Ontario Lottery Debuts Rich Ice Cream Bars That Let You Taste The Millions

Written By Jose Colorado on August 19, 2022
Ontario's lottery corp. teamed up with Creamery X to create four unique ice cream bars designed to give you a taste of a millionaire's life.

The millionaire lifestyle is now just a bite away.

That, according to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation which has partnered with Lotto Max and Toronto-based ice cream shop Creamery X to create Lotto Max Dream Bars.

Dubbed as a one-of-a-kind ice cream, the comfort food is uniquely flavoured to taste like luxurious items only millionaires could afford… perhaps, after a jackpot score at an Ontario online casino or, perhaps, a big win at an Ontarios sportsbook.

So far, four flavours are available, including Rare Oil Painting, Private Island, Designer Handbag and Grail Sneaker. Bars retail at $5 and patrons must be 18 or older as each item comes with a scannable free play Lotto Max code.

One hundred percent of the proceeds of ice cream bar sales will go to the 2SLGBTQIA+ youth charity Friends of Ruby.

Sweet levity for difficult times

Kim Clark, VP Lottery and Customer Success at OLG said, via a statement, the collaboration is a fun way to lift spirits.

“The Lotto Max Dreamery is a way for us to encourage Ontarians to dream to the max.

“With the return of festivals and concerts this summer, it’s the perfect time to give people a taste of winning big with these delicious, one-of-a-kind Lotto Max Dream Bars.”

Scientists enlisted to craft Dream Bars

The Lotto Max Dream Bars are gaudy and outrageous. But that’s just part of the fun. Each bar comes with a colourful and lively appearance meant to mimic the high life.

To achieve that lofty goal, OLG, Lotto Max and Creamery X called on the University of Guelph’s food scientists. The experts helped to identify the exact flavour notes of each “dream item” to maximize the eating experience.

Four rich flavours

As for how the ice cream bars look and, allegedly, taste. Here are some hints from the OLG:

Rare Oil Painting looks like a multi-colour canvas of blue, orange, yellow and purple encompasses this bar. For the concoction, olive oil, fresh mid-tannins and a touch of oil paint were used.






Private Island "millionaire-inspired" ice cream bar from the OLG and Creamery XPrivate Island looks like a sandy beach on a pristine shore. Its mission is to taste like your favourite millionaire’s tropical paradise. Expect notes of seawater, lychee, orange blossom and Pacific Ocean Konbu seaweed for this one.





Luxurious Handbags "millionaire-inspired" ice cream bar from the OLG and Creamery X

Luxurious handbags look cool, but have you ever wondered what they taste like? According to OLG’s press release, the ice cream bar is meant to taste “like reach leather.” Smokey notes and a floral finish reminiscent of a designer boutique complete this bar.






Grail Sneaker "millionaire-inspired" ice cream bar from the OLG and Creamery X

The Grail Sneaker promises that fresh-out-of-box-sneaker smell with hints of chocolate and rubber mixed in.






Two bars receive nod of approval

So how do the bars actually taste? Considering only one pop-up has occurred so far, reviews have been sparse online. Expect that to change in the coming month-and-a-half.

OLG stated it plans to announce more pop-ups soon. Nonetheless, of those who have tasted the bars, the Designer Handbag has gotten at least one public endorsement. NarCity Toronto staff writer, Brooke Houghton, gave it a 4.5/5.

Meanwhile, Art Director Steven Branco, gave the nod of approval to the Private Island.

The OLG’s director of external communication, Tony Bitonti, raved about how the ice cream bars taste. He told PlayCanada:

“These dream bars are very tasty … I was part of the taste testing process. I guarantee they are better than the ketchup and mustard ice cream flavours.”

Five Dream Bar pop-ups remain in Toronto

The Dream Bar pop-ups are running from Aug.15 – Sept. 21 across the Greater Toronto Area. So, if punters – or anyone for that matter – are interested in getting in on the fun then five more opportunities remain:

  • Aug. 20: Port Carling, Muskoka
  • Aug. 27: Trinity Bellwoods Neighbourhood
  • Sept. 9 – 11: Rolling Loud Music Festival at Echo Beach
  • Sept. 15 – 16: King West Neighbourhood
  • Sept. 21: Post Malone Concert outside the main entrance at Scotiabank Arena

Is it a free Lotto Max ticket or free ice cream?

Ontario Lotto Max players have won more than $7.1 billion since 2009. Typically, a Lotto Max ticket costs $5 per play.

Essentially, the Dream Bar promotion is giving patrons a free ice cream alongside a chance at the jackpot. Not a bad deal to soak in during the last weeks of summer.

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