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The Toronto Blue Jays won back-to-back World Series titles behind Joe Carter and Roberto Alomar in 92-93 and haven’t been back since. But now, with AL MVP odds favorite Vladimir Guerrero Jr., AL Cy Young odds candidate Hyun-jin Ryu, and 2017 World Series MVP George Springer on the roster, the Jays are relevant again.

Passionate fans from across the country have remained loyal to Canada’s only MLB team throughout the years but until now, they haven’t been able to take advantage of the team’s success by betting on the Jays. Yes, you’ve long been able to make the Toronto Blue Jays a part of a provincial lottery parlay, but the ban on single-game betting across this country made that the only way to legally bet on baseball.

Now, in 2021, the federal government has lifted that ban, allowing you to bet on the Blue Jays in all kinds of different ways. The sheer number of Jays games in an MLB season makes baseball one of the most interesting and potentially lucrative betting markets in all of sports. Here’s our complete look at Toronto Blue Jays betting, including today’s Jays betting odds, odds on the Jays winning the AL East and World Series plus some key MLB betting insights for Canadians.

Today’s Jays odds: Run lines, World Series, Props

Check the best available MLB odds for today’s Jays game direct from Canadian online sportsbooks. You’ll also find the latest Blue Jays futures odds, including the odds on the Jays winning the AL East, making the playoffs, or winning the World Series, and player props for stars including Vlad Guerrero Jr. Click on any odds to go directly to the sportsbook, claim any new player bonus and start getting your bet down. If you don’t see a feed below, online sportsbooks are yet to be live online.

Today’s Jays Odds

Jays World Series odds

Vlad Guerrero MVP, prop odds

Blue Jays betting data/roster/injury report

MLB baseball betting is about information. Those with the best information make the best bets. That means if you’re going to bet on the Jays you’re going to want to arm yourself with the latest game data, Jays betting stats, and news to help guide your picks.

This space is where you should find an automated feed of all that:

Blue Jays live betting

Live Blue Jays betting gives you the chance to hedge your bets, make up for obvious pregame betting mistakes, or simply increase your activity on a game by allowing you to bet on live Jays games at odds that change with the action on the field.

It’s mostly the same markets you can bet on pregame, but live betting markets also include inning-by-inning betting and in-game props markets at odds that are constantly in flux, based on time, score, and momentum. Of course, these things can all change pretty fast, which means sportsbook apps are the only way to take part in live Blue Jays betting. You simply can’t get down a bet fast enough any other way.

Best Blue Jays betting apps

While private sportsbooks are still to be approved and licensed, your best bets for Jays betting will be licensed online sportsbooks that are official gaming partners of MLB, including:

  • BetMGM app: MGM became the official gaming partner of MLB in 2018. The deal isn’t exactly exclusive but does give BetMGM sportsbook access to enhanced MLB statistics. There is not an MGM property in Canada, but that’s not a problem. BetMGM went to Pennsylvania, where it has no casino either, suggesting Canada is still a possibility.
  • DraftKings app: In 2020, DraftKings inked a multi-year extension to its 2014 deal making it the official and exclusive daily fantasy sports partner of the league. Plus, DraftKings became an MLB Authorized Gaming Operator for sports wagering in 2019. DraftKings sportsbook has made it clear it wants in the new Canadian sports betting market, and it’s already here with daily fantasy sports.
  • FanDuel app: MLB named FanDuel as an official gaming partner in 2019, giving it the same rights to official MLB data, league, and team logos that MGM, DraftKings, and FOXBet have. FanDuel is already one of the top daily fantasy sports operators in Canada. Plus, considering parent company Flutter used to run the PlayNow limited parlay sports betting lottery product in BC and Manitoba, entering the new Canadian sports betting market would mark more of a return to Canada than anything else.
  • FOX Bet app: Major League Baseball struck a multi-year deal with FOXBet in 2018, making it an official gaming partner as well. FOXBet is a Stars Group operation, which means it’s also Flutter’s now. Considering Stars’ connection to Canada, re-entering Canada would be even more like coming back home for this Flutter brand than FanDuel.

Quick guide to MLB bets

There are a variety of ways you can bet on baseball and none are too complex. The Jays will play 162 games in a season-opening up thousands of betting opportunities. The three basic game bets are:

  • Moneyline: Sportsbooks posts moneyline odds for every MLB team in every game. You simply pick the team you think will win and book a bet at the currently posted odds on that team. If your pick wins you get paid at those odds. If the Jays are at +100 visiting the New York Yankees at -115, a $100 bet on the Jays would pay $100 plus your bet back if they win. Or, you have to bet $115 on the Yankees to win $100 plus your bet back if they win.
  • Run line: MLB run line betting is point spread betting for baseball. Sportsbooks post standard and various other alternative run lines for every MLB game. You book run line bets on the team you think will win with that run line factored into the game’s final score. It’s the odds on each team to win with the run line factored in that varies. Standard run lines are set at 1.5, but you’ll find alternative run lines at different prices. With a standard 1.5 run line, you bet that the favourite will win by at least two, or the underdog will win outright or lose by just one run.
  • Totals: MLB totals involve betting on whether the final combined run total in a game will be over or under a line set by oddsmakers.

Of course, there are three more advanced ways to bet on baseball as well, including:

  • Doubles and parlays: Parlay betting involves combining two or more basic bets into one. MLB Doubles is a combination of two MLB bets. You get paid more than you would on the individual bets because you need to win everyone. That also means the more bets in a parlay, the bigger the potential payout will be.
  • Futures: You can book MLB futures on any team to win over or under a line on several regular-season games, or any team to win its division, make the playoffs, win a league pennant, or odds to win the World Series. MLB futures odds are first posted in the offseason and adjusted all year long, but you lock in the current odds at the time you place your futures bet.
  • Props: Player Props let you bet on MLB players achieving certain game stat lines. Game Props involve team statistics. Inning Props are moneyline markets on the first five innings of a game putting the focus on starting pitching.

Get the full rundown on all the baseball betting basics on our page here:

Blue Jays Vegas odds

Look around online and you’ll soon see the MLB odds available in Canada are mostly the same ones you find​ at​ ​Las​ Vegas​ sportsbooks. Of course, you’re bound to sometimes find some differences, as the Jays lines at provincially licensed online sportsbooks are more susceptible to line movement than most others.

That’s because lines are moved when more money is bet on one side or the other at one sportsbook and not any others. ​Because local interest in Canada can drive​ increased betting on the Jays,​ there’s an increased chance a Jays line will​ move​ at a provincially licensed online sportsbook in Canada than at a traditional Las Vegas​ sportsbook.

Blue Jays scheduling notes

The Toronto Blue Jays started the 2021 season playing at their Spring Training home at TD Ballpark in Dunedin, Florida. The team won’t return to Rogers Centre in Toronto until Canada–US travel restrictions are lifted.

MLB will play its traditional 162-game schedule for all 30 teams, which means each team will play one midweek series and one-weekend series every week throughout. Mid-week series games are generally scheduled Monday to Thursday and weekend games are Thursday to Monday.

The MLB regular season runs through Oct. 3, followed by the MLB postseason and the World Series, which is scheduled to begin on Oct. 26 and end no later than a potential Game 7 on Nov. 3.

The Jays will continue to compete in the America League East Division. Interleague play throughout the season will see the Jays and the other AL East teams matchup against teams from the NL East. Temporary rule changes launched in the 2020 season will continue in 2021, including doubleheaders being played as two seven-inning games, and a runner is placed on second base at the start of every half-inning of all extra innings games.

Look above for the odds on the latest Blue Jays games.

Blue Jays prospects

The 2020 MLB Draft saw the Toronto Blue Jays pick up five new prospects, including:

  • SS Austin Martin (5th overall): Vanderbilt shortstop was the second-ranked prospect entering the Draft after leading the SEC with a .392 batting average and .486 on-base percentage as a sophomore.
  • RHP CJ Van Eyk (42nd overall): Projected late first-rounder out of the bullpen at Florida State has a live curveball and mid-90s heat.
  • RHP Trent Palmer (77th overall): Bullpen standout in the Cape Cod League with a 97 mph fastball.
  • RHP Nick Frasso (106th overall): Considered a first-rounder before forearm and elbow tightness kept him out of two starts this spring.
  • OF Zach Britton (136th overall): Louisville outfielder led Division I in doubles this past spring.

Blue Jays franchise leaders

Here’s a look at the Blue Jays career leaders in 12-key statistical categories:

  • Batting Avg: Paul Molitor .315
  • On Base Percentage: John Olerud .395
  • Games Played: Tony Fernandez 1,450
  • Runs Scored: Carlos Delgado 889
  • Hits: Tony Fernandez 1,583
  • Home Runs: Carlos Delgado 336
  • Stolen Bases: Lloyd Moseby 255
  • Pitching Wins: Dave Stieb 175
  • Saves: Tom Henke 217
  • Strikeouts: Dave Stieb 1,658
  • Earned Run Average: Tom Henke 2.48
  • Innings Pitched: Dave Stieb 2,873

Blue Jays manager/coaching staff

Here’s a look at the Blue Jays coaching staff:

  • Manager: Charlie Montoyo (2019-present) 67-95
  • Bench Coach: Dave Hudgens
  • Pitching Coach: Pete Walker
  • Hitting Coach: Guillermo Martinez
  • First Base Coach: Mark Budzinski
  • Third Base Coach: Luis Rivera
  • Bullpen Coach: Matt Buschmann
  • Other Coach: John Schneider

Past Blue Jays managers

Here’s a look at the Blue Jays managers for the past 20+ years:

  • John Farrell (2011-2012) 154-170
  • Cito Gaston (1989-1997, 2008-2010) 1731-894
  • John Gibbons (2004-2008, 2013-2018) 793-789
  • Carlos Tosca (2002-2004) 191-191
  • Buck Martinez (2001-2002) 100-115
  • Jim Fregosi (1999-2000) 167-157

Toronto Blue Jays home games

  • Home Stadium: Rogers Centre (SkyDome 1989–2005)
  • Address: 1 Blue Jays Way
  • Location: Toronto, Ontario
  • Owner: Rogers Communications
  • Operator: Rogers Stadium Limited Partnership
  • Baseball Capacity: 49,282
  • Ground Breaking: Oct. 3, 1986
  • Opened: June 3, 1989
  • Construction Cost: $570 million
  • Other Tenants: Toronto Argonauts (CFL) 1989–2015, Toronto Raptors (NBA) 1995–1999
  • Previous Home: Exhibition Stadium 1977-1989

Blue Jays broadcasters

Blue Jays TV broadcasts air on Sportsnet with play-by-play announcers Buck Martinez and Dan Shulman alongside colour commentator Pat Tabler. You can also listen to Jays games on The Sportsnet Radio Network with play-by-play announcer Ben Wagner.

Where to stream Blue Jays games online

You can stream the Jays regular-season games via Sportsnet NOW with a subscription.

You can also live stream the entire MLB schedule with a subscription to MLB.TV via

Blue Jays logo & mascot

The traditional and original Blue Jays logo featured a bluebird, white baseball with red stitching, red maple leaf, and modern-style double-line “Toronto Blue Jays” lettering. It was unveiled in 1977 and used through 1996. The red maple leaf got enlarged and used as the background and lettering replaced by a bolder “Blue Jays” on a revamp used from 1996 to 2002.

In 2002, the red maple leaf became a tattoo on the arm of a cartoon Blue Jay tossing up a ball with a bat in his hand and a red T was used as background. Then, from 2004 to 2011 the logo became a sleek Blue Jays head with “Jays” in white and silver lettering with black and blue outlines. Finally, the logo went back to the 1977 stylings for 2012 with the “Toronto” lettering changed to feature a single line and the stitching on the ball and bird drawing updated.

Blue Jay “BJ Birdy” was the Blue Jays’ mascot from 1979 to 1999. Then, in 2000, BJ was replaced by Ace and Diamond, two sleeker-looking Blue Jay characters. Ace became the sole mascot in 2003, but has been joined by Junior in recent years on “Junior Jays Sundays.” Ace changed with the logo in 2012. His beak was suddenly beak blue instead of grey and the bottom of his legs grey instead of black.

Who owns the Blue Jays?

Labatt Brewing Company owned the Blue Jays from 1976 to 1995. Then, it was Interbrew from 1995 to 2000 and finally, Rogers Communications from 2000 to now. Rogers bought the Blue Jays for $165 million. Forbes estimates the team is now worth $1.625 billion. Rogers Communications bought the SkyDome for just $25 million in 2004 and renamed it Rogers Centre.

How much are Blue Jays tickets?

Blue Jays tickets range in price from approximately $17 in the 500 Level upper deck at Roger Centre to approximately $285 in the “In The Action” section behind home plate.

Of course, you can purchase tickets in the 100 and 200 levels in the outfield for $30-$35, Field Level Infield and Premium Infield sections from $65-$75, and Dugouts from $80.

Toronto Blue Jays franchise by the numbers

  • Franchise Value: $1.625 billion
  • Owners: Rogers Communications
  • Building Naming Rights: Skydome became the Rogers Centre when Rogers Communications bought the stadium for $25 million in 2004.
  • World Series Wins: 2 (1992,1993)
  • Jays Numbers Retired: The Jays have retired just three numbers, Roberto Alomar’s No. 12 after he was inducted into baseball’s Hall of Fame, Roy Halladay’s No. 32 after he passed away, and Jackie Robinson’s No. 42.
  • MLB Video Game Rating: The Blue Jays have a 79 overall rating on the MLB The Show 21 video game.
  • Best Jays Pitching Seasons: Roy Halladay holds the Blue Jays records for wins in a season, posting 22 in 2003, Duane Ward has the saves record with 45 in 1993 and Roger Clemens strikeouts, with 292 in 1997
  • Best Jays Hitting Seasons: John Olerud holds the Jays’ single-season batting average record hitting .363 in 1993, Vernon Wells has the hits record with 215 in 2003, and Jose Bautista has the home run record hitting 54 in 2010

Five more notable Jays numbers

  • 2021 Highest Paid Jay: George Springer $22 million
  • Richest Jays Contract: Blue Jays signed 2017 World Series MVP George Springer to a six-year $150 million contract in 2021
  • Career Walk-Off Home Runs To Win World Series: 1 – Joe Carter 1 vs. Philadelphia Phillies on October 23, 1993
  • Jays AL MVP Winners: 2 – George Bell (1987), Josh Donaldson (2015)
  • Jays AL Cy Young Award Winners: 4 – Pat Hentgen (1996), Roger Clemens (1997), Roger Clemens (1998), Roy Halladay (2003)
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