Saskatchewan Roughriders Odds

In Saskatchewan, CFL fans are especially loyal and enthusiastic when it comes to supporting the Roughriders. That’s one of the reasons why Roughriders betting odds will be one of the most active markets at online sportsbooks.

While CFL betting has never reached the heights of NFL betting, there’s about to be a lot more attention on it as sportsbooks expand throughout the country. Below see how to bet on the Roughriders at Canadian online sportsbooks.

Today’s Roughriders odds: Spread, Grey Cup, Props

Check our CFL odds feed below for this week’s Saskatchewan Roughriders moneylines, point spread and over/under odds at legal sportsbooks in Canada. Click on any odds to go directly to the sportsbook and start betting.

Bet on the Roughriders using a sportsbook app

To use a sportsbook app for your Roughriders betting, you’ll need to first download the app and register for a new account. You’ll be required to give personal information, such as your name, phone number, and address, and you will have to accept the sportsbook’s terms and conditions.

One of those conditions is the use of geolocation to verify where you are when you try to make a wager. If you are outside of an area where using sportsbook apps is legal, then you cannot place your bets. However, you can still access the other features, such as your account information, deposits, and withdrawals.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to claim your free bets and bonuses, deposit your initial funds, and then you’ll be ready to start betting on the CFL online.

Saskatchewan Roughriders’ betting lines explained

Here’s what a Roughriders game line might look like at BetMGM online sportsbook or on the Caesars betting app in Canada:

Point SpreadMoneylineTotal
Saskatchewan Roughriders+6.5 (-110)+135Over 32.5 (-110)
Ottawa RedBlacks-6.5 (-110)-155Under 32.5 (-110)

Next to the team names is the point spread, which in this case is 1.5 points with the Roughriders the underdogs and the RedBlacks the favorites.

The easiest way to determine that is by looking at the points and seeing which team is identified with a negative (favorite) or a positive (underdog).

In order for Ottawa to cover the spread, they have to win the game by more than seven points. Any other outcome would mean spread bets on the Saskatchewan Roughriders would be winners. In either case, the odds are listed at -110, which means in order to win $100 you would need to bet $110.

Continuing to the right of those numbers we see the moneyline betting odds. For the Roughriders, that is +135, and the RedBlacks are -155.

For the moneyline wager, you are required to choose which team you believe is going to win the game. If you’re right, then your payout is calculated on how much you wagered and the odds at the time you placed your bet. In this case, we’ll say the RedBlacks won the game, with odds at -155.

You would have to put down a $155 bet in order to win $100. So, if you did, the payout would be $255, which is your original wager returned to you plus the profit.

The final set of numbers you see to the far right are the totals bet, commonly known as the over/under. The number indicates the number of points the oddsmakers predict the two teams will combine to score. You don’t need to worry about which team wins when betting on totals. Instead, you just need to determine if the two teams will combine to score over or under the predicted amount.

If the game ends with a 20-10 final, then the total would be just 30 points, which is under the predicted amount.

On both sides of the bet, the odds are -110, which would pay out the same as we explained above.

Saskatchewan Roughriders live betting

Live betting, which is known in some circles as in-game betting, creates an engagement between the sport, the bettor, and the sportsbook that has never really been seen in sports betting before.

Live betting allows you to wager on CFL games, and other sports, while they are being played. The action is fast, the betting odds are constantly shifting and the popularity just keeps building. Using your mobile device or online sportsbook, you can participate in live betting. The majority of the bets you will see will be prop wagers, with some also being over/under bets.

Here are a few of the proposition bets you might come across while live betting with a legal and regulated online or mobile sportsbook:

  • Who will score first?
  • Which team will lead at the end of three quarters?
  • Will there be a rogue scored in this quarter?
  • Will Player X have over/under 300 yards passing?

The potential wagers you will see are varied and typically range from team, player, and game bets.

Saskatchewan Roughriders player props & futures

With prop betting online and single-game betting now available you might find yourself interested in making bets outside of just if the Roughriders will win or not.

Thankfully, your options aren’t limited to just picking winners and losers of CFL games. You can get involved in the other sports betting types, too, including props and futures betting.

Below, here are just a couple of players to keep your eye on when betting on Roughriders props.

  • Cody Fajardo: The Saskatchewan quarterback may be in the early years of his career, but if the 2019 numbers from his first year with the Roughriders are any indication of his future he is going to be on the radar for quite a while. He is a dual-threat QB who ran for 611 yards with 10 touchdowns and threw for an outstanding 4,302 yards with 18 touchdowns and just a 1.7 percent interception rate. You should keep your eye on him for the CFL Most Outstanding Player award.
  • Micah Johnson: On the defensive side of the ball, eyes should be on Johnson, who plays defensive tackle for the Riders. He is one of the CFL’s best defenders against the run, led the league in tackles for a loss in 2021 with eight. He has been selected as a West All-Star player four times in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2021. How long until he nails down the defensive player of the year honors?

Individual awards given out in the CFL include:

  • Most Outstanding Player
  • Most Outstanding Defensive Player
  • Most Outstanding Canadian Player
  • Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman
  • Most Outstanding Special Teams Player
  • Most Outstanding Rookie
  • Coach of the Year

You’ll find the odds market for most of those awards at many Canadian online sportsbooks.

Saskatchewan Roughriders betting and casino partnerships

The entire Canadian Football League signed a multi-year deal with Bet Regal, a Canadian company that launched its sportsbook in Europe. The deal, signed in 2021, features Bet Regal in league marketing strategies, on postseason jersey patches for the brand, as a partner of the Grey Cup Festival, and as a presenting sponsor during Grey Cup weekend.

Saskatchewan Roughriders stats leaders

The Roughriders have played in Canada since being founded as the Regina Rugby Club in 1910.

Over the years since transitioning to gridiron football (they are the fourth-oldest professional gridiron football team in the world behind the Arizona Cardinals, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, and Toronto Argonauts and are the oldest community-owned professional sports franchise in all of North America), the Roughriders have had some phenomenal players and performances.

Below, we outline the statistical leaders for the Roughriders:


Leading the way for passing yards over the course of his career is Ron Lancaster, who threw for 46,710 yards — 18,203 yards more than the next player on that list. What’s impressive is Lancaster isn’t even in the top five for most passing yards in a single season, a record held by Kent Austin (third on the career passing yards list) with 6,225 yards in 1992. Austin also owns the second spot on the season records with 5,754 yards in 1993. Austin’s record doesn’t stop there, as he has the top four spots in most passing yards in a single game with the best being 559 yards against the BC Lions on Aug. 13, 1992, a game that went into overtime to be decided.

For passing touchdowns, the Riders are led by Lancaster over the course of a career, throwing for 299 touchdowns during that time. Austin, who is second on the career list for passing TDs, holds the top three spots for passing touchdowns in a single season. In 1992, he threw for 35 scores, while in 1991 he had 32 and in 1993 he had 31. Austin holds the record for most passing touchdowns in a game as well, throwing six against the BC Lions on Sept. 21, 1991.


There is no debating who the most prominent running back in Roughriders’ history is as George Reed holds the career rushing yards record with 16,116 — more than 11,000 more than the next player. For single-season records, Reed is the first, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth on the list, with his best being 1,768 yards in 1965. Unsurprisingly, Reed also holds the single-game record with 268 yards against the BC Lions on Oct. 24, 1965.

Reed holds the record for career rushing touchdowns with 134, as well as first and second place for the season records with 16 in 1968 and 15 in 1967. Reed is tied for the most rushing touchdowns in a game with Ferd Burkett originally setting the record in 1959 with four rushing touchdowns against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Reed was next with four rushing scores, with his coming in 1968 against the Edmonton Eskimos. Milson Jones is the most recent to cross the goal line four times with his coming in 1988 against the Blue Bombers.


Ray Elgaard holds the career record for receiving yards with 13,189, and Joey Walters has the top two spots for the single-season record with 1,715 in 1981 and 1,692 in 1982. The mark for receiving yards in a single game was set by Chris DeFrance on Aug. 5, 1983, when he pulled down 260 against the Edmonton Eskimos.

For receiving touchdowns, the career mark is held by Elgaard with 78, while Hugh Campbell holds the season record with 17, which he accomplished in 1966. There is a slew of receivers who are tied for the most touchdowns in a single game with three. The most recent is Weston Dressler, who snagged three receiving scores on June 29, 2012, against the hamilton Tiger-Cats.


The most interceptions throughout an entire career is 51, the impressive mark set by Glen Suitor. What’s interesting is Suitor isn’t even in the top five for most interceptions in a single season, a record held by Terry Irvin with 11 in 1984. The single-game record is owned by Ed Gainey, who snagged four against the BC Lions on Aug. 13, 2017.


The career sacks leader is none other than Bobby Jurasin, who leads the way with 142 during his career — 53 more than the next player on the career list. Jurasin, who hails from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, is the single-season record holder as well, picking up 22 in 1987.

Where is the Saskatchewan Roughriders stadium?

  • Name: Mosiac Stadium
  • Address: 1734 George Reed Way, Regina, Saskatchewan
  • Owner: City of Regina
  • Operator: Regina Exhibition Association Ltd.
  • Capacity: 33,350
  • Ground breaking: June 16, 2014
  • Opening date: July 1, 2017
  • Construction cost: $278 million
  • Other events hosted: Regina Rams (U Sports; 2016–present), Regina Thunder (CJFL; 2017–present), Regina Riot (WWCFL; 2017-Present), and Regina High School Football

Brief Saskatchewan Roughriders history

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have been a sports team since first being founded as the Regina Rugby Club in 1910. In 1924, they changed their name to the Regina Roughriders before settling on the Saskatchewan name in 1948.

The team has developed rivalries with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, the Edmonton Elks and the Calgary Stampeders.

Over the years, the Roughriders have finished first in the CFL Western Division eight times (1951, 1966, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1976, 2009, and 2019. They have collected 19 Western Division Championships (1923, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1934, 1951, 1966, 1967, 1969, 1972, 1976, 1989, 1997, 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2013) and have won four Grey Cup Championships (1966, 1989, 2007 and 2013).

There are 20 Roughriders who have been inducted into the Canadian Hall of Fame.

Find 2022 Grey Cup odds for the Saskatchewan Roughriders here.

How can I watch Saskatchewan Roughriders games online?

Depending on where you are located, you can almost always find the Roughriders’ games being streamed on Canada’s TSN Live or through ESPN+.

For those who have cable subscriptions, you can usually sign into your accounts online in order to watch the TSN and ESPN channels.

Saskatchewan Roughriders FAQ

Who owns the Saskatchewan Roughriders?

The residents of the City of Regina are the owners of the Roughriders, which is a similar model to what the NFL’s Green Bay Packers use. There are a limited number of shares with Class A shares having voting rights, unlike Class B shares. The Roughriders, as of March 2019, have sold 11,639 Class A shares and 435 Class B.

How much are Saskatchewan Roughriders tickets?

Home game tickets are typically priced between $50 and $120. Midfield upper level seats are normally around $70.

Have the Saskatchewan Roughriders ever won the Grey Cup?

The Green Riders have won four Grey Cup Championships (1966, 1989, 2007 and 2013).

How much are the Saskatchewan Roughriders worth?

Total gross revenues were $40.4 million in 2018-19 compared to $37.3 million the year prior.

What is the Saskatchewan Roughriders Twitter?

You can find the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Twitter at

What is up with terrible CFL team names?

Are they really that bad when you take into account all of the professional sports teams in North America (Wizards, Magic, Thrashers, Heat, Wild, Angels of Anaheim)? In any case, the strangest names tend to have interesting origins, like the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Originally, they were the Tigers prior to WWII, but following the war a second team known as the Wildcats was formed. The two teams merged to become the Tiger-Cats.

The Montreal Alouettes? A fictional red bird that was popular in a French-Canadian children’s song.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers? Named after heavyweight boxing champion Joe Louis, who was nicknamed the Brown Bomber. On their way to being the first team west of Ontario to win the Grey Cup, a sports broadcaster referred to them as the Blue Bombers of the West. It’s stuck with the team ever since.

What does XFL deal mean for the Roughriders?

Unfortunately during the summer of 2021, talks between the XFL and CFL came to a mutual halt as other considerations were being made. As of late 2021, there is no indication that those talks will resume, especially with the announcement that the XFL will return to playing in 2023.

Additional news reports have linked talks between the XFL and the USFL, which seems to cement the rumors that the CFL-XFL merger talks have been shelved indefinitely.

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