Bet on NFL Win Totals 

Can you predict the number of wins your favourite NFL team (or any other NFL team) will deliver in any single season? If so, NFL win totals odds are right up your alley. Below find more on NFL win totals betting, including the current win totals odds posted at Canadian online sportsbooks.

NFL win totals

Below see the latest NFL win totals odds at Canadian online sportsbooks. Click on any odds to go directly to the sportsbook and start making your bets.

How NFL season win totals work

Totals are some of the most popular bet types in all of sports gambling. NFL win totals—which are technically futures bets—is pretty simple when you break it down to the brass tacks: oddsmakers give you a number (the total wins a specific NFL team will net in a season), and you have to decide if the true number of wins will be over or under the prediction.

For example, let’s say Buffalo Bills odds are set at a win total of 10.5 by the sportsbook of your choice. Do you think Buffalo can ride its dangerous offensive and staunch defense to more victories than 10? Or will the rising Bills take a backward step and fall short this year?

But wait — why is there half a game listed? Well, oddsmakers use half games to ensure there won’t be any “ties” that would negate the wagers placed on the outcome. If the number was specifically 11 wins and the Bills picked up 11 wins in a season, then the final tally wasn’t over or under the amount.

Every bet on the over, and every bet on the under, would have to be paid back. Sportsbooks definitely don’t want to give money back. That’s especially true when they aren’t making any money off the opposite outcome—hence, the half games.

Sometimes bets have to be paid back for other reasons, such as the season being canceled. In the vast majority of sportsbooks, a canceled season cannot be a “complete” season, and thus wins and losses cannot be earned.

What’s the best time to bet on NFL futures?

That’s really a personal preference, but there are definitely factors to weigh. For those who like to take some risks in hopes of big rewards, the earlier the better. Odds will be longer because there is much less information available. Unfortunately, you are blinded by the same lack of information at that point.

As the season draws nearer, more of that all-important information becomes available, and you’re able to make a more educated decision. That goes for the oddsmakers too, which means the odds will shift accordingly.

So you have to weigh the risks versus the rewards. How comfortable you are with making riskier wagers in the dark or safer wagers with more knowledge? Do you believe your precious Vikings odds will get better or worse? It’s all up to you.

Who sets NFL win totals?

You have read the term “oddsmakers” a lot on this page. Let’s define. The simple explanation is sportsbooks hire experts who use a wide variety of betting tools, such as historical data, NFL news sources, football analytics and even artificial intelligence programs, to help them make determinations on how a game (or even a season) is going to play out.

From their projections, these experts determine favourites from underdogs and frontrunners from long shots. Those teams are then assigned odds, based on their forecasted chances of winning. Obviously, underdogs carry longer odds (and bigger payouts), but underdogs don’t often win. Favourites are safer, but favourites don’t pay out at the former level. It’s always a dance.

Three basic NFL win totals betting tips

While bettors eventually create their own strategies, here are a few pieces of betting advice on NFL over under win totals to get you started.

  1. Shop around for better lines: Sure, you have your favorite sportsbooks, but that doesn’t mean you two are exclusive. Take a look at other legal and regulated books to find the best NFL lines for your chosen team. If you have a strong feeling about a particular organization, why not give yourself the best possible return on your wager?
  2. Don’t let history fool you: Just because a team has won a lot in the past doesn’t mean they are going to win a lot this year. Have there been any significant off-season moves of top athletes out of the organization? Any retirements? Any coaching changes? Look at the New England Patriots—they were darn good for quite awhile, and then in 2020 they were not even a shadow of their former Super Bowl-winning teams. Last year, they carried a low win totals prediction in most sportsbooks, about 8.5. Someone who didn’t do their research would guess the might Pats would blow that total out of the water. Boy, would they have been wrong. The Pats finished 7-9.
  3. Be smart with your money: Create a bankroll budget, and stick with it. Most likely, that budget isn’t going to be centered around futures wagers, so don’t go hog wild wagering on every team in the NFL. Instead, be picky, choose wisely and try to find the best wagers you can make. It’s your hard-earned money, after all, so don’t just go throwing it away on just a whim.

More NFL futures odds

Win totals aren’t the only popular futures wagers you can make when betting on the NFL. In fact, some of the most popular bets have nothing to do with records at all. Here are some of the more common NFL futures odds at most sportsbooks:

Check back at your favourite sportsbooks for their (likely vast) NFL futures offerings. Be sure to check the rules for NFL betting at online sportsbooks as well.

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