Bet on NHL Player Props

NHL player props let you bet on the game within the game. They focus on player stats and allow you to profit anytime your favourites put up points—if you’re on the right side of the bet, of course.

Check out the latest NHL player prop odds from Canadian online sportsbooks and how you can take advantage of them below.

Search for live NHL props at online sportsbooks

NHL player props are now available at the top online sportsbooks in Canada. Use the search bar to find any NHL player and their current prop odds. Click any odds to claim your sports betting bonus, sign up, and get your bets in.

Where can you find NHL player props online in Canada?

Here’s what the best legal online sports betting sites in Canada bring to the table for NHL player props:

  • BetMGM: NHL player props at BetMGM Sportsbook Canada include bets on first, last, and anytime goal scorers. There are also shots, assists, points, and powerplay points over/under scoring props for the top players in every game plus saves, goals against, and shutout goaltender props for starting netminders.
  • Caesars: NHL player props at Caesars online sportsbook include Over/Unders on Total Assists, Total Shots, Total Points, and Total Power Play Points. There are also Total Saves and Shutout Yes/No markets for goalies. Plus, there are standard first scorer, last scorer, and anytime scorer goal props and a variety of different score and win parlay props.
  • DraftKings: The DraftKings Sportsbook app in Ontario features first scorer, last scorer, and anytime scorer goalscorer props. There are also points, powerplay points, assists, and shots markets. Plus, goalie saves, goals against, and shutout markets for goaltenders.
  • FanDuel: FanDuel Canada sportsbook keeps up with the Joneses offering all the usual Player Goals, Player Points, Player Assists, Player Shots, and Goalie Props for NHL games.
  • BetRivers:  NHL player props at BetRivers include all standard all the Goals, Points, Assists, and Shots markets. Plus, goaltender props.
  • PointsBet: PointsBet Sportsbook is the exclusive sports betting partner of the NHL Alumni Association in Canada. That means players are its thing and NHL Player Props are sure to include first, last, and anytime goalscorer markets. Plus shots, assists, points, and powerplay points scoring props and saves, goals against, and shutout props for goalies.

Most popular prop bets for NHL players

Here’s a quick look at the most popular NHL Player Props:

  • Anytime goalscorer: Bet on any player to score at least one goal in a game.
  • Player assists: Over/Under bets on a player’s total assists in a game.
  • Total points: Over/Under bets on a player’s total points in a game.
  • First and last goalscorer: Bets on any player to score either the first or last goal in a game.
  • Power play points: Over/Under bets on a player’s total power-play points in a game.
  • Shots on goal: Over/Under bets on a player’s total shots in a game.
  • Goalie saves or shutouts: Over/Under bets on a goalie’s total saves in a game or a yes/no bet on a goalie recording a shutout.

How do you place an NHL player prop bet online?

The main bet types are front and center at BetMGM and most online sportsbooks. However, If you look to the lower right of these odds, there will be a clickable ‘all wagers’ link. When you click it, you’ll find all of the other available betting options for that game, including NHL Player Props.

nhl odds

This feature isn’t unique to BetMGM. All of the top legal online sportsbooks in Canada, allow you to click through to find all of the available betting markets and props for a game, as well as alternate game lines. Browse through them and when you’re ready to bet, click the odds you want to bet on.

nhl player prop odds

Plug in the amount you want to bet and the sportsbook will display your potential return right there on your bet slip. If everything looks good, click again to place your bet. From there, the bet will be listed in the open bets section of your account. Bets get settled rather quickly after a game, so you’ll find any winnings are credited immediately if you make the correct call.

Odds for NHL player prop bets

NHL hockey odds for player prop bets will vary based on the nature of each wager.

NHL player props generally ask a question giving you two answers to choose from. This may include a question like will Auston Matthews record more or less than 0.5 points in tonight’s Toronto Maple Leafs game?

Your two choices are the over at one point or more, and the Under with no points. Or, it may include a question like will goalie Thatcher Demko record a shutout for the Vancouver Canucks tonight? Your two choices are yes and no. Either way, you book bets on your choice at the currently posted odds and get paid at those odds if you are correct.

There are also props with multiple choices to consider. Here’s what the board looks like for the goalscorer props market at DraftKings for an average NHL game.

nhl player prop odds

These boards typically list the potential goal scorers in descending order with the favourites up top. Just remember: not all odds are created equal. You’ll find differences at various sportsbooks, which means it’s always a good idea to shop around online for the best price on any prop.

Odds are impacted by market action, injury news, roster moves, or even just an oddsmaker’s feelings. Before placing any bet you should take the time to shop around, compare odds, and look for potential value.

What are sportsbook rules for NHL player props?

Before diving headfirst into the NHL player props market, be aware that:

  • NHL props are settled using official NHL data and stats.
  • Props are voided and bets are returned for players ruled out before a game, but not during a game. Injuries and a coach’s decision when it comes to playing time are not taken into consideration in the settlement of these props.

You are responsible for knowing the rules of any bet you place. If you are at all concerned about a player’s injury status, relationship with the coach, or anything else heading into a game, don’t bet on them.

Tips for NHL player prop betting

  • Ice time: Players who play more, score more. More ice time naturally leads to more opportunities to rack up goals and assists. Consider a player’s role on the team, and the ice time they can expect, before betting on them in the online props market. Don’t bet on defenders who play 15 minutes per game and never shoot to get goals. Do bet on first-line centers on high-scoring teams to put up points.  
  • We’re going streaking: Lean on trends and recent history to tell you who’s hot and who’s not. Players go on hot and cold streaks and the prop markets are where you can profit off the hot ones while avoiding the not-so-hot and lukewarm ones. Taking note of any long-term trends and matchup history can also lead to better prop bets.
  • The season counts: Current streaks are telling, but your best prop bets are usually on players who produce more consistently. A look at season-long stats will tell you who you can count on to show up on the score sheet and produce profits in the NHL player prop markets.

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