Edmonton Elks Odds

As the former team of CFL icons Warren Moon, Willie Pless and Ricky Ray, the Edmonton Elks (formerly Eskimos, of course) have a fanbase that remains loyal no matter the team’s final record. Even though 2015 was the last time the Elks raised the Grey Cup, you can find their fans piling into the stadium every week—rain, sleet, blizzard or shine.

That loyalty will translate into a busy betting market for Elks odds. Here’s how to bet on the Elks at legal Canadian online sportsbooks.

Current Elks Grey Cup odds

Below find the latest Elks Grey Cup odds at legal online sportsbooks. Click on the odds to go right to the sportsbook, sign up for a new account and make your bet.

How to bet on Edmonton Elks games in Canada

All you need is a free account at a licensed online sportsbook with some funds deposited. Once you’ve decided on your sportsbook (check our reviews for help), simply go to that page through one of our links to register.

You’ll need to provide personal data such as your home address, your phone number, etc. Once you’ve finished with that, accept the terms and conditions, which we recommend you take the time to read. If you can’t, you’ll still be able to revisit those T&Cs at the sportsbook website whenever you like.

With signup complete, you can claim your free bets and online bonuses from the sportsbook and make your initial deposit. You’ll now be able to start placing CFL bets online.

Edmonton Elks betting lines explained

Below is a sample of the main betting lines for a fictional matchup between the Edmonton Elks and their rival, the Calgary Stampeders. At Caesars Sportsbook Canada or on the BetMGM Sportsbook app, the main online sports wagers listing might look like this:

Edmonton Elks+8.5 (-110)+155Over 39.5 (-110)
Calgary Stampeders-8.5 (-110)-175Under 39.5 (-110)

The first set of numbers next to the team names shows us the point spread. Both sides of the bet have -110 odds, meaning you need to bet $110 to win $100. We can see that the Stampeders spread means they need to win by at least nine points over the Elks for the bet to be a winner. Any outcome other than the Stampeders winning by nine or more would result in wagers on Edmonton to win.

The next number going to the right is the moneyline. For Calgary, we have a negative number, which indicates they are the favourites to win the game at -175 odds. The Elks moneyline, on the other hand, has positive odds, which signals the underdog at +155.

The final set of numbers shows us the totals odds. In totals, also known as the over/under, oddsmakers approximate the final combined score of the two teams—in this case, 39.5. You have to determine if the two teams are capable of putting together enough scoring drives to combine their points and land over the predicted totals. Or maybe the defences are too stout to let that happen. In either case, the odds are at -110.

For a quick refresher, if you have negative sports betting odds, you are being shown how much you need to wager in order to get $100 in winnings. So, a -140 wager of $140 would pay out $240—the original stake plus the profit.

Positive odds, however, show us how much we stand to win if we wager $100. At +130 odds and a $100 wager, the money received would be $230.

Edmonton Elks props & live betting

Live betting allows you to make bets on online sportsbooks while the games are in progress. This real-time engagement has caused live betting, also known as in game betting, to boom in popularity.

The action is quick with shifting odds, but also offers a nice selection of bets, which are mostly going to be prop bets.

Prop sports bets range from player-specific props to totals for the second half and more. Below are a few bets you might find:

  • Which player will score the next receiving touchdown?
  • Will the defence make a goal-line stop on this drive?
  • Will there be over/under 1.5 rogues in this game?
  • Which team will lead at the end of three quarters?

The possibilities are pretty endless. If you find yourself really interested in getting the most out of your live betting experience, shop around to find the online sportsbook apps with the most live betting odds.

Edmonton Elks schedule 2024

Below is the entire schedule for Edmonton for the 2022 season. All times are ET.

DateOpponentTimeWhere to Watch
Friday, May. 27@ Winnipeg Blue Bombers (preseason)8:30 p.m.TSN/ESPN+
Friday, June 3vs. Calgary Satmpeders (preseason)9 p.m. TSN/ESPN+
Saturday, June 11@ BC Lions10 p.m.TSN/ESPN+
Saturday, June 18vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders9:30 p.m.TSN/ESPN+
Saturday, June 25@ Calgary Stampeders7 p.m.TSN/ESPN+
Friday, July 1@ Hamilton Tiger-Cats7:30 p.m.TSN/ESPN+
Thursday, July 7vs. Calgary Stampeders9 p.m.TSN/ESPN+
Thursday, July 14@ Montreal Alouettes7:30 p.m.TSN/ESPN+
Friday, July 22vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers9 p.m.TSN/ESPN+
Saturday, July 30BYE
Saturday, Aug. 6@ BC Lions10 p.m.TSN/ESPN+
Sunday, Aug. 14vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders7 p.m.TSN/ESPN+
Friday, Aug. 19@Ottawa Redblacks7 p.m.TSN/ESPN+
Saturday, Aug. 27vs. Ottawa Redblacks7 p.m.TSN/ESPN+
Monday, Sept. 5@ Calgary Stampeders4:30 p.m.TSN/ESPN+
Saturday, Sept. 10vs. Calgary Stampeders8 p.m.TSN/ESPN+
Friday, Sept. 16@ Saskatchewan Roughriders9:30 p.m.TSN/ESPN+
Saturday, Sept. 24BYE
Saturday, Oct. 1vs. Montreal Alouettes4 p.m.TSN/ESPN+
Saturday, Oct. 8@Winnipeg Blue Bombers7 p.m.TSN/ESPN+
Saturday, Oct. 15vs. Toronto Argonauts7 p.m.TSN/ESPN+
Friday, Oct. 21vs. BC Lions9:30 p.m.TSN/ESPN+
Saturday, Oct. 29BYE

Edmonton Elks betting & casino partnerships

The entire Canadian Football League entered into a multi-year partnership with Bet Regal, a Canadian company with European sportsbooks. The agreement, made official in 2021, uses Bet Regal in marketing campaigns, displays its logo on jersey patches and makes it a partner for the Grey Cup weekend events.

At some future time, it is possible that Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis will place sportsbooks at the home fields and facilities of professional sports teams in the province.

Where do the Edmonton Elks play?

The Edmonton Elks play their home games at The Brick Field at Commonwealth Stadium. Here’s some key information about the stadium:

  • Name: Commonwealth Stadium
  • Address: 11000 Stadium Road
  • Location: Edmonton, Alberta
  • Owner: City of Edmonton
  • Operator: City of Edmonton
  • Capacity: 56,302
  • Groundbreaking: 1975
  • Opening date: July 15, 1978
  • Construction cost: $20.9 million ($78.2 million in 2020 dollars)
  • Other events hosted: Formerly: Edmonton Drillers (NASL) and FC Edmonton (CC)

How can I watch Edmonton Elks games online?

The Elks, along with almost every other CFL team, play on the TSN and ESPN suite of channels through your local cable provider. Using your account login information from that provider, you can usually sign on at the TSN or ESPN website and watch the channels via streaming.

For those who would rather avoid a cable bill, you can subscribe to online services, such as TSN Direct and ESPN+. These will allow you to stream the channels as well.

Edmonton Elks FAQ

Who owns Edmonton Elks?

The Elks are community-owned through shareholders under the umbrella of EE Football Team, Inc. No single person has majority ownership of the team.

How much are Edmonton Elks tickets?

Prices vary depending on seat location, but they can be found for as low as $30 for most home games.

Have the Edmonton Elks/Eskimos ever won the Grey Cup?

The Elks, which were formerly known as the Eskimos, have won 14 Grey Cups during the organization’s history. Those wins came in 1954, 1955, 1956, 1975, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1987, 1993, 2003, 2005 and 2015. They have the second-most Grey Cup championship wins in CFL history behind the Toronto Argonauts with 17.

You can find the latest CFL Grey Cup betting odds for the Edmonton Elks here.

What is the Edmonton Elks’ Twitter?

You can follow the Elk’s Twitter with the handle @Elks.

When did the team change its name to the Edmonton Elks?

The Edmonton Elks were known throughout most of their history (1949-2020) as the Edmonton Eskimos. In the cultural push to cease using indigenous names and iconography as sports mascots, the organization went by the Edmonton Football Team for one season (2020-21), before announcing in June 2021 that it would officially adopt the name Elks. The province of Alberta has approximately 26,000 elk, according to the Alberta Professional Outfitters Society.

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