Calgary Stampeders Odds

The loyalty and community support from Stampeders fans make it easy to see why Calgary will be one of the most active CFL odds markets in the country.

Stampeders team odds will be front and centre at private sportsbooks when they’re introduced in Alberta alongside That includes weekly Stamps game lines plus all the other fun stuff: player props, CFL award futures and Grey Cup odds.

Today’s Stampeders odds:

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How to bet on Calgary Stampeders games in Canada

If you’re looking to make some wagers on the Calgary Stampeders, you can do so at legal online betting sites in Canada. It’s an easy and free process to create an account with your preferred online sportsbook.

First, follow the link to your chosen sportsbook through our website. You’ll arrive directly at the homepage. From there, you can choose to register a new online account, which will require you to provide personal information such as your address and phone number.

To complete your registration, accept the sportsbook’s terms and conditions. These will include allowing them to verify your location with geolocation technology. This will ensure you are legally able to make a wager from wherever you are.

Next, you’ll claim your free bets offer and other bonuses. Our links give you the most valuable promotions currently available to the Canadian betting market. Once you’ve made your claims, you can then proceed with your initial deposit and get ready to start betting on Calgary Stampeders games, as well as other sporting events.

Where can I bet on the Stampeders right now?

Until additional sportsbooks are available, bettors can still make their wagers at, which is tied in with the province’s lottery system. The AGLC (Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis) announced that it was pursuing potential deals with the NHL and CFL to allow for an in-stadium sportsbook with the Calgary Stampeders football organization and the Calgary Flames hockey franchise.

How do Calgary Stampeders betting lines work?

Here’s what a Stampeders game line might look like for the main sports bet types: moneylines, spreads and totals:

Edmonton Elks+8.5 (-110)+140Over 38.5 (-110)
Calgary Stampeders-8.5 (-110)-155Under 38.5 (-110)

If you look to the right of each team, you’ll see a pair of numbers. The +8.5 (-110) odds for the Elks tells us they are underdogs in the point spread. Oddsmakers expect they will lose by at least nine points. The -8.5 for the Stampeders spread tells us they are the favourites and expected to win by at least that amount.

On both sides of the point spread wager, the odds are -110. Any negative odds tell us how much we have to wager if we would like to win $100. In this case, a $110 bet could pay out $210. That’s the original bet plus the winnings. A $55 bet would pay out $105, which would be $50 in winnings. A $220 bet would pay out $420.

The next number to the right of the point spread is the moneyline odds for each team. Edmonton is the underdog in this matchup, shown by the positive odds oddsmakers have assigned. The Calgary squad is the favourite to win, indicated by the negative odds for the moneyline.

The negative odds work the same as they did in the points spread section above. The positive odds, on the other hand, give you the amount you would win if you wagered $100 on the underdog. In this case, that would be $140 in winnings with a potential payout of $240.

The final set of numbers we see in this betting line is the totals numbers, also known as the over/under. In this bet type, picking the winning team isn’t the goal. Instead, predict whether the two teams’ combined points will land above or below the projected 38.5 points.

If you think the two offences are capable of putting up enough points to finish over that total, or if you think the defences will prevent that many combined points, then you bet accordingly.

Each side of the over/under is at -110 odds, which works exactly like the examples above.

Calgary Stampeders in game betting & prop betting

Live betting allows you to bet on CFL games online while they’re in progress. The sports bets involved are almost always online prop bets with some over/unders mixed in. The action is pretty much nonstop and full of exciting moments.

This newest addition to sports betting offers up a wide variety of betting opportunities and an exciting level of engagement. Some of the live Calgary Stampeders prop bets you might come across include things like:

  • Which player will score the next points?
  • Will Player A have over/under 400 yards passing?
  • Will the defence force a fumble on this drive?
  • Which team will have more rushing yards by halftime?
  • Will the next touchdown be passing or rushing?

The possibilities are pretty limitless and can be quite vast depending on the online sportsbook.

Top Stampeders to bet on

Interested in making wagers on Calgary Stampeders players? Then, you should definitely be keeping an eye on Ka’Deem Carey and Mike Rose.

Carey was one of the best running backs in the league last year. He picked up multiple 100-yard rushing games in 2021, was named the Week 10 top performer and proved to be a threat as a receiver out of the backfield. The 2021 campaign was his first full season as the team’s starting tailback, and pundits expect he’ll continue to shine in the role. He’s definitely worth keeping in mind when considering Most Outstanding Player bets.

Defensively, the Stampeders have an outstanding tackle in Rose, who really stepped into his own in 2021. He’s quick, has a knack for sacks and tackles for a loss and led all CFL interior linemen in multiple categories. If you’re looking for a potential Most Outstanding Defensive Player, you won’t find many candidates as promising as Rose.

Where do the Calgary Stampeders play?

Below, we have all the details you’ve ever wanted to know about McMahon Stadium, the home of the Calgary Stampeders.

  • Name: McMahon Stadium
  • Address: 1817 Crowchild Trail, NW
  • Location: Calgary, Alberta
  • Owner: University of Calgary
  • Operator: McMahon Stadium Society
  • Capacity: 35,400 (up to 46,020 with temporary seating)
  • Groundbreaking: April 4, 1960
  • Opening date: Aug. 15, 1960
  • Construction cost: $1.05 million ($9.28 million in 2020 dollars)
  • Other events hosted: Calgary Dinos (U Sports) and Calgary Colds (CJFL)

How can I watch Calgary Stampeders games online?

The majority of CFL games, including those of the Calgary Stampeders, are broadcast on the TSN and ESPN family of channels. Those channels are typically available with your local cable subscription. If you are a subscriber, you can use those login credentials to access the games to stream online as well.

Furthermore, those who don’t use cable can stream the games through services like TSN Direct.

Calgary Stampeders betting & casino partnerships

Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis announced in late 2021 that it was aiming to expand sports betting across Alberta. One of the goals of the AGLC is to create betting opportunities at the Stampeders’ home field: McMahon Stadium.

Additionally, the CFL has signed a multi-year agreement with Bet Regal, a sportsbook company based in Canada. The agreement, signed in 2021, includes the sportsbook company in marketing, on jersey patches and in partnership for the Grey Cup Festival and Grey Cup championship weekend.

Calgary Stampeders FAQ

Who owns Calgary Stampeders?

The private company Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation owns the Stampeders. The company is based in Alberta and is owned by Murray Edwards, Alvin Libin, Allan Markin, Jeffrey McCaig, Clay Riddell and Byron Seaman. The organization also owns the Calgary Flames.

How much are Calgary Stampeders tickets?

Tickets to Calgary Stampeders games are typically considered a solid value. Prices start at around $40. The price of tickets fluctuates based on demand (usually based on how well the team is doing) and location in the stadium.

Have the Calgary Stampeders ever won the Grey Cup?

The Stampeders have won the Grey Cup a total of eight times since joining the CFL. The first time was in 1948, and the latest was in 2018. Other Grey Cup championships came in 1971, 1992, 1998, 2001, 2008 and 2014.

Find latest CFL Grey Cup odds on the Calgary Stampeders winning this year’s championship.

What is the Calgary Stampeders Twitter?

You can follow all of the Stampeders’ tweets at the handle @calstampeders.

What does the XFL deal mean for the Stampeders?

Unfortunately for both XFL and CFL fans, the negotiations to bring the two leagues together seem to have stalled. In fact, according to multiple sources, talks have ceased entirely.

That seems to have been verified with the XFL announcing that it will not only resume play in the near future but is also in new talks with the USFL about a potential partnership. There is little expectation that the XFL and CFL will continue any kind of merger discussions.

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