Bwin Sportsbook Review And Welcome Bonus

Bwin Sportsbook is among the biggest gambling companies in the world. Thus, if and when single-event sports betting becomes legal in Canada, there is a solid chance Bwin will be among those in line to secure a license.

A number of unanswered questions remain regarding what provinces will permit online sports betting and what the exact rules will be, but for the time being let’s focus primarily on Bwin Sportsbook and what Canadians can expect from it, assuming it does launch in Canada in the near future.

As for sports betting overall, Bill C-218 could be the key to unlocking single-game sports wagering in the Great White North. Basically, it could change the criminal code to let provinces allow sports betting. If that happens, sportsbooks would need to apply for and receive sports betting licenses before going live.

This page will cover getting signed up with Bwin, the deposit and withdrawal methods the sportsbook accepts, and the available bets and sports you can wager on. Additionally, we’ll go over different Bwin promotions, including its welcome bonus for new users.

What’s great about Bwin Sportsbook?

  • Plethora of betting markets.
  • App makes for easy on-the-go betting.
  • Pregame and live betting options aplenty.
  • One of the biggest sportsbook operators in the world.

Bwin Sports welcome offer

It is difficult right now to know the type of welcome bonus Bwin will have if it debuts in Canada because it does not currently have one for European users.

However, recently Bwin has offered new users a 100% deposit match of up to $50 with a 3x playthrough rate. If you are unfamiliar, a playthrough rate is how much money you have to bet in order to release your bonus money. So a 3x playthrough for a $50 bonus means you would have to bet $150 before your $50 in bonus money would be available.

It actually would be a little surprising if Bwin didn’t offer a larger welcome when it launches in Canada. At that time there will be a number of sportsbooks going live at roughly the same time, so each will be doing everything it can to attract new users.

We are seeing this scenario play out in various states in the US where sports betting is legal. Using that as a guide, it’s reasonable to expect online sportsbooks like Bwin to offer some combination of deposit matches, risk-free bets and/or join bonuses for new customers.

As we learn more about which Canadian provinces decide to legalize sports betting and which oddsmakers seek to open sportsbooks, we will know more about possible bonuses.

Bwin Sports bonus code 2021

Online SportsbookBwin Sportsbook Canada
Bonus CodeTBD
Free Bet BonusTBD
Join BonusTBD
Deposit Match BonusTBD
Last UpdatedMay 2021

Bwin Sportsbook Canada promotions

Much like Bwin’s welcome offer, it still is a little too early to know exactly what types of promotions it will have for users.

In the past, Bwin has awarded $5 free bets to users who placed parlays of $10 or more on select soccer matches. It also has run a similar promotion where bettors who placed at least five $10 live parlays also would receive a $5 bet credit.

Bwin Sportsbook currently offers daily odds boosts, known at Bwin as price boosts. This is when Bwin ups the odds on select wagers, allowing you the potential to profit more without having to bet any additional funds.

It will be interesting to see if Bwin decides to offer more promotions to keep pace with other sportsbooks like DraftKings, FanDuel, Caesars and others that will also likely be entering the Canadian marketplace.

Bwin loyalty program

At this time, Bwin Sports Betting does not have a loyalty program to speak of, but there is no telling if that is something it would consider adding to make itself more desirable to Canadian sports bettors.

Is Bwin legal in Canada?

Bwin Sportsbook is not legal in Canada at this time. That’s because single-event sports betting is not allowed right now, though it is looking more and more likely that the law on that will change.

The Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act would amend Canada’s criminal code to allow for betting on single games, and thus Bwin could obtain a sports wagering license in provinces that legalize online sportsbooks.

It’s unclear how soon sports betting could become legal in individual provinces. In 2018, for instance, the US began allowing states to legalize sports betting, and a few states, like New Jersey, had retail and online sportsbooks going that year. Other states are continuing to launch sports wagering in 2021, and many more still are trying to decide what they’ll do.

If the Canadian criminal code is changed, we should get a much better idea of which provinces will be pushing for legal sports betting and how quickly they plan on doing it.

How to create a Bwin account in Canada

Not only is it free to get signed up with Bwin Sports, but it takes just a few minutes to do so. Start by opening either the Bwin webpage or app and selecting “Register.”

At that point, you’ll select your country of residence and the currency you want to use for your account, then enter your email and create a password.

Next enter your first and last name and date of birth. On the final sign-up page, enter your address and your phone number, and select the methods by which Bwin can contact you. After clicking “Create my account,” you can start betting with Bwin Sportsbook as long as you are located in a province where Bwin has been licensed.

Bwin Sports app

Among the best aspects of online sportsbooks is the ability to bet using mobile devices. Just keep in mind that you only can bet at Bwin Sportsbook if you are in a province where it has been licensed. That means you must enable geolocation services on your device. If that can’t confirm you’re in a legal province, you won’t be able to bet.

Bwin is available for iOS and Android. Here’s a quick walkthrough of how to get it for both devices.

How to download the Bwin Sportsbook app on iOS

Use one of the links on this page to head to Bwin’s website, where you’ll see a button for getting the Bwin app for your Apple devices. After clicking the iOS link, the App Store will open and you’ll have the option of getting the app. Bear in mind that while the App Store may call the app a purchase, it does not actually cost any money. After authorizing the app download, you should be able to start using it in a matter of seconds.

How to download the Bwin Sportsbook app on Android

For the Android app, follow the same process to head to the Bwin site to start the download. When selecting Android, it can feel a little more ominous because usually you will see a message warning you about downloading something potentially harmful to your mobile gadget. Despite the warning, everything is safe and you’ll want to proceed.

After the download is complete, you must select the just downloaded file and select “Install.” After doing that, just wait a few seconds and you’ll be able to open the app and start betting.

Best features of the Bwin Sports app

Easily near the top of the best features list at Bwin is the number of betting markets that it offers. This could be reduced slightly depending on what Canadian provinces decide to allow betting on, but Bwin almost certainly will have markets for just about everything that is legal to bet on in Canada.

Another great part of Bwin is the ability to change the language and currency that is displayed. At present, users can select from 23 languages and various currency options. These features allow you to bet using the language and currency you are most comfortable with.

A final positive for Bwin Sportsbook is its live betting options. Not only does Bwin offer tons of sports to bet on live, but it also has a plethora of bets for most events. On top of that you also can stream a fair amount of games. Just be aware that the sports you can live stream are usually lower level tennis, basketball and soccer.

How could Bwin improve?

Despite being among the biggest and most successful sportsbooks in the world, Bwin still has a few areas where it could stand to do better.

The biggest issue has to do with slow withdrawal requests. Many, if not most, online sportsbooks process withdrawals within 24 to 48 hours, and it’s usually even faster than that. At Bwin, though, the process can take between seven and 10 days.

Another issue is that Bwin at times has charged withdrawal fees if you use e-wallet services like Skrill and Neteller. The fee is right around 3%, which isn’t ideal no matter what, but it’s even more of an issue the more money you are trying to withdraw.

Overall, Bwin is a solid sportsbook and one that should be a great option for Canadian sports bettors. There also is the possibility that some of the issues we described could be remedied by the time Bwin Sports Betting debuts in Canada.

Bwin Sportsbook features and benefits

Obviously the best part about online sportsbooks is that users can bet from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection and are in a province where sports betting is legal. Now, the Bwin app can make any bar or restaurant into a sportsbook. Same with your living room, for that matter.

Not only does the app make betting easy, but the Bwin desktop site is great, as well. The reality is, with as many sports and leagues as there are to wager on at Bwin, the extra screen size that you have on a computer can make betting even easier.

Our biggest question going forward is what type of promotions Bwin Sports will run for Canadian users.

Types of bets available at Bwin Canada sportsbook

While we cannot say with 100% certainty that all of these bets will be allowed in Canada, we at least know that Bwin Sportsbook accepts them. So, as long as Canadian legislators don’t put restrictions in place, you’ll likely see the following options at Bwin:

  • The moneyline is the odds for which side is favored in a game. To win a moneyline bet, all you have to do is pick the winner. Favorites have negative odds; the bigger the number, the bigger the favorite. The same is true for underdogs, though the odds will be positive.
  • Point spread betting means betting on how much a team will win or lose by. If a team is favored by 1.5 goals, it must win by at least two goals to cover the point spread. On the flip side, the other team must avoid losing by two goals or more.
  • Totals or over/unders are bets on the combined score from both teams in a game. If a hockey game has an over/under of 5.5, you are betting on whether the teams will combine to score more or fewer than 5.5 goals.
  • Props are side wagers on specific instances in games. Examples of props include betting on a player to score the first or last goal during a hockey game or on whether a team will be the first to score a set number of points during a basketball game.
  • You also will find futures bets at Bwin. These are long-term wagers on teams to win championships or players to win regular or postseason awards and the like.
  • Parlays are when you combine two or more picks as a single wager. The more bets you add to your parlay, the higher your possible winnings will climb, but the downside is that if even one of your bets is wrong, your parlay is 100% lost.
  • You also can create round robin wagers at Bwin. These are similar to parlays except you can miss one of your picks and still win some money.
  • Bwin’s version of a teaser bet lets you select alternate lines for each game and create a parlay using those lines.
  • Live betting, also called in game betting, is the ability to wager on games as they are happening. Depending on how popular a contest is, there might only be a few live betting options or dozens and dozens. Lines can change rapidly based on the action on the field, so keep pace with the game if you want to bet.

Sports you can bet on at Bwin in Canada

Bwin Sportsbook has a lengthy list of sports you can bet on, and we’re cautiously optimistic that it will add even more after launching in Canada.

Right now, you can wager on the National Hockey League, National Football League, National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, golf, tennis, motorsports, mixed martial arts and rugby, among other options.

Bwin also has markets for other sports like biathlon, table tennis and volleyball, and we’re curious to see if a sportsbook in Canada will add bets for local favourites like lacrosse and curling.

How to deposit and cash out on the Bwin Sports app

If Bwin offers similar withdrawal and deposit options as it does in other countries, then this is roughly what you can expect your choices to be in Canada.

How to deposit

  • Debit or credit card (Visa or Mastercard)
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Skrill
  • Online bank transfer

How to withdraw

  • Debit or credit card (Visa or Mastercard)
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Online bank transfer

There are a couple of things to know before making deposit and withdrawal requests at Bwin. First, the minimum amount is $10. Second, most of the time you only can withdraw money using the method that you used to deposit. If you used PayPal to deposit, you’d need to use PayPal to cash out.

No matter what sportsbook you choose, we always recommend checking the deposit and withdrawal options before joining so you know that you will have ample options for putting money into and taking money out of your account.

History of Bwin Sports Betting

Bwin Sportsbook is an Austrian company that originally was known as betandwin from when it was founded in 1997 up to 2006. When Bwin first began operations, it was an online-only sports gambling site. By March 2000, it had an initial public offering on the Austrian Stock Exchange.

The company later merged with PartyGaming in March 2011, and the two formed Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment. When that company was purchased by GVC Holdings in 2016, the name was officially changed to Bwin.

In additional to its online sportsbook, Bwin offers online casino games and online poker. It remains to be seen if either of those options will be available to Canadian users.

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