Bet on MLB Player Props

MLB player props at online sportsbooks let you turn that baseball expertise from watching games and playing fantasy sports into real sports bets. This is the action focused on hitting and pitching stats of your favourite MLB players for every individual game or for the season as a whole.

Check out all the latest MLB player prop odds from Canadian online sportsbooks below, plus a quick walkthrough of betting options and advice.

Today’s MLB player props

There are all kinds of MLB props available prior to the start of games as well as after the first pitch. Below you’ll see some betting options and the current odds from top online sportsbooks. Use the search bar to track down props for any player and odds on that prop across multiple sportsbooks. Click on any of the odds to sign up for an account, claim any sports betting bonuses and place a bet.

Best Canadian sportsbooks for MLB prop betting

Here are the go-to online sportsbooks for MLB player props throughout the baseball season:

  • DraftKings Sportsbook: You’ll find all of the MLB player props that you could ask for here. Even better, it’s all cleanly organized with menus where you can view props for the entire slate. This is one of the great features about DraftKings that helps to set it apart from the pack.
  • FanDuel Sportsbook: The MLB prop menu at FanDuel is extensive. There’s a whole host of both hitting and pitching options to explore for each game on the docket. It’s all packed inside of one of the most user-friendly sportsbook platforms that you’ll find.
  • Caesars Sportsbook: When you click through on a main MLB game listing at Caesars, the doors will open to all of the other available options for that contest. Included on the list is a wide range of player props, including homers, strikeouts, and much more. Also, be on the lookout for daily odds boosts on top player props.
  • BetRivers Sportsbook: BetRivers covers all of the bases with MLB player props. All of the standard offensive stats are represented, and you can also dig deep on the pitchers for each game. As an added bonus, each individual game listing has stats and tips built right in for you to research.
  • BetMGM Sportsbook: MLB player props are well-represented at BetMGM. You can bet on your favorite players to go yard or go Over/Under on how many Ks the starters will rack up, for example. BetMGM is another site that’s not shy about player prop promos, including odds boosts.
  • PointsBet Sportsbook: PointsBet prides itself on providing competitive odds for bettors to consider, and that extends over to its wide selection of MLB player props. You’ll find a whole host of options to sort through for each game, and even the chance to ‘name a bet’ when something you want isn’t listed as an option.

What is an MLB player prop?

MLB player props are bets you can place on the statistical output of specific hitters or pitchers. In fantasy sports, the stats count, not team wins or losses. Player props are the same.

Most of the time, MLB player props are over/under-style bets on standard stat lines that sportsbooks set. That might mean betting on Toronto Blue Jays slugger Vladimir Guerrero Jr. to hit over or under 0.5 home runs in a game. Or betting on Toronto pitcher Hyun-jin Ryu to record more or fewer than 5.5 strikeouts in his next start.

Here are the main statistics you might find as subjects for prop bets at sports betting sites in Canada:

  • Home runs
  • Hits
  • Total bases
  • Runs
  • RBIs
  • Doubles
  • Triples
  • Stolen Bases
  • Strikeouts
  • ERA

How to place an MLB player prop bet online

During baseball season, sportsbooks will list MLB odds front and center. Alternatively, you’ll find them under the “MLB” or “Baseball” tab.

Click on any individual game listing or where it says “additional bets” or something similar, and the site will show you all the online baseball betting options for that game. A player props tab or section will contain the bets on individual players for the contest.

See some favourable odds or a prop you like? Just click on it and the online sportsbook will instantly create a betting slip for you with those odds. Add the amount you wish to bet, and the slip will tell you the potential payout.

Add more individual bets to your slip by clicking on them. Turn your bets into a parlay if you like. Finally, check to ensure the slip contains all the bets you want to make, and place those bets with one final confirming click.

Bets you place will appear under the pending bets tab. That’s also where sportsbooks may offer you options to cash out early. You can use this option to lock in partial winnings and avoid possible disaster, or to get at least some of your bet back if it appears to be going badly.

What are “good” odds for MLB player props?

Most good player prop odds land somewhat close to the real-life probability of a player doing what you’re betting on. Of course, sportsbooks aim to make a profit, so the odds and real-life probability never truly match up thanks to the vigorish.

Bad prop odds, the ones you should avoid, have a huge disparity between what the bet pays and the real-life probability of the event happening. It’s as simple as that.

Just remember, MLB hitters fail most of the time. Even the best hitters — say those with a .400 on-base percentage — make an out six out of 10 times they go to the plate. That means it’s a good idea to pay attention to the under on many MLB hitting props. This is where you might find good player prop odds because the real-life probabilities are the highest.

For example, the Jays’ Guerrero led the American League in home runs in 2021 with 48 in 161 games. Even if he didn’t record any multiple home run games — and he actually had a few — Guerrero, the most prolific home-run hitter in the league throughout the season, failed to hit a home run in more than two-thirds of the games he played in.

At -230 odds or better, you’d actually make a profit betting the under on Guerrero hitting 0.5 home runs in all 161 games he played. Let’s say the odds were -230 for every game and you bet $100 at those odds for all 161 games. You lose $4,800 for the 48 games in which he goes yard. Of course, that means you win the bet in the 113 games where he doesn’t, receiving a payout of $143.48 each time for a total of $16,213.24.

Some $11,300 of that is your money being returned to you, but that means $4,913.24 is profit. Take away the $4,800 you lost, and you’d make $113.24 betting $100 on the under on Vladimir Guerrero Jr. hitting 0.5 home runs in every game throughout the season at -230 odds. And like we said, the profit would actually be better than that due to multi-homer games.

That’s likely why it’ll be hard to find -230 odds or better on this bet every night.

Which MLB player props attract the most action?

Popular player props attract bets throughout the entire MLB season. Here are some of the most common, all of which follow an over/under format:

  • Home runs: A basic bet on whether a player will hit a home run (over 0.5) or not (under 0.5).
  • Hits: A basic bet on whether a player will record a hit (over 0.5) or not (under 0.5).
  • Total bases: A bet on a player’s total bases gained with hits. Players earn one total base for a single, two for a double, three for a triple and four for a home run. If the line is at 1.5, this would be a bet on whether a player will record multiple singles, or at least one extra-base hit (over 1.5) in a game or not (under 1.5).
  • Strikeouts: A bet on how many strikeouts a pitcher will record in a game compared to a line that the sportsbook sets.
  • ERA: A bet on a pitcher’s ERA, also compared to the sportsbook’s line.

Same-game parlays with MLB player props

Unless you bet big, you’re not going to win very big betting on MLB player props. The odds are relatively small on most. However, you can increase your potential for a big payout by combining player props in a parlay.

Parlays like this can substantially boost the odds. You can put together parlays combining props from one game or several games. Same-game parlay betting even allows you to put together multiple props on the same player, betting he will have a big game and fill up the scorecard.

Just remember, you have to win every single bet that’s part of a parlay to win the parlay. That means you should avoid contradictory bets and adding too many bets.

House rules for MLB player props at legal sportsbooks

A sportsbook’s terms and conditions will tell you how it handles situations that may arise. Typical rules include the following:

  • Sportsbooks use official MLB game data and statistics to settle player props.
  • A sportsbook will void prop bets that involve a particular player if the team announces that player is sitting out beforehand. However, if that player must leave the game because of injury or substitution, all props stand.
  • Bets will stand in the event of a delay. In the event of cancellation or postponement to a later date, however, the sportsbook will void bets.

Beginner tips for MLB player prop betting

  • Stack your props on one player: One MLB prop betting strategy involves putting related props together in a parlay. If you’re betting the over on 0.5 home runs from a player, it makes sense to also bet the over on 1.5 total bases and 0.5 hits. If you’re right, you could end up reaping the odds boost a three-leg parlay will give you.
  • Research is key: As we mentioned earlier, good MLB player prop odds land somewhat close to the real-life probability. That means it pays to know the real-life probability of an event occurring or not in any MLB game. The only way to know that is through research. Pay attention to stats, trends and injury reports, and you can make betting more about math than guesswork.
  • Ride the streak: MLB players are streaky, both in hitting and pitching. On a hot streak, a player will buck season trends and averages to put up big numbers. Pay attention to what’s happening now and you may find favourable odds and good bets on streaking hitters and pitchers colouring outside the usual season lines.

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