Bet on NFL Player Props

NFL player props take your NFL knowledge from watching games and playing fantasy sports and turn it into real-money bets. These bets are all about the in-game action that’s focused on player stats and milestones, not game outcomes.

Player props definitely lean to the fun side of sports betting and it’s easy to get a handle on how to do it. See below for today’s NFL player prop odds from online sportsbooks in Canada.

Today’s NFL player props

NFL player props are available before and during NFL games at legal online sportsbooks. Search for any NFL player, and you’ll see what you can bet on plus the current odds. Click on any odds to go to the sportsbook that posted them, claim any sports betting bonuses, sign up for an account and place your bet.

Where can you find NFL player props online in Canada?

Here are some top sports betting sites that may be available depending on where you are:

  • DraftKings app: DraftKings features a good selection of touchdown scorer bets, passing props, and rushing and receiving props.
  • FanDuel app: FanDuel’s online sportsbook has a variety of TD scorer bets, passing props, receiving props, rushing props and kicker props.
  • Caesars app:  Caesars Sportsbook has TD scorer and player props that include passing touchdowns, yards, completions and attempts for quarterbacks; rushing and receiving yards for running backs, wide receivers and tight ends; defensive tackles for defensive players; and points, field goals and extra points for kickers.
  • BetRivers app: You’ll find props for touchdowns, passing, receiving, rushing, interceptions and player specials on the BetRivers app, alongside special teams props and some more in-depth props for big games like the Super Bowl.
  • BetMGM app: NFL player props at BetMGM Sportsbook include player TDs and various QB, rushing, receiving, kicking and defensive props.
  • PointsBet app: The PointsBet app has props for TD scorers, passing, receiving, rushing and kicking.

How do NFL player props work?

Basically, player props are side bets you can place on a player to hit certain statistical milestones or accomplish something in a game. Much like fantasy sports, it’s the individual stats that count, not a team’s wins or losses.

The average NFL game will feature dozens of player props, and big games like the Super Bowl will have many more. Visit our dedicated Super Bowl betting page for the most popular prop bets on the big game.

Here are some of the player prop bets you might find for a typical NFL game:

  • Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen to throw for over/under 300 yards.
  • Buffalo Bills RB Devin Singletary to rush for over/under 45 yards.
  • Seattle Seahawks WR DK Metcalf to score a TD — yes/no.
  • Seattle Seahawks S Quandre Diggs to record over/under 2.5 tackles.

How to place an NFL player prop bet

Sportsbooks tend to list upcoming NFL games front and center on their homepages. But you’ll also find every single one under the “NFL” or “Football” link. Here’s how it looks at the DraftKings online sportsbook:

NFL player props at DraftKings

As you can see, various player prop categories appear on the top line, and you can navigate your way to them with a click. Here’s what it’ll look like for TD scorer bets:

NFL TD scorers' prop bet

See a line you like? Just click the odds to create a betting slip. There, you can add in how much you want to bet, verify the potential payout and place your prop bet online.

nfl player parlays

Once you place a bet, it’ll appear in your pending bets section, and you can keep your eyes on how it’s faring throughout the game. You may receive an option to cash out early, allowing you to lock in some winnings if it looks as though the player you bet on is going to hit the mark. If you take the option, you’ll receive at least some money back if disaster suddenly strikes.

What are “good” odds for NFL player props?

For the most part, NFL player props either ask a yes or no question or ask you to decide if a player’s stats will land over or under a line that the sportsbook has set. Then the books set the odds on each of the possible outcomes — for instance, yes or no or over or under.

The odds and lines from the sportsbook aim to draw an equal amount of betting to each side. That way, the sportsbooks can profit off the vig baked into the odds without having to sweat the outcome of the wager. Betting volume or other factors may force sportsbooks to change the odds to try to get the betting back to even.

When they initially set the odds and lines, oddsmakers dig deep into statistical analysis and analytics. You should do the same if you’re planning on betting. Your goal with NFL player props should be to find any odds that are out of line with the performance you expect from your analysis.

Good odds are the ones that are good for you, paying better or costing you less than the stats and analytics say they should.

Popular prop bets for NFL players

The best NFL player props are popular betting options during the average NFL week. Here are some of the main bets you might see:

  • Anytime TD scorer: A bet on any single player to score a TD.
  • Yardage over/unders: Bets on a player’s total passing, rushing or receiving yards.
  • TD doubles: A bet on a player to score two TDs or more.
  • First, last, multiple TDs: A bet on a player to score the first, last or multiple TDs.
  • Defensive stats: Over/under bets on a defensive player’s tackles, sacks or interceptions.
  • Attempts, completions, receptions:  Over/under bets on a player’s passing, rushing or receiving stats outside of yardage totals.

Same-game parlays with NFL player props

The odds are relatively tight on many player props, but there is a way to increase your potential payout. Stacking player props together as a parlay bet will increase the odds substantially, and you can do it for several props in the same game or different games. However, you have to get every leg of the parlay correct to get paid anything at all.

What are the sportsbook rules for NFL player props?

Before betting on any NFL player prop, you should read a sportsbook’s terms and conditions regarding these bets. They will outline rules that typically include the following:

  • Sportsbooks use official NFL game data and statistics to settle props.
  • Books will void props on players that the team has already ruled out prior to kickoff. However, props will stand for players who are injured during a game or don’t play due to a coach’s decision.
  • You can’t dispute a penalty call that prevents you from winning a prop just because you disagree with it.
  • Bets stand despite venue changes, schedule changes or start delays unless a game is cancelled or officially postponed to later in the season.

Tips for NFL player prop betting

  • Stack: The most successful NFL prop betting strategies often involve stacking related props together. If you’re betting on a player to put up stats in one category, it can make sense to bet on that player to play well overall and put up stats elsewhere. Or you could bet on players on the same team to put up big numbers together. Combining props on QB passing yardage, completions, attempts and TD stats could lead to a bigger payday. Plus, if the QB is going to put up big passing numbers, the team’s best receiver may do so as well.
  • Oops: Do enough research and you may find some mistakes in the odds. Oddsmakers will pay more attention to the most recent statistical trends in setting over/under stat lines. Look long term at how some players bounce back from bad games and you might find something. Pay attention to injury reports, and you may even see something that slipped through the cracks.
  • Let the good times roll: There are so many different player props to bet on that it’s easy to get carried away. Just remember, prop betting should be about having fun, not just increasing your football betting action. Betting responsibly and within your means is the only way to do NFL player prop betting right.

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