Destiny Poker

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Destiny Poker

Compared with slots, standard video poker games lack second screen bonus features and free games. Destiny Poker has both. Most of the time, this is a regular video poker game. You need a pair of jacks or better to get paid, with the top prize reserved for a royal flush. It is when you get four suited cards that the bonus features kick-in. They give you a second shot at completing your flush, then (if you miss) a picks game where you can win up to 3,000 coins or free games.

There is a cost to unlocking these special features. Instead of the usual five coins per hand, you will play for six coins. The RTP for Destiny Poker is still good – with a perfect strategy this can be as high as 98.46%.

This page has everything you need to get the best from Destiny Poker. The bonus games, basics of gameplay and paytable are all covered in depth below.

Step by Step: How to Play a Hand of Destiny Poker

The paytable is squashed into the top left corner of your screen. This makes room for information on the bonus games on the right, with the Destiny Poker logo in between. In the middle of your screen are the same five cards you get with all video poker variants. Underneath this is the control panel.

The ‘Bet Per’ box is set to a default of six, not the regular five coins that other online video poker games use. You need to bet six coins to enable the special bonus features.

To start a hand simply hit the ‘Deal’ button. You get five new cards. If you made a poker hand, this will be shown over the cards. You now choose which cards to hold. Tapping or clicking on them will move them slightly upwards with a yellow ‘held’ sign appearing on the bottom. Click twice to release any card held in error.

Next, you hit the draw button. This exchanges the cards which are not held. Your poker hand is now compared to the paytable, with prizes awarded for a pair of jacks+ and big prizes coming your way for strong poker hands.

Flush Bonus Feature with Tile Matching Games

Any time you hit four cards of the same suit, without also making a paying pair or straight, the bonus feature begins. You see sparkles around the cards – and hold the four to a flush as normal. You draw the remaining card. If you hit, you get paid and the feature ends.

It is when you miss that card that things get interesting. Now the hand appears at the top of the screen, and you get a shot at picking from all the cards in the deck, which are laid out as tiles below. You pick a card and see a choice with a tick or cross – the tick confirms your selection.

If you picked a suited card, then you win with your flush and return to the game.

If you pick an unsuited card, then you get to pick tiles in the second part of the bonus feature. Here you see three rows of blue tiles. You click on them until you match three. The maximum prizes are 3,000 coins or three free games.

Pay Table Considerations for Destiny Poker

Destiny Poker has a complex paytable. This is closer to the kind you will see for Double Double Regal Poker than for a regular Jacks or Better game. There are no wild cards or jokers used.

There are two ways to get huge prizes. You can hit a royal flush for 4,000 coins – or get four-of-a-kind aces with a small card (2, 3 or 4) kicker.

Here is the paytable for Destiny Poker:

  • Royal Flush: 4,000
  • Straight Flush: 250
  • Four Aces with 2, 3 or 4: 2,000
  • Four 2, 3 or 4’s with 2, 3 or 4: 800
  • Four Aces: 800
  • Four 2s, 3s of 4’s: 400
  • Four 5’s to Kings: 250
  • Full House: 45
  • Flush: 30
  • Three of a Kind: 15
  • Two Pairs: 5
  • Jacks or Better: 5

Strategy Considerations for Destiny Poker

There is nothing a player can do to influence when the bonus features will run. This is based on hands where you get four of the same suit on the initial deal. While entertaining, the picks games are pure chance.

Strategy is based on a standard bonus poker pay table format. It is super-rare to break any dealt winning hand for this game. The only times you will do this is with four to a royal flush. Small pairs are more important than in non-bonus pay table games. Aces also go up in value compared to a regular Jacks or better format. Note that full house, straight and flush prizes are smaller – this is to balance the enhanced four of a kind prizes.

Clearing Online Casino Bonuses with Destiny Poker

The high RTP% means Destiny Poker appears like a safe route to making your play-through requirements for clearing online casino bonuses. You should always check the terms of your bonus or free spins casino deal before you play. Most casinos will have a higher play-through for video poker games compared to slots to balance their lower house edge.

If you still want to choose video poker for bonus clearing, it makes sense to go for the game with the lowest possible house edge. This will be either Deuces Wild or Jacks or Better at most online casinos in Canada. In addition, most casinos offer the chance to play video poker for free before playing for real money.

Is There a Game of Destiny Poker in Your Future?

Adding bonus games to video poker makes the format appealing to many players that find these titles a little dull compared to slots. Destiny Poker does not interrupt you too often (it is hard to get dealt four to a flush). This keeps the balance between solid game play and the occasional bonus. With free games and credit awards available in the picks section of the bonus – you will find yourself hoping not to complete your flush in the first part!

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