Canadian Sportsbook Bonuses & Free Bets

Canadian online sportsbooks want your action. And they’re willing to go to great lengths to get it.

That means online sportsbooks in Canada will offer all kinds of promotions and bonuses to entice you to bet with them including free bets, risk-free bets, deposit bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, odds boosts, early cashouts, insurance and more.

There are three questions you’re likely asking:

  • Can you really bet for free?
  • Can you win real cash without risking any?
  • Can you just take the bonus money and run?

We’ll answer those questions for you below. Just remember that while we can outline how these bonuses and promotions work, and tell you the kinds of bonuses and promotions online sportsbooks might run, you’ll have to go directly to the online sportsbooks via the links above to find the current promos on offer.

How do sportsbook bonuses and free bets work?

These are the most popular ways Canadian sportsbook sites try to attract new customers:

  • Free bets
  • Risk-free bets
  • Deposit bonuses
  • No-deposit bonuses

Here’s a quick explanation of how each works.

Free bet

Usually on the small side, like $5, a free bet is just what it sounds like. Sportsbooks offer up some free bonus cash you can use only to place a bet.

That means you can’t just withdraw the free cash and walk away. But anything you win will be yours to keep, unless the terms and conditions include some additional wagering requirements. Where it operates across the U.S., DraftKings Sportsbook has been known to give away a free $50 bet with an initial deposit to new customers.

Risk-free bet

This has become the most popular form of free-bet bonus. It gives you a second chance on your first bets. Essentially, the sportsbook refunds any losses up to a certain amount, removing the risk from the bets.

But there is a catch. The refunds come in site credit, which means you’re going to have to bet again and can’t just withdraw the funds. Where it operates across the U.S., FanDuel Sportsbook gives new customers a first risk-free bet up to a maximum of $1,000.

Deposit bonus

Deposit bonuses can come in the form of free bets or bonus cash with a wagering requirement attached. But you need to make a deposit to get it. Where it operates across the U.S., BetMGM Sportsbook offers up a welcome package that includes something of a deposit bonus.

New players get a risk-free bet of up to $1,000 after making a minimum deposit of at least $10 and are eligible for a $10 free bet every week they bet at least $50.

No-deposit bonus

A no-deposit bonus is usually a free bet or a bit of bonus cash with a wagering requirement attached you’ll get just for signing up for a new account. That means no deposit is required. This kind of promo has fallen out of favour with online sportsbooks south of the border, most of which now offer a risk-free bet instead.

Canadian sportsbook bonus or promo codes

You can usually get your hands on exclusive bonuses and promos when you click on one of our links to any Canadian online sportsbook. However, from time to time, you may need to enter a sportsbook bonus or promo code to get that exclusive bonus.

The codes will always be available on this site. Entering the specific bonus or promo code required when you register for an account will ensure you get the best bonus available.

Ongoing sportsbook promos

Canadian online sportsbooks want to keep your business once they get it, which is why they run a number of ongoing promos too. Here’s a look at what you might find:

  • Odds Boosts: a popular bet at better odds than normal
  • Choose Your Boost: better odds than normal on any bet you want
  • Parlay Insurance: a refund if you hit every leg on a parlay except one
  • Fourth Quarter Insurance: a refund if you lose a bet you’re winning heading into the final quarter of a game
  • 100-1 Odds: popular odds boosts paying huge odds on small bets that are close to a sure thing
  • Stats Bonus: bet on a team and get a small bonus based on the stats they pile up in the game, like $5 a touchdown or home run
  • Profit Boosts: a percentage boost to your profits on winning bets

Private sportsbooks vs. provincial sportsbooks

Currently, Ontario is the only province planning to open up its sports betting market to privately run online sportsbooks. There will eventually be online sportsbooks and sportsbook apps in every province, but most will be run by provincial lottery corporations.

In Ontario, this provincial lottery-run online sportsbook and the other private sportsbooks will have to compete for your action. That means running various promotions and bonuses to get it.

At first glance, it looks like every other provincial lottery-run online sportsbook has a local monopoly on sports betting and won’t have to do anything to compete for your action. However, those that don’t run various promotions and bonuses won’t be very successful. Canadians can still bet with offshore online sportsbooks willing to do all kinds of things to attract players.

This is good news for you. No matter where you are in the country, you should be able to find legal and regulated online betting sites offering up a variety of the best sportsbook bonuses and promotions.

Why reading the bonus terms and conditions is important

The terms and conditions on any offer from a sportsbook are like the fine print on a contract. Always read them. In other words, free bets, risk-free bets and other betting sites bonuses offered up by Canadian sportsbooks come with certain caveats attached.

A sportsbook might keep the stake on free bets that you win, limit bonuses to a certain size or even force you to bet with your winnings. There will almost always be restrictions on how many free bets and bonuses your entire household can claim.

If you’ve read the terms and conditions, nothing will come as a shock.

How to download a sports betting app

You can turn your phone or tablet into a mobile sportsbook by downloading and installing any Canadian sportsbook’s app. Follow these seven steps to start betting on anything you want:

  1. Go to any Canadian sportsbook’s website on your phone via one of our links.
  2. Depending on your device, find either the Android or iOS download link and tap it.
  3. If this takes you to Google Play or the App Store, download the app from there. If not, you may have to change the settings on your device to allow installs from other sources.
  4. Once the download and install is done, tap the app’s icon to open it.
  5. Tap the ‘Sign Up‘ or ‘Register‘ tab and fill in the blanks to sign up for a new account. If there’s a space for it, enter the promo code or bonus code you find here to get the free bets or the biggest sportsbook bonuses you’re entitled to.
  6. Deposit money using any of the available deposit methods.
  7. Browse through the betting markets, tap on the bets you like and fill out a bet slip to place your bets.

Free bets FAQ

What is the maximum free bet / no deposit bonus you can get?

It all depends on the sportsbook, but the maximum on most risk-free bets and bonuses usually stands at around $1,000.

What are playthrough requirements?

Playthrough or wagering requirements ensure you can’t just take any bonus money offered to you and walk away with it. These are gambling requirements; you must bet with the money a certain number of times.

For example, a typical risk-free bet comes with a one-time playthrough requirement because you have to bet the money once to claim it.

What is matched betting?

Matched betting is an old-school casino promotion whereby you put up a bet and a casino matches it. If the bet wins, you get double the payout. In terms of sports betting, it’s the sportsbook matching your bet, so you’ll get double the profit if the bet wins.

What sports can I get free bets for?

A free bet offer is just that. It doesn’t matter what sport you bet on; you can use it. That’s true unless the terms and conditions of the offer limit the free bet to a certain sport or specific event.

Can I cash out wins from a free bet early?

You should be able to take advantage of early cash-out options on free bets, unless the terms and conditions of the free bet specify otherwise. Just keep in mind most early cash-out offers aren’t worth it.

Is there a maximum win on a free bet?

There’s no max win on a free bet unless the terms and conditions of the free bet specify otherwise. However, a lot of free bet offers place limits on the odds you can bet on, ensuring the potential payouts are never too big.

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