try wading into the moneylines for your favourite sport. These basic bets are simply about picking game winners and nothing else. The payouts may be small when you back the favourite, but the wins can add up fast. Plus, there’s really no easier way to bet on sports, making the moneyline bet a great bet for beginners.

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