How to Bet on the Premier League in Canada

Boasting five of the 10 richest football clubs on the planet, Canadian soccer fans know the English Premier League is the gold standard for football across the world. Premier League franchises Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, and Chelsea are now some of the biggest sports brands on Earth.

An active betting culture across the pond and a love of football have also helped turn the Premier League into one of the most popular pro sports leagues to bet on in the world.  With the end of the federal government’s ban on single-game betting, provinces are now deciding what they want to do with legal sports betting and single-game betting on the Premier League is a part of it.

That means thousands of new Premier League betting opportunities on this side of the pond. Here are the latest Premier League betting odds direct from sportsbooks in Canada plus some general soccer betting tips for the EPL.

Live Premier League Odds

Here’s a look at all the latest Premier League game lines direct from Canadian online sportsbooks. Use the drop-down menu to change your odds board from moneyline to spread to totals. Click on any odds to go right to the sportsbook, claim your bonus and get your Premier League bets started.

How to bet on Premier League soccer

Basic Premier League single-game betting is three-way or 1X2 betting, which means you can bet on one of three outcomes at traditional moneyline odds. These outcomes include bets on:

  • Home team win
  • Away team win
  • Draw

Of course, there’s also traditional spread and totals betting similar to spread and totals betting in other sports. Premier League betting also includes:

  • Double chance betting, where you bet on two out of three possible outcomes.
  • Cards betting, where you place a totals bet on the number of red and yellow cards issued in a game.
  • Corners betting, where you place a totals bet on the number of corners awarded to each team or both teams combined
  • Live betting, where you bet during a game at odds that change with the action on the field
  • GG or NG betting, where you bet on both teams scoring (GG) or one or both not scoring (NG)
  • Exact score betting, where you try to predict the exact score of a game

Premier League player props/futures

Premier League single-game betting also includes props and futures.

That means you can bet on a specific player to:

  • Score
  • Get a red or yellow card
  • Score with a header, etc.

or bet on team props, such as which team might score the first or last goal in a game. You may also bet on prop futures including who will:

  • Be named the Premier League Player of the Season?
  • Win the Premier League Golden Boot?
  • Lead the league in assists? Etc.

Premier League futures also, of course, are open for bets on which team you think will win the table. The market is open year round but the odds will change in-season alongside each team’s chances.

Who are the favourites to win the Premier League title?

Perennial favourites to win the Premier League are typically Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, and Arsenal. Here’s a quick profile of each these traditional EPL powerhouse clubs:

Manchester City

  • Home Ground: City of Manchester Stadium (55,017)
  • Founded: 1880
  • Owner: City Football Group
  • Manager: Pep Guardiola
  • 2020–21: 1st

Manchester United

  • Home Ground: Old Trafford (74,140)
  • Founded: 1878
  • Owner: Manchester United plc (NYSE: MANU)
  • Manager: Ole Gunnar Solskjær
  • 2020–21:  2nd


  • Home Ground: Anfield (53,394)
  • Founded: 1892
  • Owner: Fenway Sports Group
  • Manager: Jürgen Klopp
  • 2020–21: 3rd


  • Home Ground: Stamford Bridge (40,834)
  • Founded: 1905
  • Owner: Roman Abramovich
  • Manager: Thomas Tuchel
  • 2020–21: 4th

Tottenham Hotspur

  • Home Ground: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium (62,850)
  • Founded: 1882
  • Owner: ENIC International Ltd.
  • Manager: José Mourinho
  • 2020–21: 7th


  • Home Ground: Emirates Stadium (60,704)
  • Founded: 1886
  • Owner: Kroenke Sports & Entertainment
  • Manager: Mikel Arteta
  • 2020–21: 8th

Cup & UEFA Champions League odds

The top four teams in the Premier League table at the end of the season qualify for next season’s UEFA Champions League group stage, the top international club competition in Europe. The winners of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League also qualify. This means, if six Premier League teams qualify for the UEFA Champions League, the fourth-placed team in the table gets in the UEFA Europa League instead, as the UK can only send a maximum of five teams.

Premier League teams also compete in the FA Cup English football knockout competition throughout the season. The FA Cup winner and the fifth-placed team in the Premier League table qualify for next season’s UEFA Europa League group stage, Europe’s next tier of international club competition.

Top-level Premier League teams also compete in the EFL Cup English football knockout competition throughout the season. The EFL Cup winner automatically qualifies for the next season’s UEFA Europa League second qualifying round.

You can bet on Premier League teams in all this cup and International competition football through FA Cup, EFL Cup, Champions League, and Europa League futures markets. Plus, you can bet on individual matches in all these competitions.

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Recent Premier League winners & results

The EPL season runs between August and May featuring 20 teams playing each other once at home and away, for a total of 38 matches each. The bottom three teams in the table are relegated to the second tier Championship and replaced by three clubs promoted from there. Here’s a look at the most recent EPL season results:


  • Champions: Manchester City
  • Champions League: Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea,
  • Europa: Leicester City, West Ham
  • Relegated: Sheffield United, West Bromwich Albion, Fulham
  • Promoted: Norwich City, Watford, Brentford
  • Leading Scorer: Harry Kane (23 goals)


  • Champions: Liverpool
  • Champions League: Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea,
  • Europa: Leicester City, Tottenham Hotspur
  • Relegated: Bournemouth, Watford, Norwich City
  • Promoted: Leeds United, West Bromwich Albion, Fulham
  • Leading Scorer: Jamie Vardy


  • Champions: Manchester City
  • Champions League: Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur
  • Europa: Arsenal, Manchester United, Wolverhampton Wanderers
  • Relegated: Cardiff City, Fulham, Huddersfield Town
  • Promoted: Norwich City, Sheffield United, Aston Villa
  • Leading Scorer: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Sadio Mané, Mohamed Salah


  • Champions: Manchester City
  • Champions League: Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool
  • Europa: Chelsea, Arsenal, Burnley
  • Relegated: Swansea City, Stoke City, West Bromwich Albion
  • Promoted: Wolverhampton Wanderers, Cardiff City, Fulham
  • Leading Scorer: Mohamed Salah


  • Champions: Chelsea
  • Champions League: Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United
  • Europa: Arsenal, Everton
  • Relegated: Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Hull City
  • Promoted: Newcastle United, Brighton & Hove Albion, Huddersfield Town
  • Leading Scorer: Harry Kane

English Premier League betting tips

Try these three tips to see if they can improve your EPL betting win rate and payouts:

  • Bet early: There’s value in getting bets down fast as Premier League odds can tighten up very quickly on match day. Take advantage of the best prices on your bets by getting your bets down days ahead instead.
  • Bet the Over and the GG: Lots of goals are scored in the Premier League. There was an average of 2.72 goals scored in each game last season and 2.82 the season before. That means you can confidently bet on both teams to score, and the over, a good percentage of the time.
  • Bet Man City futures: Manchester City won its sixth Premier League title over the past 11 years in 2020-21. Bet Manchester City futures ahead of the season for the best Premier League odds and take advantage of the fact this bet seems to win 50% of the time.

Premier League betting models

Look around on the internet and you’re sure to find any number of statistical models for Premier League betting promising they can help you beat the books.

Just be wary of anything you’re forced to pay for. If a model is that good, it won’t be for sale as the creator will be making enough money betting the model not to need the money you’re paying to use it. Plus, creators of statistical models that truly work will want to keep the results rather quiet, as the more people that know about it, the greater the chances are that sportsbooks will adjust.

Top Canadian players in the Premier League

Only ten Canadians have ever suited up for Premier League teams. The list includes:

  • Scott Arfield – Burnley (2014–15, 2016–18)
  • Jim Brennan – Norwich City(2004–05)
  • Terry Dunfield – Manchester City (2000–01)
  • David Edgar – Newcastle United, Burnley (2006–10)
  • Craig Forrest – Ipswich Town, Chelsea, West Ham United (1992–95, 1996–2001)
  • Junior Hoilett – Blackburn Rovers, Queens Park Rangers, Cardiff City (2009–13, 2014–15, 2018–19)
  • Simeon Jackson – Norwich City(2011–13)
  • Tomasz Radzinski – Everton, Fulham (2001–07)
  • Paul Stalteri – Tottenham Hotspur, Fulham (2005–08)
  • Frank Yallop – Ipswich Town – (1992–95)

How to watch Premier League soccer online in Canada

Premier League action is only broadcast on authorized UK broadcasters, Sky Sports and BT Sport. However, in Canada, you can watch English Premier League games online through DAZN, the global sports streaming service. DAZN will live stream every match throughout the 2020-21 English Premier League season and has the exclusive live media rights for coverage of the Premier League in Canada through 2022.

How to bet on the Premier League in Canada

The only avenue for Premier League betting in Canada used to be the limited parlay sports betting lottery products offered by provincial lottery corporations. To bet, you had to combine at least two or three bets together and accept the less-than-fair odds the lottery corporations were offering. That’s all changed since the federal government lifted its ban on single-game wagering in June 2021. Here’s a look at how provincial lottery corporation sports betting products have changed or are getting ready to:

  • PROLINE in Ontario: Currently limited parlay wagering products only available at lottery retailers. An online single-game wagering solution is on the way and the province is planning to allow privately run online sportsbooks in the market.
  • Mise-o-jeu in Quebec: Already includes single-game wagering and parlay wagering at Loto-Québec retailers, self-service kiosks, and online with an Espacejeux account.
  • PlayNow in BC and Manitoba: Already includes a fully functional online sportsbook with single-game wagering and parlay wagering available at
  • Sports Select in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and Yukon: Limited parlay wagering only at provincial lottery retailers and self-service kiosks in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and Yukon. Alberta will add online single-game wagering via in 2021. Plus, a Saskatchewan online casino and sports betting site from the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority is under construction.
  • STADIUM BETS in Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick: Already includes single-game wagering and parlay wagering in Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick online and at provincial lottery retailers.

Single-game sports betting in Canada has already brought a myriad of Premier League betting options to Canadians. It gives you the chance to bet on moneylines, spreads, and totals for every Premier League game. Plus, Premier League futures, props, and live betting during games.

How do EPL odds in Canada compare to the UK?

Sportsbooks on this side of the Atlantic lean on the expertise of those in the UK when setting lines on Premier League games. That means most Premier League lines start the same at both. But they might end up different by game time.

Lines are set to draw an equal amount of betting to each side. That way sportsbooks earn a profit from the vig or the difference between what they pay winning bets and take in from losing bets. When more money is bet on one side, the sportsbook where that money is bet will move the line to try to get back to even again.

Only that sportsbook will make the change, as presumably others are still seeing even betting at the original betting line.

There’s so much more betting on the Premier League in the UK than anywhere else that the lines are more susceptible to movement there. All this is why a Premier League line might change at a sportsbook in the UK and not in Canada, or vice versa. It also explains why Premier League betting lines will open up the same on both sides of the Atlantic, but end up a little different by game time.

Why you should only bet at legal soccer betting sites

There are certain consumer protections provided to you when you bet on Premier League games with provincial lottery-run and provincially licensed sportsbooks. If something goes wrong, you have a government body to turn to.

Grey-market offshore sportsbooks don’t offer anything like that. If your money goes missing, it’s gone and you’ll have nowhere to turn. That is why it always made sense to bet with provincial lottery parlay products and will continue to make sense to bet with provincial lotteries or entities licensed by your province for single-game wagering.

Your money and personal information are simply never as safe with offshore online sportsbooks as they are with provincially backed and provincially licensed operators.

English Premier League Soccer FAQ

When does Premier League soccer start?

A typical Premier League season starts in August of one year and finishes up in May on the next.

What are the odds of picking a Premier League score right?

It’s hard to say exactly what the odds of predicting the exact score of a particular Premier League game might be. We do know that seven years ago a UK man won £1,000 in an online prediction game by correctly predicting all of an entire weekend’s Premier League scores. Exact score betting is tough, and if he’d made his prediction at a sportsbook instead, a £1 bet would have seen him take home a £1,917,726,719 profit. The truth is the odds of correctly predicting the score in 10 straight games is even longer than that.

How are Premier League odds set?

Sportsbooks in the UK set Premier League lines based on recent results, historical matchups, injury reports, projected betting patterns, and other things. The rest of the world copies them and changes ensure based on betting.

How are points awarded and how many points needed for a Title?

Premier League matches can end in three possible outcomes: The home team wins, the away team win, or the draw. Teams get three points for a win and one for a draw. The team with the most points at the end of the season gets into the Premier League Champion.

How many Premier League teams are sponsored by betting companies?

Sheffield United, Liverpool, and Chelsea were the only Premier League teams to start the 2020-21 season without a betting brand as a sponsor. More than half of the other teams have a betting brand’s logo on their jerseys. Plus, in the 2019-20 season, £68.6 million of the £349.1 million coming from Premier League shirt sponsorship came from gambling companies.

How many Premier League teams are based in London?

There are six teams from London in the Premier League, including:

  • Arsenal
  • Chelsea
  • Crystal Palace
  • Fulham
  • Tottenham
  • West Ham

How many divisions are there in UK soccer?

Below the Premier League, the English Football League consists of three divisions, each featuring 24 clubs. This includes The Championship, League One, and League Two, each of which is competing to move up to the next division for next season.

How many EPL teams play in the Champions League?

The top four teams in the Premier League qualify for next season’s UEFA Champions League group stage, but up to five teams can qualify. The winner of the Champions League or Europa League also qualifies for the Champions League, regardless of the Premier League standings. However, should six Premier League teams qualify for the UEFA Champions League, the fourth-placed team in standings goes to the UEFA Europa League instead.

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