Heisman Trophy Betting Odds

Now that Canada has joined the single-game betting crowd, Heisman odds are available to Canadians year-round at multiple online sportsbooks. Given how successful Canadian players have become in the NCAA, you’ll have more than a couple of home-country options to bet on. See below for current Heisman Trophy odds at Canadian online sportsbooks.

Heisman Trophy odds

See below for live Heisman Trophy betting odds at top Canadian online sportsbooks. Click on any odds to head right to the sportsbook and get your Heisman bets in.

How to bet on the Heisman winner

Though there are several college football futures markets to choose from, betting on the Heisman Trophy winner is certainly one of the most popular. Here is the Heisman odds layout for the BetMGM Sportsbook app, which you can find under its main section for college football odds.

Heisman Trophy odds at BetMGM

Heisman odds are posted in the springtime, many months before Week 1 of the college football betting season in August. At most sportsbooks, they remain up throughout the season, constantly updating odds based on each week’s action.

Ultimately, your Heisman bet will not be officially settled until the ceremony following the regular season.

See the odds feed above for current Heisman lines offered at Caesars Sportsbook Canada, BetRivers Sportsbook Canada and more.

Heisman Trophy betting trends

The Heisman Trophy, annually awarded to the most outstanding player of each NCAA football season, is one of the most prestigious individual awards in all of North American sports. The Heisman is a career highlight for any recipient, cementing that player’s permanent legacy in college football lore.

First awarded in 1935, the Heisman Trophy is steeped in history. In the many decades since, student athletes of different programs, positions and academic years have won the award. But since it’s hard to compare different eras, we’ll focus on recent history when we note Heisman Trophy betting trends.

  • It’s a quarterback award: It’s not a stretch to say the Heisman is an accolade for quarterbacks, especially in recent history. From 2000 to 2020, 17 quarterbacks have won the award. In the last two decades, there has been no two-year stretch without a QB hoisting the Heisman.
  • Upperclassmen tend to win: Most times, the Heisman goes to a junior or a senior. That’s true historically and recently, as six of the past eight winners have been upperclassmen. In fact, until Johnny Manziel in 2012 and Jameis Winston in 2013, no freshman had ever won the award.
  • Avoid the opening line favourite: If you go back and check, the ultimate Heisman winner was usually not the frontrunner in the spring or summer before the season. In fact, many winners haven’t even been in the top three or five in odds. Don’t be afraid to look a little bit down the odds board and get a big number on a player who isn’t a favourite.

Last 10 Heisman winners

Any fan familiar with the National Football League will recognize most Heisman Trophy winners. In recent years, we’ve seen plenty of players receive the Heisman and go on to make a huge impact in the professional game. Here are the winners from the past 10 years:

2021Bryce YoungQBAlabama
2020Devonta SmithWRAlabama
2019Joe BurrowQBLSU
2018Kyler MurrayQBOklahoma
2017Baker MayfieldQBOklahoma
2016Lamar JacksonQBLouisville
2015Derrick HenryRBAlabama
2014Marcus MariotaQBOregon
2013Jameis WinstonQBFlorida State
2012Johnny ManzielQBTexas A&M

On eight occasions, a player has won the Heisman Trophy and later an NFL MVP. That list includes Barry Sanders (Oklahoma State) and, most recently, Cam Newton (Auburn).

One interesting Heisman Trophy fact is that there has been only one two-time winner. Ohio State running back Archie Griffin won the award in 1974 and 1975, but the feat hasn’t been repeated since. Griffin went on to play several seasons in the NFL.

More futures markets for college football

Online sportsbooks in Canada are sure to offer bettors Heisman Trophy odds, but that isn’t all. There are many different NCAA football futures options related to teams and individual players. All of them have the potential to pay out some big bucks when it’s all said and done.

Here’s a look at some additional futures betting markets for college football:

  • National Champion
  • Conference Winner
  • Conference Finalist
  • College Football Playoff Teams

Similar to the Heisman market, odds for conference winners and the national champion will remain open throughout the season with updated odds at most sportsbooks. Other choices may drop off the board as the season progresses.

Heisman Trophy FAQ

When is the Heisman Trophy awarded?

The Heisman Trophy is typically awarded in December or January following the regular season and prior to the conclusion of the College Football Playoff. The Heisman Trophy is intended to be a regular-season award.

Who votes for the Heisman Trophy winner?

Media members who cover college football from across the United States are selected by the Heisman Memorial Trust. In total, there are 870 media votes for the Heisman.

Which team has the most Heisman winners?

The school record for Heisman Trophy winners is seven. Oklahoma, Notre Dame, and Ohio State all hold that distinction.

Who was the most controversial Heisman winner of recent years?

Lamar Jackson won the Heisman by a longshot in 2016 with some outstanding individual numbers. Many saw it as a foregone conclusion because much of his success came early in the season. But his Louisville team played weak competition early on, and Jackson struggled to close the season. That was unlike Clemson’s Deshaun Watson, who had less impressive numbers but led his No. 1-ranked team to an undefeated season.

Who has had the best Heisman season?

There are many to choose from, but it’s tough to ignore Barry Sanders’ performance at Oklahoma State in 1988. If you count the bowl game, Sanders ran for 2,850 yards and scored 44 times in a truly dominant season before being drafted by the Detroit Lions.

Has a freshman or sophomore won a Heisman?

Johnny Manziel became the first freshman to win the award in 2012, and Jameis Winston followed as the second freshman. Both players were redshirt freshmen, however, and no true freshman has won the Heisman to date. Bryce Young won it as a sophomore in 2021.

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