US Open Tennis Betting

The US Open is the fourth and final Grand Slam event in the tennis calendar year. It’s also one of the two majors played on hard courts, alongside the Australian Open.

The fast surface at the US Open benefits big servers and power-hitters, which may explain why Canadians have always shown their best tennis at the US Open. Denis Shapovalov, Milos Raonic and Felix Auger-Aliassime are now expected to make deep runs at any US Open. On the women’s side, Bianca Andreescu won the trophy in 2019 to become the first Canadian ever to win a Grand Slam and Leylah Fernadez made the final in 2021.

If you want to jump into the betting action, our guide has the best sportsbooks for US Open betting in Canada below plus a primer for tennis betting rookies.

Best US Open Tennis Betting Sites in Canada

All the top private online sportsbooks will post live US Open tennis odds; you’ll see the best listed below along with our exclusive sign-up bonus for new bettors.

US Open tennis betting lines

The US Open is one of the marquee events in professional tennis and comes with multiple betting offerings from Canadian sports betting sites. The US Open odds for early markets, such as the tournament winner, are released early in the year but can change significantly based on what happens between then and the start of the event in August.

Early futures on the US Open could fetch big returns — much more significant than if you placed the same bet closer to kickoff. Hence the opening odds provide the best value for sharp bettors.

In the weeks leading up to the event, the books will expand their garden-variety US Open betting program, adding many exotic wagers to the mix. Here are a few popular options:

  • Match winner: This is the simplest way to bet on a tennis match. You need to pick a player (or a pair if you’re betting on doubles) that you believe will win the contest. The odds are expressed in the moneyline format, with the favourite side being marked by a negative sign, while the underdog is always delineated with a plus number that shows how much you will win on a $100 bet.
  • Over/under: In every US Open match, the books will allow you to bet on set or game totals. It’s offered as a two-way market where you need to predict whether the cumulative total of games or sets played in a match will surpass or fall behind the line posted by the books. Since the US Open is played in a best-of-five format, you can expect the game totals line to be set at around 38.5.
  • Spread betting: Spread betting in tennis is similar to the run line in the MLB, the puck line in hockey, or the point spread in the NFL and the NBA. There are two types of spread in tennis — one that focuses on the game line and the other that tackles the set line. For example, the sportsbook might create a hypothetical spread that Milos Raonic should win by 3.5 games. A game spread bet on the underdog will be successful if his opponent wins the match outright or loses by 1,2 or 3 games. Betting on Raonic will only yield profits if he wins by four or more games.
  • Outright winner: Tournament winner is the most popular type of futures bets you can place on US Open matches. With this wager, you’re betting on a specific player to win the whole thing. The favourites for the tournament winner bets are typically listed at the top of the odds board, followed by the underdogs and the longshots.
  • Exact score: Exact score betting is arguably the most challenging type of bet you’ll find in the US Open betting menu, as it hinges on the bettor predicting the exact number of games a player will win in a specific set or match. Since exact score bets are incredibly tricky to predict in a best-of-five match, they can generate hefty returns for those that pull it off.
  • Props: These are side bets on specific events within each US Open match. Typical examples of US Open props bets include predicting which player would have the most aces during the tournament or how many double faults a specific player would serve in a given match.

Live tennis betting at the US Open

Live or in-play betting refers to placing wagers on US Open matches while they’re unfolding. The same fundamentals apply as with pre-match betting, but with odds, spreads, and lines constantly being adjusted to reflect the changing nature of the game. The most common types of US Open live tennis bets include different props like:

  • Whether there will be a tie-break in a specific set or a match
  • The winner of X and Y (two successive) games within a particular set
  • Moneylines, spreads, totals with updated lines and odds

Bet on the best Canadian players at the US Open

In recent years, Canada has become a global tennis powerhouse. On the men’s side, Canada will likely have three seeded players in the US Open draw — Denis Shapovalov, Felix Auger-Aliassime, and Milos Raonic.

The 2020 US Open was historic for Canadian tennis as it marked the first-ever Grand Slam event where Canada had three players inside the round of 16. The most outstanding achievement in Canadian tennis history is Bianca Andreescu’s win at the 2019 US Open. The most decorated player is Daniel Nestor, with 91 men’s doubles titles, including 8 Grand Slams.

You can ramp up the thrill of watching Canadian tennis stars battling it out at the US Open with some cash on the line. Canadian-facing sportsbooks will allow you to back your favourite players in all sorts of ways, including:

  • Outright winner: The US Open has always been the most competitive of the four majors, and the potential winner has not necessarily been the higher-ranked player. If you believe that someone from the Canadian tennis camp will make a breakthrough at the US Open, you can back him or her with a tournament outright bet. A less risky alternative is betting on a Canadian player to reach the final or advance to the tournament’s latter stages.
  • Head to head: With head-to-head tournament bets, you’re banking on one player outperforming one of his rivals. The sportsbook may pit two Canadian players, and your goal is to predict which one will advance further in the tournament.
  • Props: Milos Raonic is one of the most dominant servers in tennis today and a noteworthy candidate for the Fastest Serve of the Tournament props bet offered by some sportsbooks. Big servers also provide excellent value for bets on a total number of aces served in the tournament. Note that this bet will be heavily dependent upon how far into the event the player will progress.

US Open tennis betting rules to keep an eye on

The US Open is one of the most straightforward events to bet on. Still, it’s subject to a few specific betting rules that pertain to walkovers, disqualifications, and other unusual occurrences.

It’s always good to get all of your facts straight before placing a bet, thus why we recommend that you always check the house rules of your chosen sportsbook before swinging into action.

Here are the most common US Open betting rules you’ll come across at Canadian online sportsbooks, such as for the Unibet Canada Sportsbook app or the Bally Bet Canada app:

  • Walkovers occur when a player withdraws from the match beforehand due to an injury, illness, or a personal reason. Since the match is never played, all bets made on it are voided.
  • Retirements: This is when a player (or pair) advances after their opponent retires during a match. Most sportsbooks require one set to be completed for moneyline bets to be considered valid.
  • Weather delays: Sometimes, US Open tennis matches get postponed or temporarily delayed due to rainy conditions. In such instances, your bet will stand with most books.

Betting tips for US Open tennis

As with other majors, the most important thing to factor in is the surface. Each court surface has its characteristics, affecting the players’ style of play and the ball’s speed.

Both the Australian Open and the US Open are played on acrylic-topped hard courts, but there is a difference in their surface composition. In 2020, the USTA Billie Jean National Tennis Center underwent a surface change, transitioning from the DecoTurf cushioned tennis court system to Laykold hard courts. This provides more consistency in court speed and performance throughout the tournament.

In general, the courts at the US Open are slightly faster, with a higher bounce compared to the ones at Melbourne Park. Consequently, they favour baseline players with tactical diversity and excellent footwork.

The surface is but one of the many aspects you have to consider when weighing up your US Open betting picks. Others include injuries, head-to-head records, form, and play style, to name a few. Let’s take a look at some of them in detail:

  • Style of play: Given the nature of the surface, quick on-court movers and heavy hitters are undoubtedly the go-to choices. That’s one of the reasons why Roger Federer has had so much success at the US Open, having won the most championships with five titles. It’s also why guys like Denis Shapovalov are always at the top of their game at Flushing Meadows.
  • Look for value outside the Big 3: In the past 15 years or so, the US Open has been the least predictable of the four majors. From 2009 onward, Del Potro, Cilic, Wawrinka, Murray, and even Dominic Thiem all managed to break the Big 3 stranglehold and win a title. What’s more, the next generation of ATP players are getting closer to the trifecta, so it might be a good idea to look for value elsewhere.
  • Factor in the schedule: Tennis calendar is long and overcrowded. By September, some players are worn out and spent, which may cause them to underperform at the US Open. Therefore, you should always review how many tournaments each player has played in the season and how much downtime they have between events.

Betting on doubles tennis at the US Open

For many tennis bettors, the doubles circuit is more appealing. Indeed, doubles matches provide spectacular rallies, more action at the net, and tons of betting opportunities.

In terms of the betting fundamentals, things work the same way in singles and doubles. However, we should note that most of the attention is centred around singles matches, which is reflected in a more versatile betting program — especially in the props department.

US Open past winners

While distant history may not be the most reliable indicator, looking at the recent results may help you gain an edge by showing you what types of players usually come out on top. Here’s the scoop as far as the men’s singles events are concerned:

YearWinnerRunner UpScore
2021Daniil MedvedevNovak Djokovic6-4, 6-4, 6-4
2020Dominic ThiemAlexander Zverev2-6, 4-6, 6-4, 6-3, 7-6
2019Rafael NadalDaniil Medvedev7-5, 6-3, 5-7, 4-6, 6-4
2018Novak DjokovicJuan Martin Del Potro6-3, 7-6, 6-3
2017Rafael NadalKevin Anderson6-3, 6-3, 6-4
2016Stan WawrinkaNovak Djokovic6-7, 6-4, 7-5, 6-3

The finals were more lopsided on the women’s side:

YearWinnerRunner UpScore
2021Emma RaducanuLeylah Fernandez6-4, 6-3
2020Naomi OsakaVictoria Azarenka1-6, 6-3, 6-3
2019Bianca AndreescuSerena Williams6-3, 7-5
2018Naomi OsakaSerena Williams6-2, 6-4
2017Sloane StephensMadison Keys6-3, 6-0
2016Angelique KerberKarolina Pliskova6-3, 4-6, 6-4

Best-ever Canadian performances at the US Open

Many great tennis players from Canada have come and gone over the years, on both the men’s and women’s sides of the draw. While none of the country’s current crop of male stars won the event per se, they’ve had some formidable runs and are looking ahead to a bright future.

Let’s go over a few all-time great performances by Canadians at the US Open that are worth reliving:

Bianca AndreescuUS Open 2019Won the women’s singles title 6-3, 7-5Serena Wiliams
Leylah FernandezUS Open 2021Lost in women’s singles final 4-6, 3-6Emma Raducanu
Felix Auger-AliassimeUS Open 202sLost in the men’s singles semi-finals 4-6, 5-7, 2-6Daniil Medvedev
Daniel NestorUS Open 2004Won the men’s doubles title 6-3, 6-3Leander Paes and David Rikl
Denis ShapovalovUS Open 2020Lost in the quarterfinals of the men’s singles 3-6, 7-6, 7-6, 0-6, 6-3Pablo Careno Busta
Sebastien LareauUS Open 1999Won the title in men’s doubles 7-6, 6-4Mahesh Bhupathi and Leander Paes
Grant ConnellUS Open 1995Lost in the semis of the men’s doubles 3-6, 6-3,7-6Byron Black and Patrick Galbraith

US Open tennis FAQ

What are the US Open Tennis Championships Vegas odds?

Vegas odds typically coincide with those of Ontario online sportsbooks. That said, you can find the latest US Open futures odds right here, on this page. As for US Open tennis betting odds on individual matches, these will be released as soon as the US Open draw is made.

We’ll make sure to keep you posted with updates.

When does the US Open start?

This year’s US Open will take place from August 30 to September 12 and will likely feature a reduced-capacity crowd. The prize purse currently sits at $43.3 million, with the singles winners raking in $3 million each.

How is the field set for the US Open Tennis Championships?

The main event features 128 singles players, including the top 104 ranked players from the previous 52 weeks of competition, 16 qualifiers, and eight wildcards. The top 32 players in singles are seeded, with the top two ranked players being placed on the opposite sides of the draw so they could potentially match up in the finals.

What makes the US Open special?

It’s mostly the crowds that make the US Open such a unique Grand Slam experience. The atmosphere is electric, especially during night sessions when the big names battle each other. The US Open is the major with the largest prize pool and the only one that makes use of tie breaks in the final set.

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