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If you watch NBA games or have ever played Fantasy Basketball, you’re already in tune with player performance and deep game stats. Now, you can place bets on all of it. Take advantage of all your NBA player knowledge and insight by diving headfirst into the NBA player props market. Here’s how to do it at legal online sportsbooks in Canada.

Tonight’s NBA player props

You can now bet on NBA player props at private online sportsbooks in Canada.  Search the name of any NBA player in the tool below. Then, click on any of the NBA player prop odds you see to go to the sportsbook that posted them. There, you can sign up for an account, claim any sports betting bonus you’re entitled to and get a bet down.

Best sportsbooks for NBA player props in Canada

Here are the best sportsbooks in Canada for betting on NBA player props online:

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings Canada offers one of the largest varieties of NBA player props out there. The best NBA player props available for betting on the site includes standard over/under bets on:

  • Points
  • Rebounds
  • Assists
  • Blocks
  • Steals
  • Turnovers
  • Threes made

for every player in every game. Plus, there are yes/no bets on double-doubles and over/under combo bets on:

  • Total points, rebounds, and assists
  • Points and rebounds
  • Points and assists
  • Assists and rebounds
  • Steals and blocks.

Fanduel Sportsbook

Not to be outdone, FanDuel Canada has a full slate of player props for the NBA. Its list includes the usual:

  • Player Points
  • Player Rebounds
  • Player Assists
  • Player Threes,
  • and Player Combos markets for every NBA player in every NBA game.

BetMGM Sportsbook

At first glance, it seems BetMGM Canada has only a limited number of secondary markets and the usual list of standard NBA player props are not available for every player in every game.

However, a deeper look reveals the One-Game Parlay feature allows you to build custom single-game NBA parlays with a variety of NBA player props.

Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars Canada’s list of NBA player props includes yes/no bets on double-doubles and triple-doubles. Plus, there are the usual and popular:

  • Total Points
  • Total Rebounds
  • Total Assists

Additionally, you’ll find:

  • Combined Total Points/Rebounds
  • Combined Total Points/Assists
  • Combined Total Rebounds/Assists
  • Total 3 Pt Field Goals
  • Total Steals
  • Total Blocks
  • Total Blocks/Steals
  • Total Turnovers

Most popular NBA player prop bets

Player Points are probably the most popular NBA props at most sportsbooks. Here, you can bet over/unders on a line set by oddsmakers for every player in every game.

Most of the time, NBA player prop lines are set based on each players’ season scoring average, allowing you to take advantage of your knowledge of NBA matchups. That means betting the over or under when you think certain players match up well or poorly against the team they’re up against.

The next most popular NBA player props market is likely the Total Points, Assists, and Rebounds Player Combo market. Betting on a player here is like adding that player to your Fantasy Sports roster and you can take advantage of the stats that the player stuffs, or fails to, throughout the game.

Once again, you bet over/unders against lines that are set using season averages. That means researching matchups can pay off.

Best season-long NBA player props

Season-long NBA player props, otherwise known as NBA player futures, are mostly betting on NBA Player Awards. Pick the winner to get paid, but place your futures bets online early, as the odds get shorter and shorter on the true favourites as they emerge. NBA Player Award markets include:

NBA player props to avoid

There’s no easy answer as to which NBA player props are best to avoid. It really depends on the sportsbook odds offered in comparison to the probability of a player hitting the over or the under on the prop. Most props are going to include a small vig for sportsbooks to profit off of. That means the odds and probability will never be exactly equal. However, the closer the better.

If there are any NBA player props you should avoid betting on, it’s the ones where there’s a truly substantial difference between the odds, your potential payout, and the real probability of the outcome you’re betting on actually happening. In other words, unless you’re getting paid something close to true odds on an NBA prop, it’s not worth the risk of betting on.

Off-season player props

Outside of the NBA Awards markets and the wide variety of player props you can bet on for each NBA game, there are also a number of non-standard props markets you may occasionally find for the NBA. These include:

  • NBA Draft betting
  • NBA Free Agency betting (player’s next team)
  • Coaching Vacancy markets (team’s next coach, coach’s next team)

Plus, there are a limited number of NBA player props available exclusively during the NBA Finals, including the NBA Finals MVP market.

NBA draft player props

Ahead of the NBA Draft, NBA Draft betting mostly revolves around who will be drafted No. 1 overall. Sportsbook set prices on the various candidates to get picked first. Most of the time, there’s a clear favourite and a series of long shots. Other NBA Draft betting markets may include:

  • Player to be drafted in the top 10
  • Player draft position
  • First to be drafted head-to-heads

Sportsbooks rules for paying out NBA player props

Sportsbook’s post terms and conditions for every bet they offer. These will tell you how they handle any situation that may come up and how that particular bet is settled. It should also be noted that when it comes to betting on NBA player props most sportsbooks will:

  • Only use official NBA game data and stats to settle bets
  • Void bets on props for players ruled out of a game ahead of tip-off
  • Let bets on props stand for players removed from a game due to ejection, injury, or coach’s decision
  • Void bets on props for cancelled games
  • Let bets on props stand regardless of a change in venue, start time, or even date unless the new date is substantially later than the original date

Check the full rules for NBA betting at online sportsbooks.

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