White Paper: Legal Sports Betting In Canada

Legal single-event sports betting is coming to Canada. Post-haste.

After a decade of attempts, on August 27, Bill C-218 takes effect. The bill legalizes single-event sports betting at the federal level and allows the provinces to regulate and control regional markets.

Legalized sports betting in Canada has the potential to generate billions of dollars in revenue and hundreds of millions in taxes and fees annually. PlayCanada took a deep dive into the possibilities that exist for Canada’s new sports betting market, and we’re sharing our findings with you ahead of the launch.

In our analysis, we consider the history of Canadian sports betting and offer an overview of the legal changes. We also look at the different ways the provinces may regulate within their provincial boundaries and speculate who the major players will be. And of course, we take a look at the numbers: just how big a market will Canadian sports betting actually be?

With many unknowns still in play, painting a clear picture of what’s to come is near impossible. But, early signs indicate it’s pretty big.

Find out exactly how big by reading our Canadian white paper here.

Shot of hockey players celebrating on the ice. Text: Legal Sports Betting In Canada: a preliminary analysis of the prospects for single-game wagering

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