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Spin a Bonus Wheel on the Iconic Wheel of Fortune Slots from IGT

There are now more than thirty different Wheel of Fortune slots. This game started as a mechanical three-reel game with a bonus wheel. Hit the ‘Spin’ symbol on reel three, and you could win a big prize via the wheel. Over the years, the games have become more complex and entertaining. You will find variations of this popular slot machine in both live and online casinos with multiple bonus features and progressive jackpots.

Wheel of Fortune slots is branded, with the visual effects and sounds of the iconic TV game show. This page covers the evolution of Wheel of Fortune slots, from the original games with a single win line to the complex new online games.

The original Wheel of Fortune slots: Wheel bonus feature

More than 25 years ago, the first Wheel of Fortune slot was created by IGT. This mechanical game featured a bonus wheel above it – a novelty at the time when slots were simple games.

To trigger a spin of the wheel, you needed a single ‘Spin’ symbol to land on the win line on reel three. This triggered the shout ‘Wheel of Fortune!’ and a distinctive two-tone beeping effect. On the wheel are prizes from 20 coins to 1000 coins. Whichever segment the wheel stopped at was awarded – along with an applause sound effect.

On the reels, traditional symbols including cherries, bars and red sevens provided the line hits.

Evolving complexity: Mechanical Wheel of Fortune slots

Over the years the mechanical versions of Wheel of Fortune slot machines have been updated. There are now five and nine win-line versions. Some require three spin symbols anywhere in view to trigger a wheel spin. Others have wild multipliers. In the case of 2x3x4x, reels with several wild multipliers can lock in place for a re-spin.

Jackpots have been part of the Wheel of Fortune slots since the early days. These are awarded separately from the wheel bonus game in some variations. Three special symbols on the middle line are needed for a huge progressive prize. Make sure you check the rules before spinning on any jackpot game. Often, you need a minimum bet level or maximum coins per spin to be in with a shot at winning the progressive.

Newer mechanical variations have added free spins bonus features or multiplier ‘diamond’ wilds into the mix.

Gold spin variations and video slots

Wheel of Fortune games has been updated for Canadian online casinos. They include bonus games where famous hostesses from the show appear when you get to spin the wheel. Complex bonus games have been incorporated.

Wheel of Fortune Gold Spin slots has two levels of wheel bonus. There is a regular one, which is the same idea as the coloured wheel of earlier games. There is also a ‘gold’ wheel, which can give you big multipliers for the regular wheel spin, jackpots, or big credit prizes.

Multi-station games can be found in some bigger Canadian casinos including Casino Rama, Hard Rock in BC and the Caesars Casino in Windsor. Here each player has their own reels, with mini wheel spins and free spins bonuses awarded. If you trigger the main bonus, three wheels covering all three stations spin – if someone is already enjoying a bonus, you will need to wait your turn.

Wheel of Fortune slots move online

You can now play Wheel of Fortune slots online. They are available in the slot section of provincial lottery portals, such as Ontario’s online casino and the PlayNow online casino in BC. The games are available for play for free and real money.

These games are modern video slots, which enjoy the game show theme along with multiple bonus features. One game has a progressive gaming element. Wheel of Fortune on Tour has a map, which is used to travel through different bonus features. There is a ‘Triple Extreme Spin’ variation too. This has linked bonus wheels, as well as mini wheels which spin on top of the symbols.

You can win progressive jackpots on online versions of Wheel of Fortune.

Virtual hosts and the iconic coloured wheel: Wheel of Fortune slot design

The Wheel of Fortune slot machines are instantly recognizable in any casino. Many slots now have bonus wheels, though the mix of coloured segments, the logo and classic styling is easy to spot on the casino floor. The sound effects are also instantly recognizable. When you hear the two-tone beeps from anywhere in the casino – you will know someone has just won a spin of the famous bonus wheel.

IGT uses classic symbols for these games. They have not changed over the years, with bars, cherries and red sevens needed to give you big wins. Some games are multi-station, with giant bonus wheels covering 2 or 3 separate slots. If someone is spinning when you win a bonus, you will need to wait for your turn.

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Wrapping up: are Wheel of Fortune slots your key to a winning spin?

Few slots are as long-lasting as the Wheel of Fortune games from IGT. They have been enjoyed by generations of casino goers, with new versions coming out regularly to keep up with the more advanced new slots.

You can win progressive jackpots on some versions, while others have 1000-coin wheel spins and big prizes for lining up the top symbols. IGT has developed the range without straying too far from the core ideas. Extra bonus features have been introduced, though the visual and audio effects will remind you that you are playing a Wheel of Fortune title.

These games can be found in casinos big and small across Canada. You can find the latest versions (along with the classics) in big venues like the Fallsview Casino at Niagara and Parq Casino Vancouver. Even the smallest casinos have one or two games.

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