Monday Night Football Odds

There’s something special about waking up on Monday after a full slate of Sunday NFL games, knowing there’s still one left. Whether you’ve won or lost your bets on Sunday, Monday Night Football odds represent one more chance to end (or start) the football week on a positive note.

Here’s what you need to know about betting on Monday Night Football online in Canada. We’ll cover the latest betting lines direct from Canadian online sportsbooks plus some of the game’s key prop bets.

This week’s Monday Night Football odds: spreads, moneylines, totals

See below for this week’s MNF odds from legal Canadian online sportsbooks. Use the drop-down menu on the left to change the odds board. Click on any odds to go directly to the sportsbook, sign up and start getting your Monday Night Football bets down.

Who’s playing Monday Night Football this week?

Now that every one of the 32 NFL teams plays 17 games in the new 18-week season, there are a total of 272 games for schedule makers to sort through. And fitting everyone into prime-time games such as Monday Night Football takes a bit of work by schedulers.

Every team is guaranteed one prime time slot throughout the season, though it could be on Thursday or Sunday, as well. That means not every team gets to play on MNF every season, though some teams will appear on multiple occasions.

Check our specific NFL team pages (Vikings odds, Bills odds, etc.) to see when your favorite team has a Monday Night tilt; see for the full Monday Night Football schedule for the upcoming NFL season.


How to bet on Monday Night Football

MNF spreads, totals & moneyline

When it comes to the choices that sportsbooks offer on a Monday night, the options mirror those that you can find for every game on Sunday. But when you open up your Canadian sports betting app to the NFL section, there are three conventional and popular bets you’ll see first.

  • Moneyline: A wager on which team will win the game.
  • Point spread: Using a predetermined spread set by oddsmakers to select one team to “cover” the number.
  • Totals: Selecting whether the combined score of the game will go over or under a total that the sportsbook sets.

Regardless of which sportsbooks you sign up for, the moneyline, spread and total will be available for every game. This is one reason to sign up for multiple sportsbooks and compare odds at each of them to find the best NFL lines.

Monday Night Football props

Once new bettors dive deeper into NFL betting, they quickly discover that there’s much more to wager on at Canadian online sportsbooks than just the conventional markets. Props have exploded in popularity over recent years alongside mobile betting, especially for NFL bettors.

At betting apps such as DraftKings Sportsbook Canada, BetMGM Sportsbook Canada and others, dozens of props are available for every Monday Night Football game. Here are some of the options you might find:

  • First- and second-half moneylines, spreads and totals
  • Moneylines, spreads and totals for each quarter
  • Alternative spreads and totals
  • Team totals
  • Player throwing/receiving/rushing stats
  • Player first/last/anytime TD scorer
  • Winning margin
  • First scoring play
  • Longest FG made
  • Total first downs in game
  • Total punts

Because it stands alone on prime time, Monday Night Football sees some of the heaviest prop betting action. And the great thing about all the options is that you’re likely to find something that suits you.

Live betting on MNF games

Live betting is one of the most popular ways to bet on the NFL, and similar to props, there’s a special place for in game odds during Monday Night Football when it’s the only game in town. As the game progresses, Canadian online sportsbooks will update the Monday Night Football odds on a range of markets, including the following:

Monday Night Football betting trends

All of the betting options may be the same, but wagering on Monday Night Football isn’t quite like putting your money on a Sunday matchup. From a betting perspective, all of the public’s attention is focused on one game. This can have an impact on the lines, the markets you bet on and when exactly you place your bets. Keep the following MNF betting tips and trends in mind.

  • Monday night is rivalry night: Nearly all of the most frequent matchups in MNF history have been between two rivals. Divisional games make up much of the schedule for Mondays, and fans welcome seeing rivalries in prime time. Check our Buffalo Bills odds & lines page to see when they might matchup with the Pats in prime time this season.
  • Props are popular on Monday night: There’s only one spread, moneyline and total to choose from once you’re down to the last game of the week. For that reason, the dozens of prop bets available for the game are incredibly popular. Don’t be afraid to dig deep and find a more specific market to focus on.
  • Fading the public on MNF means waiting: Because there’s only one game on, the MNF line is going to see heavier wagering than a Sunday game. If the public is clearly on one side (moneyline, spread or total) but you find yourself on the other, wait for the masses to inflate the sports odds. Then place your bet just before kickoff on Monday when the line is at its most valuable.

How to stream MNF live

In Canada, Monday Night Football airs exclusively on TSN.

In 2021, the National Football League announced several media-rights deals for all of its programming for the foreseeable future. Big names such as Fox, NBC, CBS and ESPN all have deals to broadcast NFL action, but NFL Monday games belong to ESPN.

In the US, Monday Night Football games begin at 8:15 p.m. ET on ESPN and the ESPN app. The current deal is in place until 2033, so don’t expect to be watching MNF games on another network anytime soon.

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