Great Moai Slot Machine

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Great Moai Slot Machine

Konami has brought many classic games to the top casinos online in Canada, and now it’s taking slot enthusiasts on a tropical vacation. Great Moai is an Easter Island-themed spin on the timeless five-reel, 30 pay-line formula with several bonus games and a distinctive style.

Play this slot machine online for free or opt to play for real money at a legal online casino in Ontario.

Best features on Great Moai slot

Great Moai has some strong qualities to offer prospective players, such as generous free games and a balanced level of volatility. While moderate volatility comes with modest winning potential, the real chance for a jackpot lays in the free game feature. Once you trigger free games, you’ll often enjoy the satisfaction of triggering even more free games in a potentially unlimited landslide of bonus games.

  • Limitless free games: You can trigger up to 20 free games while playing Great Moai, and each of those games can trigger another 20 free games.
  • Accessibility: Great Moai doesn’t follow the trend of making things excessively complex but provides just enough variety to keep things interesting.
  • Frequent wins: While this game doesn’t include the largest jackpots, potential frequent, modest wins keep the game interesting.

How to play Great Moai slot for free or real money

Whether you have experience with online casinos or not, it’s fairly easy to jump right into the game. All 30 pay-lines are constantly active, so you only need to choose whether you want to bet one, two, three, four, or five coins per pay-line. This translates into a minimum bet of 30 coins and a maximum bet of 150.

When you hit the play button, the reels begin to spin with the accompaniment of realistic yet energetic slot sound effects. If any of the pay-lines hit a winning combination, you earn the corresponding payout. However, you don’t need to start betting real money right away; you can enjoy the demo version for free on our website. If you run out of credits, reload the page to refresh your suite of free coins.

You can also play the paid version at an online casino that offers it. After downloading the game, create an account, place your initial deposit, and start playing. Alternatively, many online casinos offer a deposit-free option you can use to test a game out before spending any real money.

Great Moai graphics and design

Great Moai takes its Polynesian inspiration to heart with an interesting mix of graphics, from a flowery background to unique reel symbols. A tribal chief, a bejewelled turtle, a lime-and-coconut, and an Easter Island substitute symbol are among the more distinct and amusing designs. However, the letter and number symbols are a bit basic, and the background is lacking personality compared to the detailed, compelling reel symbols.

NameGreat Moai
RTP %0.961
Min / Max Bet$2.25 – $112.50
# of Paylines30
Max Payout650x
Max Free Spins20
Bonus FeaturesFree spins, wilds

How Great Moai’s bonus features work

The substitute and scatter symbols are the two main bonus features in Great Moai. While the substitute is self-explanatory and replaces the highest-scoring symbol on a pay-line, there’s also a 2x substitute that doubles any payouts it connects to. Scatters provide free games, as well as the max single spin payout, which are:

  • Three scatters: Eight free games
  • Four scatters: 12 free games
  • Five scatters: 20 free games and a 650 coin payout

The free games are where your potential for an incredible payout lays, thanks to increased chances of triggering wilds and the possibility for rerolling free games. While the top payout of 650 coins isn’t all that impressive, it can definitely add up during free games.

Where to find the Great Moai slot game online

You can find the Great Moai slot game online at Caesars Casino and Stars Casino. They offer their own no-deposit demos and support play on both desktops and laptops. In addition to Great Moai, you’ll also gain access to many other games. All games offer a free version, as well as a paid version, and you can take advantage of the reward offers to test a slot game out before betting real money.

Final thoughts on Great Moai by Konami

While Great Moai by Konami isn’t the most ambitious online slot, it offers a unique spin on the Polynesian theme, as well as an accessible experience anyone can jump into. The unique symbols and sound design are strong points, but it seems like some elements of the design were underemphasized in comparison. Overall, we’d rate Great Moai at a comfortable 7/10.

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